What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

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Four years ago we adopted two cats, Harley and Chopper, and fostered them together. Sadly, Chopper recently died; His doctor believes he may have an undiagnosed heart condition. Our whole family, including our cat, suffered from it. We’ve seen new faces from Harley that show she’s missing her ‘brother’.

What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

How can I help Harley? Is it wise to add another cat friend to our family? How will I know when Harley is ready to bring us a new cat? What should you do when your cat dies, leaving a lonely friend?

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Answer: When a cat we love leaves us, all members of the family, including other animals we live with, feel sad. Cats are often saddened when a loved one dies. Like people, each cat experiences the death of a friend differently. Some cats don’t seem too stressed – some are downright depressed.

So what can you do to help your cat who is crying when one of your cats has died? It all depends on their symptoms and behavior.

If one cat in a close group dies, keep an eye on your other cat. He should eat and drink and use his tray as usual. If your distressed cat stops eating for more than 24 hours, seek help from a veterinarian. Also check his sleeping habits. Depressed cats tend to sleep more than usual. Keeping a consistent schedule will help Harley adjust to losing her animal friend. Feed him at the same time every day and clean his tray. And if he wants to be caught at his most important time.

Wait until you and your crying cat have recovered from the loss before adopting another cat. Chopper’s death was heartbreaking for Harley. Introducing cats to each other in any situation can be stressful, so adopting a cat too soon will cause your cat to become anxious. Stress can lower the immune system and cause disease.

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Some signs that your cat has recovered from the loss are eating and sleeping habits, playing, and not moving or talking too much. Also, make sure your cat isn’t showing “demanding” behavior, such as following you more than usual.

If you decide to buy a Harley cat, look for a cat that has lived with other cats of Harley’s age and performance level. I do not recommend adopting a cat like Chopper. This can prolong your crying, and you may have unrealistic expectations based on the appearance of your new cat.

When bringing a new cat home, introduce the cats to each other slowly and as stress-free as possible. It can take weeks, months, or longer for cats to successfully bond. I adopted my two cats when they were young and healthy, but I remember the day my dad adopted my first dog. .

What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

Most of us see our pets not as pets, but as part of our family. Unfortunately, in many cases, we meet our beloved pets.

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In many cases, the grief of losing a cat is so overwhelming that you can’t help but mourn your dead furry friend no matter how or where it dies. And it is natural to be overwhelmed by sadness.

In some cases, your precious furball may not die outside or be released to the vet clinic, but may die at home, which can be even worse. The stress and fear of your loved one dying at home can be overwhelming even for the strongest of souls.

What to do with the body, what to call if your cat dies at home and burial options

The first and most important thing is to allow yourself to fully understand the meaning of the situation and not get caught up in the initial fear and depression. Instead of panicking, panicking or panicking, you should make sure to cover all the technical points.

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As harsh as it may seem, it is inevitable, and most importantly, an important part of saying goodbye.

This is probably the worst part because you will need to figure out what to do with the body right away until you decide what to do with it long term.

Whatever you choose and whoever you call, make sure your cat is wrapped in a blanket or towel.

What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

Another safe option is to wrap it tightly in polyethylene and put the body in several bags. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of layers in there and can seal the bags tightly, especially if you want to hold your cat’s body for more than a few hours.

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In some cases, mobile vet clinics will come to you to pick up your cat and you can decide what to do from there.

Your local animal control may have one, but they may charge you.

There are many options here, most of which depend on your location. Some cities and states have different laws.

For example, are you allowed to bury a cat in your yard? Some places may have rules against this, so read about them.

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You will need to find a box or burial box, although we recommend a cool company that makes things called Paw Pods. These are eco-friendly, biodegradable burial boxes with perennial plant seeds that can be planted on top to keep your kit alive.

Multiple animals can be cremated as part of a collective cremation when they are cremated at the same time. Usually cheap or free.

Or you can choose the more expensive option where only your cat is cremated, giving you the opportunity to receive his ashes, which you can display or release as you wish (according to the law, of course). )

What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

Finally, we also recently learned about Rooted, a company that has developed a method that benefits the bodies of cats through a “recombination” process that turns organic matter into usable compost. You can donate compost to a local reforestation program, or reuse it for your own use, allowing your cat to live and provide valuable nutrients for the plants in your yard.

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If you have pet insurance, it can cover costs and expenses immediately after your cat dies, but be sure to check your specific plan.

Our review process is impartial and based on extensive research. If you make a purchase through a link on our site, we receive a commission.

What better way to honor your pet’s memory?

Fortunately, you can do just that by planting a tree in a US national forest in memory of your precious kitty.

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Trees for Change has a wonderful memorial program that sends a certificate and card when you choose to plant a tree in your loved one’s name.

They care about landing and everything in their corner, and you can be sure that the legacy of your cat will continue to live on for future generations to enjoy the beauty and glory of the character that gave him his life.

You can buy a headstone to commemorate your yard, for a pet’s grave, or as a symbolic tribute to a loved one, which can be placed in your backyard without an actual grave.

What To Do If Your Cat Dies At Home

ETC Collections now offers a sharp pawn print souvenir that is not only sharp but also functional. It is labeled with its own text and has a slot for a photo of your special furry friend.

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The memorial stone is made of weather resistant material and the overall size is 8 ¾ by 8 ¾ inches. Last but not least, this product is totally affordable even on a budget.

When it comes to cremation memorials, if you choose to cremate yourself and return the ashes, there are some great options to make sure you always have something to remember your pet by.

Cremation products can break your budget, but you can find an affordable urn specifically designed for dead pets.

It is made of solid brass and comes in a variety of color options. The embossed paw prints are super cute, and the screw-on lid provides 100% foolproof protection for your furry pet. In addition, it has a smooth enamel finish, giving the whole look a refined look.

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A pet-themed urn like this one is the perfect way to remember your deceased feline furball and keep his remains from being buried.

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