What To Do If My Pet Dies At Home

What To Do If My Pet Dies At Home – In late 2022, one night around 1:00 a.m., I received a call from a roommate in my hotel room in Colorado. It was a call I never expected to receive: My adorable 15-year-old Boston terrier, Ollie, had had a seizure and couldn’t move or breathe. They go to the emergency room, where he will be given anesthesia. The next two hours were horrible. I was waiting for my partner to call back with an update, and then I saw my dog ​​struggling on FaceTime as she cried out in pain.

My partner took care of everything from taking Ollie to the hospital and arranging for his ashes to be delivered and I am eternally grateful. Ollie was my first and only dog; I got her when she was eight weeks old. Her death made me realize that not only did I not know what to do, but that my emotional state had made it almost impossible to live alone. If you find yourself facing the sudden death of a pet, here’s what I learned to do.

What To Do If My Pet Dies At Home

What To Do If My Pet Dies At Home

First things first: Pull yourself together, and call your vet or local emergency room if you’re out of town, locked out, or don’t have a vet. If you are alone, you can also ask a friend or family member to support you. The vet will guide you through the rest of the process – you’ll appreciate the help, because the next job is to heal your dog’s body.

Arrangements To Make When Your Pet Dies Unexpectedly

If you can’t get your pet and pets to pass on, “put the body in a covered bag in the freezer because the body will start to break down and rot quickly,” says dog owner Randy Schucht. The training center is all Pawzible. Take the body to the hospital as soon as possible. Most pet owners will let you keep your pet for a few days until you decide what to do, such as cremation or burial – and ask when this is a service they offer, just to be sure.

What you do with your pet’s body after its death depends on your preferences and local regulations. Ollie was cremated – it made sense as he was already at a vet hospital where they could take care of him. They cremated there and returned the ashes to us after a few days. In my state it is also illegal to bury pets in your yard if you don’t own one, I rent my house. Some countries have banned burying pets altogether, so cremation may be the only option, although ashes can be stored in a cemetery.

Dr. Sabrina Kong DVM, WeLoveDoodles.com dog breeder and veterinarian, recommends asking your veterinarian about your responsibilities. They have the most knowledge of reliable service providers nearby and may be working with a few. You can also ask other people whose pets have recently died for advice on how they coped.

Depending on local laws, your options include back burial, pet cremation, private cremation (only your pet and you get the ashes back), or joint cremation (a bunch of pets are brought together and you don’t). do not return the ashes). If none of these are right for you, there are other options. There is aquamation, a more environmentally friendly standard embalming type that uses a hot-alkaline solution to decompose the body. You can create an eternity reef where pet ashes are mixed with the family’s human ashes allowing the family to mix the ashes with trees or flowering plants to create coral reefs or living things.

When To Get Another Dog After Your Dog Dies

Remember that prices vary depending on the type of service. Garden burials are free, cremation is another cheap option, cemeteries are expensive and so on. Always ask for a quote when making a decision to avoid surprises when the bill arrives.

Here’s a tip I learned after Ollie’s death: Ask a potential handler (probably a friend) to come to your house and pick up your dog’s belongings. They should keep them all in one place so you can look at them later when you’re ready to complete a task. This way, you won’t find the hidden toys and you won’t get depressed again. Because that’s how grief comes – in waves.

“The loss of their immediate presence can be overwhelming at first,” Schuchat said.

What To Do If My Pet Dies At Home

You should contact the nursing staff, veterinarian or dog daycare to inform them of the dog’s departure. No one wants to get a work reminder while you’re still grieving.

How To Make Sure Your Pet Is Taken Care Of After Your Death

Most importantly, don’t underestimate the time it will take to move forward. I still have moments where I break down because I think I see Ollie out of the corner of my eye or clearly remember what he used to do at some point.

“Coping with the death of a pet is just as difficult as any other loss, and you need to give yourself and your family time to grieve, process, and accept that fact,” Kong says. “You don’t have time to recover, and you have to be especially patient with young children, because children are not used to dying like adults.”

If you find that your grief over the loss of a pet doesn’t go away, it may be time to talk about it. Don’t be afraid to see a therapist or take it out on your friends. For many people, talking about it is an important part of healing. Schuchat also suggests finding online support groups with people in the same situation.

“Know that there are others who understand your pain and suffering,” she says. “If you can connect with someone who has been in your situation, it can help you through the process, which unfortunately has no end in sight.”

How To Ensure Your Pets Are Cared For After Your Death

When I lost Ollie, I knew I wanted his ashes in a nice box, and the vet gave me a plasterboard box to keep his ashes in. I also used her leash, tag and her favorite toys. My friend and I planned Oli’s wedding this year. My sister-in-law bought us a “perfect dog” scarf to wear. Now, it is also shown in ashes. At the wedding we had a table with a book that I made a picture of and a scarf – so it’s still there in some form.

“Sometimes honoring your pet with a gift or memorial can help you get through the grieving process,” says Schuchat. She suggests donating to an animal rescue group in her dog’s name, turning the ashes into a shelter, planting a tree she wants to sleep outside, or sprinkling the ashes on her favorite spot. However, check your local laws before posting anything – it may not be the law where you live.

Kong says some artists make sculptures out of your pet’s ashes, an option he says has grown in popularity over the past few years. “The most important thing is to remember them in your heart and honor them in any way that makes you happy in their memory,” he added.

What To Do If My Pet Dies At Home

You or a loved one may want to get another pet right away to ease the pain of losing your pet. Take Kong’s advice and give it time. Whether you want to get a new pet or make other life changes during this time, it’s important to manage your grief. Give it at least a few months until you are at peace with their death. Don’t get another pet until you’re sure you can bond with your new furry friend, Kong said.

When Your Pet Dies…: A Healing Handbook For Kids (elf Help Books For Kids): Ryan, Victoria: 9780870293764: Amazon.com: Books

“You know it’s time to get a new pet when you’re ready to open your heart to love again and give the new furry friend in your life the care and attention it needs.”

Jennifer Billock is an award-winning author, best-seller, and editor of the Kitchen Witch newsletter. She now dreams of traveling the world with her Boston terrier. Check out her website atjenniferbillock.com.

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