Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House – Even if you can’t tell a tulip from a turnip in the center of the garden, you can create an eye-catching beauty by paying attention to the basics of good landscaping, especially backyard landscaping ideas.

Neglecting your front yard or doing something out of character for your neighbors can hurt your home’s appraised value.

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

Here are the best tips from real estate agents, appraisers and landscape designers to improve your yard’s appeal.

Cut Flower Garden Dos And Don’ts For Beginners

Mature trees are particularly difficult to assess. According to the USDA Forest Service, healthy, mature trees add an average of 10% to property value. Additionally, by planting shade trees, you can save up to 20% on your summer electricity bills. A young, 6- to 7-foot deciduous tree should pay about $60.

You can give your first estimate of the cost of your property’s trees by visiting the Tree Design Calculator, which allows you to estimate the benefit based on your street address.

If you’re entering a spending pool, find out which options work best for you and your budget.

If you have a front yard, make sure it’s quick and green according to Allen’s maintenance calendar. You don’t want bare spots, overgrown weeds, or an unsightly look.

Flower Bed Ideas: 24 Ways To Create Floral Displays Outdoors

“It’s as simple as going to Home Depot and buying fertilizer, applying it every six weeks and watering,” says Mitch Kalamian, a landscape designer in Huntington Beach, California. “It will be green.”

If the yard is looking really rough, you may decide to invest in grass. According to the remodeler, the price ranges from 30 cents to 83 cents a square foot. If you hire a landscaper to landscape your yard, labor adds 57 cents to 93 cents to the total cost of the project.

Another option is to plant grass with a low-maintenance lawn. Turf grasses are hardy and drought tolerant. Five pounds of grass seed costs about $33.

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

For homeowners who have invested heavily in landscaping, it’s a good idea to consider adding another 10% to 15% to the bill for professional outdoor lighting. After all, buyers don’t always look at houses on a Saturday afternoon.

Create A Low Maintenance Flower Bed (+ Our Front Yard Progress)

On the downside, installing a front or back porch light costs about $300 including materials and labor. Professionally installed landscape lighting costs an average of $2,000 to $4,500.

Flower beds can add color and otherwise liven up straight areas, such as the edges of driveways and driveways. In general, annual flowers are slightly less expensive, but must be replaced every year. Biennials are slightly more expensive but return every year and usually increase or expand with each growing season.

If you’re not sure what to plant, ask your local garden center. Often, they have a display of bedding plants chosen for their suitability to your area. Plus, they’re cheaper because they’re cuttings, says Peter Mazitt, president of Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton, Mass. “That’s what we do at the entrance to our garden center,” says Mezzit.

Valerie Torelli, a Costa Mesa, Calif., real estate agent who prepares her clients’ yards to sell their homes faster and for more money, says she often uses succulents from her garden to plant in her home. He also finds good prices on succulents at big-box garden stores. If you are planning to “upgrade” or completely reduce the landscaping in front of your house – I am here to tell you that you are in the right place. I have been landscaping yards since I was 11 years old. In 1996, around the same age, I opened my first landscape company in Pennsylvania, and I have never been more drawn to the natural beauty of well-arranged flowers and natural stones.

Tips For Preparing A Fabulous Flower Bed

Beautifying the front of the house is often the center of attention because, of course, everyone will see it. There are drivers…neighbors…and tourists too. This is where Jones’s concept came from. However, instead of trying to keep up with them, let them tease your thoughts to change the space. With that said, here are 8 ideas for beautifying the front of your home that can serve as good starting points for thinking about your front yard design.

Some things are better together and this is one of them. An expertly crafted stone wall completes the home’s stone exterior with flower-framed mulch beds. The client wanted a simple border – just grass for mulch…which would give the house a more natural feel.

Above: A stone wall in front of this home in Dollstown, Bucks County holds soil for a flower garden filled with geraniums, knockout roses and St. John’s wort.

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

Why did the builders install the AC unit in front of the house? Did it really happen?

Best Flower Bed Ideas

There are? It’s incredibly distracting…when you’re trying to enjoy the natural surroundings of the house and the record playing the soundtrack to your life suddenly stops..and then goes silent. the place looks as out of place as possible.

Defining a color palette that repeats throughout your home’s exterior will pay dividends. Here, the blue grass seems to beckon the blue flowers in the adjacent garden. These are the types of details that create “harmony” between the front of your house and your backyard.

The reclaimed bluestone slabs that flank the garden on the porch leading to the house’s entrance are anything but American. The rocking chairs reinforce the previous message. This approach is tailored, classic and beautifully simple. Well-placed landscape lighting can add both safety and beauty.

Above: Traditional American style, front and center of the home. After dark, landscape lighting illuminates the steps from the driveway to the front porch.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: 20 Front Yard Ideas |

The walkway is made of beige stamped concrete. Note that the two sections of the pavement merge. This makes it convenient for your family and guests to enter from the parking lot or from the street.

Above: Two stamped concrete sidewalks lined with lavender, variegated liriope and cherry laurels lead to the home’s entrance. The centerpiece isn’t a crape myrtle that will go pink mad just in time to greet your guests at summer pool parties.

The front garden of this house in the suburbs of Philadelphia extended off the main garden. Adding a simple garden like this one – just an American snowdrop (Styrax), a white dotia and a rough natural stone house – is a simple but effective addition to your backyard landscaping efforts. Something about it can feel “right” on any budget. It’s also a form of beautification of Bucks County that will pay dividends for ease of maintenance and curb appeal.

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

Above: Adding a side garden like the one above is a great way to add new appeal to your backyard landscape.

Boxwood Landscaping Ideas 2021

The taller your house, the deeper your landscape should be, meaning it should have more layers of planting. Layers should be suitably varied in height, punctuated and arranged around focal points such as entrances, walkways, corners and courtyards.

Above: Furlong Lamp & Lighting’s antique-style “street light” lamps act as a focal point for additional illumination of the garden and walkway entrance.

John Kuntz is the CEO of PLANT Design Group, a landscape design firm based in Newtown, Pennsylvania. He has over 25 years of landscape design and construction experience. He can be contacted directly

Outside of work hours, you can enjoy fishing, rock climbing and farming with your wife and children.

Landscaping Ideas With Photos.

Plant Design Group is a landscape design and construction company located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. We specialize in outdoor property design and outdoor living spaces, including landscape, landscaping and outdoor construction. Customer service in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia. Visit

Or call (215) 458-5757 to talk to us about your project today. Plot Design Group – 591 Durham Road – Newtown, PA 18940 Today I’m sharing some simple front yard landscaping ideas, including how we completely transformed our backyard flower beds over the weekend!

Let me be honest with you today, but I feel very confident in decorating, renovating and making the interior of my home something I can be proud of.

Planting Flower Beds In Front Of House

Corey and I laugh at the fact that our front and back yards look like complete disaster areas – our neighbors would be amazed to see how well our house was put together! We’ve never had the greenest thumbs, and since we’re always in the middle of a project (or seven), there’s often a lot of debris from sudden renovations outside our home. It probably didn’t help us

Flower Bed Ideas For The Front Of Your House

Where to start when it comes to landscaping, and then

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