How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard – That. We have several outdoor stray cats that like to use the porch/screen and walls in our house as urine markers. I’ve tried spraying white vinegar on those spots, but they keep coming back. This is going to be a big problem. We have indoor cats that have all been spayed/neutered with no issues. External ones that cause headaches. We like to see them, not just pee at home. Any advice? Merleau-Elizabethville

This lightweight drop trap simplifies catching bums who are afraid to enter a full wire trap. Neutering cats is the only way to prevent urine marking.

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

Help is just a phone call away. A wonderful organization called Angelpets, based in nearby Dauphin, wants to help. They will provide you with traps, advise you on the process and direct you to free spay/neuter services.

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I spoke to them after receiving your comment. Not only was the welcome incredibly fast and pleasant, the volunteer asked me to post their phone number and website ( Call Linda Corson at (717)921-2117.

White vinegar is one of many repellents, few of which will deter testosterone-driven cats seeking companionship. Other short-term solutions include spraying orange and lemon peels or citrus-scented sprays, spraying coffee grounds, pipe tobacco, lavender, citronella, or eucalyptus oil.

Alternatively, you can place plastic mats with holes facing up near the areas where they will get dirty and sink them into your garden soil. Planting or spreading the roe plant will also deter some cats.

Remember that repellents are temporary solutions. The long-term solution is to be proactive about catching and changing. And it costs you nothing. Organizations like Angelpets are understaffed and unable to send volunteers to pick up strays. If you can devote some time to the project, the smelly spray will stop.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden

Corson explained how the trapping process has improved in recent years. For more experienced hikers who are intimidated by a typical Hav-a-Hart fall, a lightweight “fall trap” has been developed. It’s just as humane, but it’s so much more likely that the kitten will return to its usual feeding spot without stepping on the wire.

All you need to do is follow the feeding time and pull a string attached to the post as the cat begins to eat.

The real secret to catching frightened cats is a regular feeding schedule and a set place. Most people with good intentions leave food out all day. This complicates the catch. Catching kittens is easy, but mothers, grandmothers and tomcats understand that it can be a challenge. Food should only be left out for 30 minutes at a time and at the same time each day.

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

Corson makes an excellent point saying, “So it takes us four hours to build a trap. That’s better than spending 1,000 hours on all the waste these unregulated cats produce.”

How To Protect Gardens From Free Roaming Cats

Almost all sterilized cats stop spraying immediately after surgery. And the good news? Your feline friends will return to their original colony (i.e. your neighborhood) so you can still see them.

In addition, if any of these strays are friendly, they will have the chance to be adopted into a loving home. Please take the time to at least talk to the folks at Angelpets. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the good support they provide.

Visit Alley Cat Allies at to learn more about stray and feral cat management in your neighborhood and affiliates nearby.

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Ingenious Ways To Get Rid Of Cats In Your Yard

So let’s continue discussing how to keep cats out of your yard (and everywhere else). We’ll discuss problem behaviors you may encounter and how to deal with them, as well as ways to keep them out of your yard, yard, or even your car. So let’s continue.

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First, you might consider getting involved in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) to solve some of the problems your cats are causing.

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

Urine spraying all over the house and yard is a sign of unfixed territorial cats. While some common cats will still retain this behavior, most will stop spraying. And the few that do keep spraying aren’t spraying cat pee that smells really bad.

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Another benefit of having TNR cats in your neighborhood is population control. The more cats that are trimmed, the fewer cats you will have next year. That means fewer cats in your garden, in your car, and annoying your cat or dog.

Finally, it also saves a lot of cat fights. No more cats screaming, fighting or mating under your window in the middle of the night.

It’s funny, but I recently finished cleaning up my cat colony by neutering the sneaky cat that had eluded my catch attempts for years. He and a young cat fought every night. Now that they’re both neutered? They sleep together under a bush. I haven’t heard a single cat fight in over two months.

TNR can really work to curb behaviors you find annoying or destructive in cats and is definitely worth considering. Even if you don’t want to become a cat sitter, this can really help.

Best Plants To Deter Cats From Your Garden

If you’re checking out TNR in your area, I highly recommend checking out Alley Cat Allies to find services and people near you through their Feral Friend Network. This is a great way to find cheap/free TNR and spay and neuter clinics near you.

Now that I’ve talked about ways to reduce problem behaviors in cats, let’s talk about electronic devices that actually work to keep cats out of your yard!

These are very effective as we all know that cats don’t like to be sprayed! It is harmless and prevents cats from entering your garden. (It doesn’t work in winter for obvious reasons.)

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

Personally, if I had to remove my cats from an area, this is the device I would use if possible.

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These make horrible sounds that humans cannot hear, but they excrete the feces of cats, dogs and other wild animals. Some even have lights and such that come on. It certainly deters cats when used correctly.

Some people claim that the sound devices are not working, but I suspect user error. The two I saw in action certainly worked.

The effectiveness of sound equipment requires good coverage and placement. If you have a large garden, you may need several devices. Or just place them where cats tend to enter your yard. Read the instructions carefully.

Another option for keeping cats out of your yard is to cat proof your fence! This option is the most expensive option, but it also helps prevent other critters from climbing over the fences, so it may be worth it.

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Remember, if you choose a cat gate extension designed to keep cats in the garden, you can simply swing it outwards instead of inwards.

This is also a big deal for cat lovers! Sometimes our feline friends (or feline foes!) like to use our beautiful gardens as a litter box. So how do you keep them out of your garden?

It sounds very simple, but it really works! Cats have sensitive paws and do not like to be kicked or scratched.

How To Repel Stray Cats From Yard

If you’re just trying to prevent cats from using your yard as a place to urinate or defecate, you might want to consider building a litter box for them instead. So you and the cats are happy!

Community Cats & Trapping

It is worth remembering that ordinary compost is not a good idea outdoors, especially if exposed to rain. But some outdoor sandbox ideas are:

Some of us don’t mind having cats in our vehicles. Some of us worry about scratches or don’t want to clean orange paw prints on the windshield. So how do you keep cats out of your car?

Well, sometimes you can’t help it. It’s not really possible to plug in an electronic device to spray the cat in your car. Any internal equipment you use can easily fall out of your car. You can spray your car with insect repellent, but that just leaves a horrible mess.

The only way I’ve seen to effectively protect your car from cats in any situation is to use car covers. It only ensures that when a cat

Stray & Feral Cats

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