How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog – As much as we love our furry friends, we all have to face a fact: having pets increases the risk of tick bites. Basically, our pets go outside and then allow ticks to hitchhike indoors to where we live.

A recent study found that households without pets have nearly twice as many ticks as households with pets. [1] Ah!

How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

I recently took my daughter’s dog to our vet, Timothy Bell, DVM, for a checkup. I took the opportunity to ask a few questions.

How Do I Remove A Tick On A Dog?

My vet personally uses Nexgard on his dogs. However, Dr. Bell says, “NexGuard does not protect your dog from all tick-borne illnesses. The tick must bite the dog before the active ingredients kill the tick. Unfortunately, as we all know, some pathogens spread within hours. (I’ll go into more detail about products and how to control ticks below.)

“Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security with a flea or tick product,” she advises. Symptoms should be monitored regularly. If I walk or if I know my dog ​​is more exposed to ticks, I use a topical spray or collar that repels and kills ticks.

Dr. Bell says many tests for tick-borne diseases are prone to false negatives, especially in the early stages of the disease. For example, dogs with Rocky Mountain spotted fever may develop a fever and become very ill. “I give doxycycline if the dog has symptoms, whether I see a tick or not.”

Although Lyme is a tick-borne disease, we have a fair amount of tick-borne paralysis in our part of California (Central Coast). Tick-borne paralysis is a fatal disease caused when certain types of ticks inject neurotoxins from their salivary glands into warm-blooded animals or humans. [2]

How To Check Your Dog For Ticks & Why It Is So Important

Dr. Bell explains, “With tick paralysis, the dog becomes weak, shaky, and rapidly progresses to the point where it can’t walk. Eventually, paralysis affects the dog’s respiratory system if you don’t catch the tick. Products like Nexgard are effective against tick paralysis. They provide good protection.” .

The best part of our vet visit was being in and out in 45 minutes. During this time they test our dogs for many blood borne pathogens and intestinal parasites. They updated her vaccines for several preventable diseases and updated her prescription for tick medication. (See the American Kennel Club’s complete guide to the recommended vaccination schedule here.)

While dogs can increase our risk of disease by bringing ticks into the home, a new study shows how they can warn us about the risk of Lyme disease.

How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

Because the CDC’s reporting criteria are so restrictive, many cases of human Lyme disease go unreported on CDC maps. This has led to the misconception that Lyme is only found in the northeastern United States.

How To Remove A Tick From Your Dog And What To Do Next

In fact, the risk of Lyme disease is everywhere. The Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) is an independent council made up of veterinarians, parasitologists and animal health professionals. Since 2002, he has been studying the prevalence of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in dogs.

CAPC’s latest research “makes clear how man’s best friend acts as a sentinel to protect those at risk of contracting Lyme disease,” said Christopher Carpenter, DVM and CAPC executive director. “The model developed in this study breaks new ground in providing county-level mapping to help residents, travelers, and health care providers identify high-risk areas across the country.” [3]

By mapping the distribution of Lyme disease in dogs, researchers can predict where humans are at risk. View PACE’s interactive map here to see where you are at risk for the three most common tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis). Click on your state, zoom in on your county, then use the drop-down list to scroll through three different diseases reported in the past eight years.

Since pets can’t tell when they’re sick, the best thing we can do is prevent tick bites in the first place. As Dr. Bell says, “Even if your area doesn’t have the highest incidence of infection, if your pet is sick, you want protection.”

Ticks Guide: How To Prevent And Treat Tick Bites

There is a huge list of products for dogs, but not all of them are safe for cats. Ask your veterinarian which product is best for your pet. We chose NexGuard for our dog because my husband keeps bees. Some topical products are very effective at killing and killing ticks and fleas, but can be harmful to pollinators, which my family knows all too well.

After visiting the vet, I contacted Thomas Mather, PhD, director of the University of Rhode Island’s Vector-Borne Disease Center and TickEncounter Resource Center. He is known as “The Tick Guy”. I will talk about what I learned in my next blog.

LymeSci is written by Lonnie Marcum, a licensed physical therapist and mother of a daughter with Lyme. Follow him on Twitter: @LonnieRhea Email him: lmarcum@. Are you spending more time outside with your favorite furry friend now that it’s warmer? mild But while you’re enjoying adventures together, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of hot weather for dogs with dog ticks. Ticks can bite your dog without realizing it and can be unpleasant for your four-legged friend if left untreated. Fortunately, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about dog tick control, from prevention to treatment to consulting your vet.

How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

In scientific terms, they are small creatures that come out in the summer and harass us and our pets. Being part of the Arachnid family, they are related to spiders and mites. Ticks are parasites; They bite and attach to the skin of mammals such as humans and dogs and then feed on their blood. Thus, they can cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, etc. can infect such diseases.

Finding And Removing Ticks In Dogs

Ticks hang around tall grasses and forests. They cannot jump or fly. Instead, they stick to you as you go. After finding a host, ticks sink their teeth into the skin and feed for several days. Wow, we know! It usually takes 24-48 hours for the tick to transmit the disease to the host

. Therefore, as soon as you find a tick, it is better to remove it safely, of course.

So how do you check for tick bites on dogs? After a day in an area with a high risk of ticks – which, unfortunately, is a good place to walk – carefully check your dog for ticks. They look and feel like small bumps on your dog’s skin. Search with your eyes and hands. Check between the toes, inside the ears, between the legs and around the neck. If you notice a small, unusual bump, pull the fur back for a closer look.

But what does a tick look like on a dog? Or rather, a tick bite on a dog? Below is a picture for your reference. Warning; Maybe it’s a bit of a trigger.

How To Remove Tick On Dog

As a dog parent, it’s a good idea to learn how to tickle your dog. It is important to remove the tick as soon as possible and be sure to remove the entire body of the tick. The longer the tick is on the dog and the longer it stays, the higher the risk of your dog contracting something the tick is carrying, such as Lyme disease. As soon as you find the tick, use tweezers to remove it from close to the dog’s body. Then continue to check your dog for other tick bites. Be careful as possible and try to destroy them all.

If your dog is bitten by a tick, it’s a good idea to observe him closely afterward to make sure he doesn’t show any signs of illness. If they are sick or in pain, take them to the vet as soon as possible. For example, your dog may have Lyme disease and may have the following symptoms:

💉 Also, talk to your vet about the best way to vaccinate your pet against Lyme disease and protect your beloved animal from fleas and ticks.

How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

Are you tired of ticks on dogs and want to know how to get rid of dog ticks for good? Keeping dogs away from grass and trees can help reduce their exposure to ticks. But it’s not very practical to keep dogs indoors during tick season. Dogs love hiking, they love the woods and, surprisingly, they might pick up a tick or two along the way. Fortunately, dog tick bites can be prevented by using common dog tick medications, such as:

How To Protect Your Pet From Ticks

Anti-tick spray kills ticks quickly

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