How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop – Whether you live in the city or the country, buyers are often concerned if you have a flock of chickens in your yard.

Raccoons, foxes, coyotes, weasels, owls, hawks and even neighborhood dogs have been known to attack dogs at night or in broad daylight, especially if they are free and you are not close enough to stop the human.

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

By their nature, chickens are easy to spot: they have low survival skills, they rarely fly, and they often flock together so that they can be easily counted at the same time.

Get The Facts On Chicken Tractors

I raised chickens for seven years and learned a lot in that time, the most important lesson being chicken coop safety. In our first house in the city, we often had to deal with raccoons, skunks and opossums running through our yard.

(Some of you may remember the heartbreak of our first pup being killed by a raccoon; another was injured but fortunately survived.)

Our home is now in a very rural area, this morning we received photos of suspicious animals at our home, and saw some owls sleeping in our neighbor’s tree.

Although we don’t like it, theft is a fact of residential life. But chicken owners can take many precautions to keep them competitive, and everything should be considered when you plan to keep or breed your chickens.

What Could Have Done This To Hardware Cloth?? I Lost My Entire Flock!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Use Fabric, Not Chicken Wire Many new chicken keepers make the mistake of buying chicken wire when building their coop because, well, it’s in the name and it seems to fit. But chicken wire (a hexagonal welded wire also known as chicken wire) is not a safe material for attaching tires to wheels.

It is a soft mesh that can be torn or opened, and the openings are large enough for raccoon hands or bobcat paws to reach in and frighten a dog. Additionally, mice and rats can easily push through chicken wire and find spilled food and treats.

A good option for attaching the tire to the wheel is 1/2-inch heavy gauge steel or 1/2-inch welded wire (usually used for four spokes). Mesh can be used for walls, windows, openings and doors and must be attached to wood or heavy wall materials with screws and bolts.

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

Protecting coop and run floors Isolation houses should have hardwood floors to prevent wild animals from escaping underneath and be raised to prevent wood from rotting. (Old pallets work great for this, as do railroad ties, welding blocks, or concrete blocks.)

How To Turn A Horse Stall Into A Chicken Coop

Once your tires are attached to the car, cover the bottom of the car with hardware cloth, raise the sides a few inches, and install on the frame. Stack it on top of dirt, sand, hay, or whatever else you want to run on, and your herd will have a safe place to roam without worrying about wild animals digging under the run.

For larger runs where a floor covering isn’t possible or affordable, carry a cloth blanket or apron. Bury the hardware cloth a few inches around the outside of the runner and extend about 18 inches from the sides.

If you have grass growing around your run, you can just cut it short, attach the tool cloth to the ground and plant four weeds, and the grass will grow to the eye.

Rocks prevent hunters from digging their way to the run; If they hit the hardware barrier a few times, they give up and move on.

Predator Proofing Your Chicken Coop And Run |

Keep from above Even in areas where hawks and owls abound, it’s a good idea to secure an open chicken from above. More elegant roofs, such as simple bird nets or pergolas, prevent aerial attacks and keep birds (as well as potential bird diseases) away.

If you have a problem with wild animals, you can climb a fence or wall, install a roof made of welded wire or build wooden panels over it.

Don’t forget to fight the big predators. Do you live in an area where bears are known to roam? If so, no amount of hardware or locks can protect your flock from hungry bears that can easily tear through wood and structural wires. (This is especially true in prefabricated coops, which typically have no chance of surviving the impressive force of a bear.)

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

Try to build your chicken coop just like your own house and put electric fence or electric wire around your house and run it.

Do Raccoons Eat Chickens? 11 Amazing Ways To Prevent Raccoons In Your Coop

Remove all sources of bait (such as trash, pet bowls, and other food stores) from your garden, or store them in bear-proof containers away from your house.

Locking doors and windows at night is not enough to prevent a raccoon’s weak arm from gaining access to your home. I have heard stories of opening many locks and other locks with just one step of their nimble fingers! (Hey, they have all night to work on them…)

Outside, I have door locks and clamps on all doors and further attach them with carabiners (especially the top locks, which are more accessible to burglars). Spring connectors and quick connectors also work but always make sure your quick connectors are properly secured

Even if your door already has a deadbolt and is not a problem, I still recommend adding a second lock to the door. It only takes a few minutes and your home will be transformed into Fort Knox.

Find The Best Automatic Chicken Door Opener

In general, padlocks are a good choice if you need to disturb customers (sorry, it happens – I’ll never understand the person trying to steal the chicken) or want more peace of mind when you go out for the day.

Weather-resistant locks offer the best long-term performance, but dust from the elements and any lock left outside will then start to crack (which means you’ll be lazy with locks every day).

Instead of replacing all my locks when this happens, I like to use 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube to open them. A single can is durable and can be used for other locks in the home, including door locks, bicycle locks, car door locks and even padlocks. I keep them in my cooler when I’m camping in bear country. (I know, that last one sounds crazy, right?)

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube goes on like a liquid but dries to the touch in just minutes, so no messy showers to deal with. It adheres and locks in adhesion and leaves a clear film that protects against corrosion.

Tips For Predator Proofing Chickens

And most importantly outside of applications, the scale doesn’t attract dirt (which can make locks disappear over time).

Don’t wait until dark If pirates know they have something to eat, they may wait until last light. Roll up your dogs before sunset and make sure they are safely in their kennels while there is still some light. (My chickens start laying about half an hour before sunset.)

At the same time, keep your flock well outside at sunrise, so that they do not run into wild animals early in the morning.

Do a head count Be sure to count all your chickens when you lock them up for the night. Sweep the house and run (with a flashlight if necessary) so that no strays enter during the day (like feral cats, we’ve had such accidents before!)

Features On A Predator Proof Chicken Coop

It’s nothing new for people to accidentally trap their neighbor’s cat in the chicken coop, not knowing the cat is inside.

Know Your Flock’s Distress Calls As a chicken keeper, you need to be familiar with the common behaviors and sounds of your flock.

Learn to distinguish their happy chirping, daily squawks and excited “egg songs,” as I like to call them, from their panic calls that warn of danger and wild animals.

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Chicken Coop

While you can’t completely protect your herd when they’re free-roaming, try to keep an eye on them if possible, or get close enough so you can hear them and chase off enemies if necessary.

How To Prevent And Manage Common Backyard Chicken Predators

Check your coop and run regularly Check your coop and run for signs of damage, wear or entry attempts by wild animals. Tighten or replace parts as needed to stabilize your structure. Even well-constructed houses can be infested if a predator has enough time to weaken the house for a long period of time.

Above all, don’t forget the little things. While most of our efforts can be focused on protecting predators like raccoons and hawks, mice and rats (and their droppings) can be a serious problem in a herd.

Seal any gaps or small holes as soon as you find them, and discourage nesting in the first place by collecting eggs daily, tidying up, eating, and cleaning up or cleaning up waste at the end of the day.

For more information, follow 3-IN-ONE® on Facebook and Instagram. Click here to find a local store or online

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