How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic – Are you struggling with mice, rats and squirrels getting in and out of your attic and don’t know what else to do? Have you been to pest control and the moles are still coming back?

If you really want to make sure your home is bug free, I’ll walk you through a 5 step solution that can be done in one day! Instead of a temporary band, you’ll have a permanent bite solution and never have to deal with it again.

How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic

In addition, I will teach you about a comprehensive service called Air Seals. This service will improve the air quality in your home and is truly the “secret sauce” to being more efficient and saving a lot of money on your energy bills.

How To Get Rid Of Rats From Your Garage?

If there are pests in your attic, you may hear sounds like scratching, scratching, screeching, or hissing. You are likely to see feces or urine stains on the floor, as well as various animal droppings on the top of the insulation and in some cases under the insulation. Another sign of a pest bite problem are electrical marks on the wiring and pipes, tears in the insulation material, or missing blocks from your roof from animals entering the attic.

All homeowners must deal with a rat problem at some point, because rats are attracted to dark, damp places. You are likely to find rats in your attic or crawl space sooner or later. Moles also love certain insulating materials, such as inflatable or loose insulation, because it is a perfect nesting and breeding habitat.

Over the past 9 years, I have helped countless homeowners remove their attics and rat crawl spaces. After inspecting and treating over 500 properties in 3 different states, I learned that there is a huge misconception about the solutions that pest control companies offer, so often homeowners are confused and do not take the right steps to prevent rodents.

Key Point: There is a huge misconception about the solutions that pest control companies offer to keep rats away.

How To Get Rodents Out Of Attic

Let’s start with the fact that the word “pest control” does not imply the act of closing or removing, but only control. Pest control services have 3 main methods of controlling moles:

All of these methods are preventative and are designed to control walleyes, not eliminate them. What this result in the business repeats for the pestilence of the company and the list of problems he knew. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense: If pest control is a solved problem, why would it be needed in the future?

During our inspections we saw countless rats abandoned. They use insulating material to build their nests, and due to their natural behavior of chewing things (looking for food and access to shelter) they cause valuable damage;

How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic

The biggest problem with rodents is that they contaminate any feces and urine, which spread odors and affect indoor air quality.

How To Get Rid Of Mice And Rats In The House

They gnaw waste, such as rats, and drink toxic urine. This toxicity, especially in the summer, is introduced into the ventilation system of the living space and because rodents carry bacteria, people living in the house can suffer from allergies, asthma and heart disease.

Pest control can certainly help you for a while, but what about rodent and rodent damage? How do you make sure this doesn’t happen?

Key Point: Pest control can be used for maintenance, but is certainly not a complete solution for mice, rats, squirrels or raccoons.

Insulation removal is essential to remove all rodent debris and contaminants, but more importantly, it will reveal hidden entry points that moles use to gain access to the attic or living space.

Why Rodents Want To Live In Your Attic And Crawlspace

Although rodent control is important, we have found that rodent control is ineffective if they leave the desert, not properly removed and disinfected, for 2 main reasons;

Rodents can transmit dangerous germs directly in their urine and feces, and they can cause diseases such as Lyme, salmonella, hantavirus, and histoplasmosis, and increase the severity of heart disease, asthma, and allergies.

Rodent waste disposal, such as urine and feces, is essential as it is toxic and affects indoor air quality. Disinfecting and neutralizing rodent odors will ensure that rodents do not re-enter and cause further damage.

How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic

We will mark and seal all entry points so rats cannot gain access to the house and are forced to nest elsewhere.

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Insulation

Rodents enter your attic or crawl space through flaws in your home’s structures, such as the roof, gutters, and downspouts. In fact, we have created a table showing the most common areas. An effective rodent proof/exclusion solution is to create a physical barrier between indoor and outdoor moles.

A small air leak in an attic space is a major source of heat loss in many homes. Your roof can be as high as 2 feet. The square hole, which acts like a chimney, draws hot air into the attic and cool air around the windows and doors. Gaps are found around electrical wires, pipes, vents and light fixtures.

If you plug all the gaps and cracks before sealing the air, it’s like opening a 2-foot x 2-foot window in your house all the time, resulting in energy loss. Air sealing is required under Title 24, which is a building code for energy efficiency. Air sealing is a job that is often neglected by contractors who are hired to remove and replace it, so my advice: keep an eye on your contractor.

Since 90% of US homes are poorly insulated, chances are your home needs a good insulation upgrade. New insulation installed to the correct code will lower your energy bills and keep your home at a comfortable, even temperature. See recommended home insulation R-values ​​here >>

Top Rat Control Company Near Me

Once you complete our step-by-step solution, your home will be clean, safe, energy efficient and free. Our 5-step process has you covered;

The cost of renovating an entire attic or crawl space can range from $2.7 to $4.3 per square foot and is calculated based on the size of your space, the amount of damage and the geographic area. Note that this price usually does not include replacing any air ducts or deep cleaning the HVAC system.

Depending on the area and size of your home, pest control can charge anywhere from $100 to $350 per visit. This fee is only for monitoring rodent activity (setting traps, keeping old traps and spraying repellents around the house).

How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic

A. Cleaning, disinfecting, rodent proofing, air sealing and re-insulating your attic or crawl space only takes one day on average. For spaces over 2,000 square feet, it takes 2 days.

How To Get Rid Of Roof Rats And Prevent Them Diy Pest Control

A. Probably yes. If rats are damaging the air ducts, it is important to replace them to prevent air pollutants from entering the living space. In this case, we also recommend a thorough cleaning of your air conditioning system.

A. We have been asked several times if pest control is still necessary after completing the 5th level solution and the answer is yes. Along with maintenance, preventive measures are equally important. Since no one can protect against the forces of nature, we recommend that you hire a local pest control company to monitor any activity, set traps, and notify you if mice are found or find new ways to enter the attic or crawl space. Activity tracking now does not need to be frequent as you have completed the 5 steps, so we recommend more than 2-3 times per year.

The secret to a permanent solution when dealing with rodent problems is to use both methods together. Pest control is a maintenance service that every homeowner should do, like mowing and cleaning the house. That is, if we compare your house to an infestation and the car is gnawed, you need to change the engine, which is a one-time service, after replacing the engine, you still need to change the oil. For months, everything is in good condition.

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