How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

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Every pest in your home is a nuisance and some of them just don’t get on your nerves. For example, termites can eat the foundation of the house, the insulation, the woodwork and even the pool covers. Even worse, most home insurance policies do not cover structural damage caused by termites.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

Quick and effective treatment is key when termites attack, so you’ll want to know the signs of a termite infestation so you can spot potential problems before the damage starts. Our guide on how to get rid of termites explains how to identify these pests and treat the infestation, as well as the best DIY methods and when it’s time to call the best pest control company.

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), business owners and homeowners spend more than $2 billion each year to treat termite damage. To avoid being part of these statistics, you need to start taking care of your home right away.

There are two main types of termites that infest homes in the United States: drywood termites and subterranean termites. Both types of termites are dangerous to your home, but they each nest in different areas around your property. Each type of termite requires specific treatment methods, so it is important to know what type of termite colony you are dealing with before tackling the problem.

Dry termites feed and nest in wooden structures. They may have wings and are dark yellow to light brown in color. These insects are larger than their underground cousins ​​and can grow up to half an inch. Warm coastal areas such as California, Florida and Hawaii are natural habitats for dry hole termites. Sohol termites live in small colonies of up to 2,500 members.

If you need to remove large infestations or don’t want a home approach to extermination, consider professional extermination companies like Terminix or Orkin.

Know About Best Pesticides To Control Termite In India 2023

As their name suggests, subterranean termites nest underground and enter your home through mud tubes. There are many options for treating subterranean termites such as termite insecticides, termite baits, termite barriers and termites. The subterranean colonies are much larger than terrestrial termites and can include 100,000 to a million members.

If you can’t look closely enough to tell if the insects are ants or not, you may be wondering: How do you know you have termites? Below are the signs of infection.

Once you’ve taken care of your termite problem, you need to prevent future infestations. Below are the most common measures to prevent termites.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

If you want to save money and diagnose your problem early, home treatment is a worthy option. However, be aware that termite damage can quickly cause serious or irreversible damage to the structure of your home. While DIY methods can work well for early stages of termites, extensive infestations may require methods such as fumigation and professional baiting systems.

How To Get Rid Of Termites (2022)

If you have a large colony or don’t feel confident that you can handle the insects yourself, you may want to call a professional exterminator before you do serious damage to your home. You will save time and money in the long run.

The EPA recommends avoiding pesticide companies that sell door-to-door, try to get you to sign a contract on-site, or claim their products contain secret ingredients.

If your termite problem is minor, you can turn to natural options like beneficial nematodes and essential oils. However, for larger infestations you may need more serious termite killers such as liquid, foam or powder termite killers.

If you’re concerned about the long-term effects of termites or want convenient professional help, we recommend calling a provider with decades of experience and an online chat feature like Terminix. Orkin is another great option if you’re looking for a money-back guarantee, and Hawx offers solid customization options for homeowners looking for long-term pest control. All three providers have unique termite treatment programs.

Top 5 Chemicals That Kills Termites Easily

In some cases of minor infestations, you may be able to get rid of the termites yourself. You can try some of the DIY methods below:

Note that not all of these methods are safe to use around animals or children, so a larger contamination may require a professional company.

Natural ways to kill termites include borax powder or sodium borate, neem oil, orange essential oil and beneficial external termite nematodes.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

The main attraction of the termites is the wood and the cellulose it contains. Other things that attract termites are cracks on the exterior of buildings, tree stumps or trees near the house, leaks in air conditioners or roofs, moisture and debris in gutters and pipes and wood near the foundation of the house.

Plants That Repel Termites

Our pest control research process begins by combining findings from an in-depth analysis of more than 1,000 customer reviews on third-party sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, Best Company, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 100 tapes of customer service calls. Customers of major pesticide brands.

From there, we compile a list of the most important factors that frequently appear in customer feedback, create a scoring tool based on those factors, and analyze them to see how each company stacks up against one another. For example, companies that offer longer warranties on their services earn more points than others, and pest control programs that cover a greater variety of pests earn more points than those that have fewer.

After evaluating dozens of residential and commercial pest control companies in this process, we were able to identify the best pest control companies on the market serving many states across the country to help our readers find the best professional near them. “There are termites in your house.” These are words no home owner wants to hear. Termites are responsible for more than $5 billion in property damage each year in the US, and the average cost of termite treatment and damage repair is $15,000.

Although termites can be found throughout the United States, the greatest stress areas are in the South, Southeast, West, and Southwest, where they thrive in warm climates.

Are Termites Active In The Winter?

When termites are infested in your home, getting rid of them can be very difficult. Working with a team of trusted termite experts can help you identify areas of termite activity on your property, the types of termites, and the most effective ways to combat these stubborn pests and rid your home of their relentless prey.

Even if you don’t see signs of termites, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Termites can be active in your home before you notice it, causing damage to the home and its structure.

Seeking professional help to get rid of termites is the key to avoiding costly repairs. That’s why you should talk to a termite control professional ® and schedule an annual inspection to protect your home from future termite activity and damage.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

There are about 2,000 species of termites worldwide. Fortunately, if you live in the US, you don’t have to worry about most of these species invading your home. For all intents and purposes, there are two types of termites to worry about: subterranean termites and drywood termites.

Expert Termite Control & Treatment In Athens, Georgia Area

Knowing what kind of pests have invaded your home is an important part of professional extermination. Once you have discovered a termite infestation, you must take steps to minimize the damage these pests can cause if left unchecked.

The help of a termite expert can help you more accurately identify the type of termites at the heart of your infestation. Relying on their knowledge of specific termite behaviors can help discover where these pests are hiding and provide a targeted attack plan to help stop termites in their tracks.

As their name suggests, subterranean termites live underground in colonies. They need contact with the ground to use underground tunnels – and mud tubes above ground – to travel home in search of food. Their food is the cellulose in the tree, which is the structure of your house.

Given the extensive damage that termites can cause, attempting to remove termites yourself is not recommended, as this practice is rarely effective and the cost of failure is very high.

How Do Our Termite Treatments Work?

Professional pest inspectors start by looking for signs of subterranean termite infestations, including checking crawl spaces and other areas where your home comes into contact with the ground that you don’t normally see.

However, there are certain types of subterranean termites, such as formo termites, that can burrow into the top of your home and form colonies without touching the ground.

The largest termite colonies in Formo can chew up to a kilogram of wood per day, while most subterranean colonies chew up to a kilogram of wood each month.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Termites

Unlike subterranean termites, dry hole termites are a type of termite that do not require contact with the ground to survive. They live above ground and inside a tree

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