What To Do If Prius Battery Dies

What To Do If Prius Battery Dies – Your car will notify you! First, you will see a red warning triangle or a hybrid control light on the dashboard. Now, without a good hybrid battery to share the load, the gasoline engine will run longer and fuel economy will drop. The overall performance and performance of your hybrid vehicle (the reason you bought the car in the first place) will decrease until the battery is completely discharged.

Your first option, of course, is to simply buy a new battery from the dealer. In our experience, this can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. If you want to get another 10 + years out of your vehicle and don’t mind reinvesting that amount of money into your car, then this option is for you.

What To Do If Prius Battery Dies

What To Do If Prius Battery Dies

Another is to go the DIY route, replacing individual modules or cells and hoping for the best This will most likely lead to an unbalanced battery and the highest chance of more problems in the near future Because an unbalanced battery wears out faster than a properly tuned one Or buy used batteries online, which usually come from a vehicle that has been scrapped or had an accident. The DIY option would be the most affordable way, but also risky, as there are few guarantees that the module or battery will work until installation.

How To Find And Jump A Hybrid Battery

The third and most logical option is to buy a fully equipped hybrid battery from Green Bean Batteries. During our own reconditioning process, we completely disassemble all old batteries, drill all modules inside to restore capacity, fully test and balance the modules, and finally rebuild the battery to make it ready for use. Our premium remanufactured hybrid batteries are also a great option for dealers as they cost almost half as much. And then we come to you, replace the battery with a refurbished one, and we’re covered by our Green Bean warranty! So if you want to save some money and have peace of mind on the road, look no further Believe it or not, the humble Toyota Prius has been on sale in America for 12 years.

While many of these original 2000 Priuses still give their owners the same gas mileage as when they were new, the traction batteries in the early cars are reaching the end of their estimated 10-year, 300,000-mile lifespan.

If the battery in your Toyota Prius dies before the 150,000 (or 100,000) mile warranty expires, Toyota will replace it for free. But if your car is out of warranty, you’ll join the roughly 500 owners who deal with an expired nickel-metal hydride battery every month.

For them, low power and a warning light on the dashboard indicate that it’s time to visit the dealer and make a choice: buy a new battery or a new car.

Ways To Avoid A Dead Car Battery In Cold Weather

Gary Smith, Toyota’s director of product quality and service support, points out that the number of defective Prius batteries is still very low.

It’s also worth noting that while battery units are guaranteed for 150,000 (or 100,000) miles, depending on the state you live in, many batteries can last twice that or more.

However, with 1.3 million Toyota hybrid vehicles now in the US, the number of battery failures will increase in the coming years.

What To Do If Prius Battery Dies

As we told you earlier, the unit price of the Toyota Prius battery ranges from $2,300 to $2,590 depending on the model you have. Installing a new pack will probably cost you more Comparatively, the cost of replacing the battery is slightly less than the average engine rebuild in a car of the same age with high mileage.

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost (factors Affecting)

And while there are cheaper alternative routes to dealer-supplied batteries, most Prius owners will want to go back to the dealer they bought the car from to make sure they—or a local mechanic who doesn’t know hybrids— they will damage the car by trying. Carry the replacement package

“We’re telling them it’s going to happen in the next year or two,” explained Mike Sullivan of Multiline Toyota in Santa Monica, California. “People don’t get upset. They understand it’s a seven- to eight-year life cycle.”

Rather than drive a car with a dead battery, many owners – some of whom are ready for a new car – are choosing to trade in their car for a newer Prius model.

“The Prius is a good entry-level premium car, and when that happens, we can switch people to other hybrids,” Sullivan said. “This is a good story for us,” he said.

Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

Whatever the owner chooses, batteries don’t go to waste when they’re dead, thanks to a battery recycling program that Toyota launched in 2010.

Once removed, the batteries are sent to specialist recycling firm Kinsbury Brothers in Anaheim, California – the same firm responsible for recycling Tesla’s used lithium-ion batteries.

On arrival at the specialist facilities, the batteries are broken down into individual parts and melted down into stainless steel used to make nickel refrigerator doors, while the rare earth elements, plastic packaging and electrolytes are recycled in related industries.

What To Do If Prius Battery Dies

In the end, the whole process is a win-win for everyone involved: dealers get more customers, and customers can choose between a new model with better gas mileage or a new battery. Perhaps more importantly, not a single traction battery ends up in a landfill, proving that batteries – regardless of their chemical composition – are still recyclable consumer products.

Toyota Prius Questions

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You have a number of options to get Priyu out of the garage You can’t keep it in neutral without a 12V battery But all you can do is jump in front of the vehicle I found a picture on this site that shows where to place the jumper wire ( little finger):

You can place the black (negative) wire on the gold stud/nut at the 11 o’clock position. You should have enough juice in the system to keep the car in neutral (probably not enough to start). Regardless of the car, you can remove the relay that the index finger is pointing at (it’s already removed in the picture). Then when you disconnect the power, the car stays in neutral and you can move it

If you don’t like it you have to raise the front of the car and take it out of the garage This can be done with a rolling floor with a lift or by placing the front tires on rollers

Can The Car Battery Die While I’m Driving? Faq Answered » Way Blog

I would assume you can open the back cover as above (using the jumper in the system described).

My jumper cables are about 20 feet long and very small gauge (I think 2 gauge). They carry a lot of juice and always help I have had them for over 20 years and have never regretted buying them They will be very expensive to get but worth it in the end IMHO

If all else fails yes This is a last resort but may be your only option if you can’t do it yourself But that’s up to you

What To Do If Prius Battery Dies

The easiest way to break into a Prius is from the top junction box (and is detailed in the manual). Instead of a 20-foot jumper cable, which would be too heavy, I’d recommend buying or renting a battery-powered jumper like this one. The last time I went to a towing service to start my Prius, they brought out a battery powered tool that made the process much easier.

Driving With A Dead Hv Battery

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By clicking “I accept all cookies,” you agree that StackExchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. When your hybrid car battery dies, you will experience one or more things while driving. Possible scenarios are loss of power, followed by blackout of dashboard lights and an unavoidable shutdown.

Although a hybrid vehicle has an internal combustion engine, it cannot operate independently of the electrical system. Both the EV system and the combustion system must work together to propel the vehicle. When the hybrid battery fails, the car’s computer detects a fault in the drive system that causes the entire car to die in the water.

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Why Do Hybrid Vehicles Have Two Batteries?

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