How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean – When you own and use your own hot tub, keeping it clean and bacteria-free is essential for a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. Key ingredients that help maintain and balance the water in your hot tub are disinfectants, pH regulators, and shock treatments. This handy guide will guide you through what you need to know.

Your hot tub will need to be treated with a disinfectant to control and prevent bacterial growth. Bacteria can multiply quickly in a warm environment, so you need to maintain an appropriate level of disinfection to ensure that all bacteria in the water is destroyed. There are two main disinfectants that help keep your hot tub clean, chlorine and bromine.

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Chlorine is the most popular choice among hot tub users because it is the most cost-effective and fastest-acting disinfectant. Chlorine is available in the form of granules or tablets.

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Chlorine Particles – Chlorine can be added by spraying the chlorine on the surface of the water or by first diluting it in a container of warm water. We recommend adding a small amount of chlorine initially (unless the level is very low) to avoid an overdose. Then let the water sit for about two hours before testing again. This will give the chlorine time to work, so if the water is very dirty, all the chlorine will be used up and you will have another low reading. If the water is properly balanced there will be residual chlorine and no need to add more.

Fun Tip: Add a drop of chlorine every time you get out of the hot tub and it will be clean and ready to use the next time you want to take a dip!

Chlorine Tablets – You can also add chlorine by placing the tablets in a floating dosing flask. The advantage of this is that there is a constant dose of chlorine, but it is less controlled than using granules. We recommend starting by adding three to four tablets and adjusting the dispenser flow as needed. The base of the Happy Hot Tub Dispenser can be twisted to control the flow of water into the unit. Simply rotate the base to allow water to flow through one hole, two holes, three holes, or four holes. Always keep the tablets in the delivery box, so don’t leave them on until they are completely gone before replacing them. Check the water again after about two hours to see if the water level has risen enough.

Bromine is an alternative disinfectant to chlorine. It is more expensive and works slower, which means it takes longer

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Test results may show up and lead to cloudy water. Advantages include slightly milder odors, greater stability at higher water temperatures, and regenerative capabilities unlike chlorine (ie you can continue to activate the bromide salt using shock, reducing the need for additional disinfectants). To use bromine tablets, simply follow the same instructions as for chlorine tablets (above). You can also increase the bromine concentration by shock with bromine beads or non-claw shock.

Many hot tubs now use salt systems to disinfect the water. A system like the Hotspring Freshwater Salt System uses salt water to produce active chlorine and oxygen, which in turn kills bacteria. The benefits of these systems include added comfort and a more natural feel to the water.

To check your disinfection level, dip the Happy Test Strips into spa water approximately 12 inches/30 cm below the water level, follow the instructions on the test strip container, and compare the colors to the chart on the test strip vial. (Happy Test Strips come in convenient packs of 50).

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

The amount of chemicals in a hot tub is usually measured in PPM, which means parts per million. If using chlorine, keep the chlorine level between 3-5 ppm. If you are a bromine user, try to keep your bromine level between 2-5 ppm.

How To Properly Clean Your Hot Tub

Every hot tub owner uses their hot tub differently, so it’s impossible to say how much disinfectant is needed. Therefore, we recommend testing your disinfectant and pH as often as possible and adjusting accordingly, but if you find that your water doesn’t need to be adjusted as often, you may want to reduce these checks to every few days. However, if your usage increases, go back to daily checks.

The term pH is a way of describing whether your water is acidic or alkaline. The pH scale runs from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is classified as acidic and anything above 7 is considered alkaline. You need to keep the pH between 7.2 and 7.8 and ideally between 7.2 and 7.4 otherwise you may experience some of the following problems:

If the pH is wrong, you will have trouble balancing the disinfectant levels, so always adjust the disinfectant before adding it (but never open the spa without disinfectant in the water). To test the pH, dip the Happy test strips into the spa water according to the instructions on the test strip container and adjust accordingly by adding pH minus or pH plus.

In addition to the disinfectant you choose to use, you should “shock” the water weekly with a non-chlorinated shock treatment.

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You can shock the water using Happy Non Claw Shock, Relax Oxidize Sachets, or Shock Gems®, which offer an easy capsule formula to toss in your hot tub!

We recommend changing the water every three to four months depending on usage. We recommend using Happy Hot Tubs Flush or Clean Start Pipe Cleaner before flushing the hot tub. This will remove any dirt/debris and loosen the calcium from the pipe, which will then be flushed with a flush. Before refilling your tub, we recommend using Happy Spa Surface Cleaner to clean the spa baffle.

The water surface is skimmed in the filter box and through the filter elements to remove impurities.

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

This will depend on your usage, but we recommend cleaning it at least every two weeks. Heavy use such as parties will mean your filter will wear off quickly. However, the situation is different when you refill your spa for the first time or every time you drain and refill it. In this case, the filter gets clogged in three to four days due to small particles present in the tap water and any particles from the product/transportation.

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It is very important that the filters are cleaned regularly, otherwise the water flow will be restricted and the spa will automatically shut off. If your filter is dirty the following diagnostic messages may appear on your touchpad; FLO, Heater Dry, LF, DR, OHH or — (two lines).

To confirm that the filters are causing the problem, remove them and run the spa for a few minutes to see if the message goes away. If the message persists, try turning the spa off until the filters clear and then back on. Please note that you should not use the spa for long periods of time without a filter. If you have tried the above solutions and still see the message, please call 02380 812769 for further advice.

The quickest way to clean them is to use Happy Instant Filter Cleaner. To do this, spray the filter evenly with a quick cleaner, wait 15 minutes, then rinse the filter with a hose. To make rinsing easier, check out the Happy Hot Tubs Super Blaster, a handy tool for cleaning out multiple creases at once!

Another way to clean your filters is to soak them overnight in a bucket of Happy Filter Cleaner. This solution breaks the oil from the creases and helps deep clean the filter. Both of these techniques are recommended

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Allow the filter to dry as this resets the fibers in the filter material, making filtration more efficient when the filter is placed back into your hot tub.

You should not use the spa for long without a filter, so install a replacement immediately when you remove the existing filter for cleaning.

This product will reduce the foaming tendency of the spa water, but not always completely. Foam is created as a reaction to the natural oils in our skin, as well as pollutants such as swimwear, cosmetics and deodorants, and even detergent residue. Bathing in a bathing suit before entering the water will help reduce foaming.

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Happy Spa Sparkle – This will help clear cloudy water and make your water sparkling. It is a coagulant, which means it will bring the small particles in the water together so that they are trapped in the filter.

How To Care For The Shell And Cabinet Of A Hot Tub

Happy No Scale – This product is essential in hard water areas to prevent calcium build-up on spa equipment and accessories. You do everything right – test the water before each use, use recommended products, shower before getting in the hot tub. But when you open the hot tub lid, the water is not as clean and clear as you expected.

Taking care of your hot tub requires a certain amount of money

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