How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Yard

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Have you ever heard that fantastic stomping of feet from the attic? Some squirrels may camp for the winter directly overhead.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Yard

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Yard

These pesky little creatures are fast, agile and acrobatic: the perfect combination for sneaking into the attic through the small door. Outside, chipmunks are usually just a nuisance – albeit annoying – but they can become very dangerous and dangerous once inside. Most often, they go straight to the attic: a place that is dry, warm, away from outside predators and pets below, easily accessible through the roof and near trees.

How To Deal With Nuisance Squirrels In Your Yard

Before those squirrels get inside – and even after they do – there are some simple, humane solutions to keep your attic out during the colder months.

If you notice even more squirrels in your neighborhood than usual this season – climbing on the roof, nibbling on decorative pumpkins, running around the garden – you’re right. According to pest expert George Rambo, there has been an outbreak of gray squirrel populations in parts of the eastern United States this year. While squirrels usually only give birth to two litters a year – one in the spring and one in the fall – this year they gave birth to a third in the summer. In a way, their population growth is related to climate change: last winter was mild, which meant that walnuts produced more nuts than usual (returnable yield), so the squirrels had plenty of resources to feed on, encouraged them. to increase their population.

However, as a species, chipmunks have a relatively high mortality rate and often only live a few months. As colder days return and walnuts become scarce, their population is expected to rebalance.

But even if their numbers are high, it’s a good idea to take precautions to protect your property and keep these animals outside, not inside.

Six Things To Know About Red Squirrels!

Squirrels want to enter your home for the same reasons as mice and other common household pests: they are looking for warmth, shelter, food, and a place to build their nests. In the process, they can cause tremendous damage to the structural integrity of homes, tearing through insulation and wood, snapping electrical wires, and damaging furniture or items in attics. They are known to push bricks down the chimney and can easily damage terracotta, slate, aluminum and shingles requiring expensive repairs. Perhaps most importantly, they bring dirt and waste from the outside and leave their own urine in droplets in the living space, which is a health risk. What may initially seem like a minor roof noise issue can quickly turn into a more serious problem.

If possible, it is best to do this in the summer before small animals seek a warm place for the winter. Look for fist-sized holes outside the house; on the inside, check for similarly sized gaps. Cracks are often removed by light penetrating from the outside. Squirrels have been known to crawl through very small openings, so check areas where small gaps are common: places where siding meets, openings where pipes and cables enter the house, under gutters, and crevices around windows and doors. Seal them with fiber cement or sheet metal.

Vents are another popular entry point. To seal, stretch the hardware material over the opening (with extra material around the perimeter in case they try to open it) and secure it with a stapler.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Yard

Squirrels like to climb down chimneys, attracted by warmth from inside or shelter from the wind. If the chimney is not used for a long time, they can make a nest in it.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

To prevent them from crawling into the living room during an unexpected visit, install caps on the chimneys. If you can already hear them inside, make a lot of noise to encourage them to climb up, or hang a rope at the top of the chimney so they can get out.

If you’ve ever watched an epic tree squirrel race, you know how far these little ones can jump. The trees around the house can be an easy way to get to the roof and any cracks that are there. Assess the trees around the house to see if there are branches within six to eight feet (that’s about as far as squirrels can jump). Consider trimming those that enter your home if they do.

To prevent squirrels from climbing a tree, wrap a metal plate (about two meters high or the length of a squirrel’s body) around the trunk about six meters above the ground. At this height, a squirrel should not jump over it. Be sure to assess how firmly it is attached to the tree every few months to make sure it is not stunting growth or cutting into the trunk; or fasten the end of the leaf with springs to make the sapling grow. If possible, also do this with trees within a jump distance of the original tree so they don’t jump onto the roof.

Strong odors such as white and black pepper, garlic, mint and hot peppers will repel squirrels (and many other house and garden pests). Most chemical repellents sold at garden centers and hardware stores mimic the natural scents of predators – mainly their urine – such as coyotes and foxes, but natural options also work well. To make your own, mix 1 part hot sauce with 64 parts water (or one tablespoon per liter). Pour into a spray bottle and spray wherever pets enter or leave drops. Squirrels also hate the smell of apple cider vinegar, and a few dried rags scattered around the attic will keep them away. Natural remedies fade much faster than chemicals, so you’ll want to top up stains or spray them at least twice a week.

Pest Advice For Controlling Grey Squirrels

You won’t do much with a large tree that produces fruit or nuts near the house, but making food inside removes a big advantage for chipmunks interested in hacking. They are also attracted to birds, which are an easy food source. Try squirrel-proof feeders—many of which are only accessible by air—placed away from your home and trees so they can’t jump easily.

If you can already hear the little feet stomping overhead, continue with a preventive tactic such as footprinting – you want to chase them away and prevent them from returning.

If you notice squirrels trying to get in, try very bright lighting in the attic. Light them in corners or where they have tried to make nests.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Yard

The cheapest solution to repel squirrels: make a giant rocket. Knock on the ceiling and walls, scream, bang pots and pans, or turn the radio/television on full blast. Listening to the radio in the attic all night will probably get them out.

Ways To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Attic

Ultrasonic devices designed for rodents are another popular solution that cannot be used, although they can be a bit more expensive. These machines make loud noises that are inaudible to humans, but irritate some animals and drive them out of the room. Noise can disturb pets if they are placed too close to your living space, but you’ll probably be able to tell if noise is disturbing your furry friends.

Before you secure your home from another invasion, you’ll want to know if the squirrels are indoors or outdoors; You don’t want to block all exit points and leave them trapped in the attic with nowhere to go (and give them plenty of time to destroy your house).

Squirrels usually leave during the hottest time of day, so this is a good time to check it out. Plug in the entry points you identified with scrap paper. In a day or two, if there are signs of unrest in the newspaper, the squirrels will probably come and go; if not, there are probably no squirrels active in and out of the attic, so it’s a good idea to tape up the holes.

If the squirrels don’t go away on their own, try trapping them with a humane trap and be sure to check at least once a day. If you release the squirrel, you want to do so after closing the hole so it doesn’t come back. Ultimately, it’s best to let them out at home rather than taking them far away, counterintuitive as it may seem. Squirrels become aggressive when strangers enter their territory, so if you move them to a new place, they can be killed. In addition, new squirrels will start inhabiting your yard in your absence

The Unseen Entry Points Of Squirrels

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