What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet – The front steps always have red walls and hard carpets. The fruit-colored walls have really grown in the early years of the house – a beautiful warm breeze in the afternoon sun. But there were never any carpets. I later found out that carpets can be up to 200% heavier because they collect dust, dirt, pet hair, debris, skin cells, and other debris. yes!

So, in the days of our coronavirus quarantine, I had the opportunity to tear up all the old rough carpets in the entryway and replace the hardwood floors below.

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

Cutting carpets was hard and dirty work. And that was the easy part! Climbing the stairs was especially brutal. The whole process took about four working days over a couple of weeks, but it was worth it – I’m really happy with the results.

Before & After: Amy’s Stairway To Heaven

So we removed the wall-to-wall carpet, sanded and sealed the stairs, and painted the crown molding and risers to brighten up our front stairs.

Warning: The stairs are tricky – always be careful not to lose your balance! Especially if you continue to pull hard on the carpet or tape, it will suddenly become loose. It was like being in a war – I died at least twice. Take care and stay safe!

It’s also a good idea to wear a mask to cover carpet dust, dirt, and other contaminants you don’t want to inhale.

This first step is actually lowering, which is messy but not too difficult. First, cut the carpet in one corner. Be careful not to hit the bottom of the tree. I found that the carpet vertical riser is flexible enough to make a safe cut to create a carpet doll:

How To Make Hardwood Stairs Less Slippery (4 Simple Methods)

Then start drawing. You can use your gloved hands (there are sharp nails hidden underneath to hold the carpet in place) or your hands to pull the carpet.

If the stairs are not straight, you will need to cut the carpet into sections. Our stage had about five different parts. I threw them all on the porch as I walked. If it is a long act, cut each leg, because it can be heavy and thin.

A subtle and somewhat subtle look of dirt, nails, and cracks when carpets and floors are torn up.

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

Remove any dirt or nails you find on the pin. (Some of the basics are hard to find, so this will be an ongoing project over the next few days.)

How To Clean Your Staircase

The cords of the carpets in place have sharp nails, which makes them very difficult to grasp. You don’t want to leave this step until the next day because they are waiting to give you the injection.

To open, place your screwdriver under each strip, hit the nail with a hammer to make a light cut, and move the length of the board.

This is the hardest and most difficult part, especially since our stairs are in bad shape. From time to time, you may see someone putting their feet together on the stairs safely – leaving behind dark spots and a sticky residue.

If you find that the wood floor under your carpet needs more than a light touch, I recommend hiring a professional to do the job. But we were in the midst of a global crisis that shut down most non-essential businesses, and we didn’t want to bring in contractors, even if it was possible. So I started sanding.

I’m Looking To Restore The Staircase Back To Its Original Wood. There Are Multiple Layers Of Paint. What Would Be The Most Efficient Method Of Removing The Paint? Chemical Stripper Or Sanding? :

Actually, I started shaving first. By using a scraper and plenty of fresh cloth, you can remove most of the old paint and debris.

Then it’s time to bake. We have an old electric sander that worked well with 60 grit sandpaper for stairs and hardwood floors. The sander I used had good enough dust capture, and I followed the vacuum with a HEPA filter and put a fan on the door box to remove the extra dust.

But despite those steps, the house was still dusty. Sander and vacuum cleaner in the narrow staircase

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

While Gina and Jenny were stuck at home due to quarantine, the dust and noise subsided a bit, so I started using the hand sander, which has a long distance but is not sensitive.

Black Stair Railing Ideas Inspiring Drama In Our Foyer

Mountains were particularly difficult to destroy. A trick I learned later – when I finished the stone – was to use hydrogen peroxide to remove the black stain from the old wood.

To do this, soak the clothes in peroxide (a 3 percent solution works well, but you can add some if you use a strong concentration) and leave the clothes in the stained area for a few hours or overnight. This will lighten the wood and make the dark spots look better. Dry thoroughly – the wood will become lighter as it dries.

Peroxide is a safe and effective way to remove stains and odors from pet urine, so I got it. Part of the reason I’m dying to rip up the carpet is because I swear I’m going to catch a cat barking in our hallway once in a while. I knew that the previous owner’s cat sometimes locked itself in the middle of the pantry and the litter box, so I began to conclude that the reason the cat locked itself was because the owner touched the door. left the house.

The carpet still smelled of cat poop and I thought getting rid of it would help – but after I pulled the carpet the smell got worse! Piss soaked and stained the wood of the front door, and worst of all, it was porcini.

This Is How To Remove Carpet From Stairs

However, soaking the area in hydrogen peroxide worked. It lightened the stain (and the rest of the wood around it – albeit directly) and after a few treatments the smell got rid of it. So instead of sanding it, I figured I could use it to lighten the stairs.

A few days later, to my dismay, I noticed that the cat smell had returned. I used more peroxide and it went away. And then he came back. I finally had all the peroxide at home and ran out of patience.

When we finally got home, I saw a pool on the ground. As it turned out, our cat started looking for something that smelled like another cat’s bark. I think I went to all the trouble to install a new toilet. The wood was now smooth and sandy and absorbed the cat’s bark like a sponge without water!

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

So I bought a large bottle of Rocco & Roxie Enzymatic Pet Urine Cleaner. It seems to do the trick, along with a scratch so the cat won’t look again until I get rid of the cat smell completely. Hallelujah!

How To Install A Stair Runner

If you have an old or antique house, I generally do not recommend painting the woodwork. Painting old wood will certainly brighten up the room, but it is a decision that cannot be reversed.

1920’s But as much as I love our 1920’s house, it will never be a monument to history. This is a quaint, charming, utilitarian duplex—not a charming colonial or artisan bungalow. So we had no real conscience because we painted the stairs, the board and the window white.

Tingiwopis is a straightforward DIY job, but this was still the second difficult part. First, it was a lot of prep work: I had to thoroughly clean and lightly sand all the pieces to prepare the surface. Painting bare wood requires at least 2-3 coats of primer and 2+ additional coats of gloss or satin.

Coat, not five! I had to remember that each layer was a little easier and a little faster than the last.

Update Your Staircase: How To Remove And Install Carpet On The Stairs

I’m a very good artist, but I’ve always been better with the pen than the brush, and no matter how slow I am, I still make a few mistakes. Once we got through the stairs, my edges looked jagged, so I decided to use painter’s tape. This required a lot of preparation, but time was saved when taking the picture – a useful compromise when there were five jobs. But as some good people say, it’s a tapestry

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