What To Do If Your Basement Floods

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What To Do If Your Basement Floods

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

No one is immune to the destructive power of water, no matter how hard people try to control its various entry and exit points throughout the home. Bathtub overflow. Leaking water heaters. Snow and rain… sometimes find a way inside. And however it gets in, all that water can be harmful to your home.

What To Do When Your Basement Floods

We spoke to several experts in the world of flood compensation to gather the information we wish we had known immediately after our own flood experience. With the following tips we can help you minimize the damage. We also provide preparation steps and basic information that anyone who lives, rents or generally lives in the premises should know – just in case.

For this guide, I interviewed several experts in the world of flood restoration, including Darren Hudema, who wrote the standards for IICRC, the ANSI-affiliated Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, and is now an accredited IICRC instructor. and Director of Training and Technical Services for PuroClean, a real estate emergency service franchise. Among other courses, Hudema regularly completes test houses (video) to teach technicians to apply remediation techniques and structural drying. I also spoke with Nelson Rivera, a firefighter who owns and operates three Puroclean businesses throughout New Jersey; Pete Marrero, senior restoration manager for Bluesky Restoration Contractors (formerly J.C. Restoration, a second-generation family-owned restoration company); And Justin Bowe, a contractor with 20 years of experience and owner of Bowe Construction, a company I hired to do work on my house in the past.

I also got some insights from some Wirecutter employees who have dealt with water damage and flood compensation. Especially helpful was Senior Software Engineer Eric Dulcet, who was in the process of cleaning a flooded garage (the result of heavy snowmelt) by using a shovel to pump the water as I wrote this article. I also interviewed editor Ben Froomin, who pumped several inches of water out of his basement after a rainstorm in 2021. Editor Joan Chase and senior writer Rachel Sericola weigh in on their expertise on smart home devices that can help prevent flooding.

As Wirecutter’s emergency preparedness guide editor, I researched how to protect a home from a hurricane as well as how to clean up after one, and senior editor Harry Sawyers uses a wet-dry vacuum on his Got hands drecked with firsthand testing. Clean hundreds of liters of water.

Getting Professional Flood Damage Cleanup Service

Almost everyone who lives in some type of building should consider flood preparation. So many conditions can cause indoor flooding that almost every homeowner or landlord, and even most renters, should have general plans for where flooding can occur and what to do in the event of an emergency.

While writing our guide on smart water leak detectors, we learned from the Insurance Institute that approximately one in 50 insured homes have made a claim for water damage in recent years. The data only covers 2019, so the figure does not take into account the damage caused by major freeze events, or natural flood disasters that have occurred in the past two years. However, water damage and freezing accounted for the second highest number of homeowner’s insurance claims, after wind and hail damage, according to the most recent report.

No two cases of water damage are exactly the same, but by focusing our research on a common flood situation that professionals encounter most often – an unfinished or partially finished basement that sinks an inch or needs less water to stand – we have many . of practical quick remediation strategies you can implement for similar home water emergencies, whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a novice. This knowledge is important because, as Bluesky’s Pete Marrero told us, “response time is critical when you have water damage.”

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

As with all of our emergency preparedness guides, we recommend that you absorb the information here before you find yourself in the middle of a crisis. The best way to deal with water damage is to know how to treat it in advance.

Steps To Clean Up Water In Your Basement After Flooding

When it comes to black water, for example, sewage, we recommend going with a professional instead of tackling the situation yourself. (Just make sure your professional is licensed, insured and accepted by your own insurance.) “The average homeowner doesn’t have the proper PPE to work in that environment,” says PuroClean franchise owner Nelson Rivera. “The processes and methods used for black water are completely different from clean water.

Pete Marrero agreed, but said small amounts of black water from sewer overflows could probably be handled well with the right PPE: rubber boots, N95 masks, safety glasses and rubber gloves. Be sure to thoroughly cover any open wounds and thoroughly wash yourself and any surfaces that black water touches. “You definitely want to call a professional, or at least consult with one, if the exposure area is more than 3 square meters,” he said. But also use common sense: If it smells even a little or looks particularly bad, take action and call an expert.

Water damage caused by a natural disaster such as storm water or flood water that flows into the home should always be considered dangerous black water, and the CDC recommends avoiding it altogether if you can, because knowing There is no way to tell if the Water is contaminated. If your home is flooded, you may want to wait for a professional. But this is not always possible, and when we asked that scenario in front of the experts we spoke with, to follow the steps we described to prevent damage and the possibility of microbial growth. To make sure that you all carry the same privacy. Protective equipment for waste water (as described above).

Understanding the mechanics of your home is very important. Many experts we spoke to noted the number of people they met who didn’t even know the basic inner workings of their home. Ideally, you will be able to familiarize yourself with your home’s water shutoff and switchboard location before an emergency.

Causes Of Basement Flooding

With water damage, you should know how to turn off the power to your home, although as Nelson Rivera points out, “Breakers usually trip when there is a problem. But if If you have to wade through standing water to get to your breaker and the” D ‘Power is still on, call a professional. “It can be like walking into something you know changes your hairstyle,” PuroClean’s Darren Hudema said. “It’s better to stay out without hurting yourself.”

If your home uses well water, the shutoff valve is usually on your pump tank, but for municipal water it can be almost anywhere. If you do not know where your home is, and you are not dealing with water damage in your home, see or ask a plumber to show you. Consider marking it or tying a ribbon loosely around the pipe so everyone in the house has an immediate visual reminder in case of emergency.

When wading into the water to get to the water switch valve, watch your step – the heightened anxiety and sense of urgency can cause some people to dive right in and hurt themselves. “Slip-and-falls are real,” Rivera said. Be aware of the possibilities during your cleaning process.

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

Basement water entering the home in any form, whether from heavy rain or melting snow, are events that we have seen, especially new homeowners, in the first few years after moving into a home. This sort of thing is manageable even for a single homeowner, but with the right upgrades you may be able to clean up after minor incidents, and even prevent them. You will find all the books on therapeutic methods; Green Building Consultants is a great resource. We only cover the topic in our guide to dehumidifiers, and this old home has a good guide to wet basement solutions.

How To Clean Up A Flooded Basement, Treat Mold, According To Experts

Once you’ve eliminated the source of the water, begin documenting the extent of the damage, including the source of the water, for your homeowner’s insurance claim. Most plans should cover damage caused by a burst pipe, but the amount you get depends on how well you document your damage, and Rivera recommends being as detailed as possible. “Make a whole video,” he said. “Not just pictures.”

Check your steps in cleaning and filing. The heightened anxiety and sense of urgency can cause some people to self-harm.

Flood damage caused by natural disasters is generally not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance. Federal Emergency Management Agency set

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