Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

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Are you trying to find summer wedding ideas to make your big day unforgettable? There are countless unique and stylish ways to spice up your warm-weather wedding, and we’ve compiled tons of real wedding ideas to inspire you. From spring flowers and light, fresh snacks to seasonal decorating ideas, there’s no shortage of ways to bring the best of summer to your party.

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

When it comes to planning a summer wedding, keep your guests in mind and don’t forget that you’ll be dealing with hot temperatures and UV rays. Creative cocktails — like Prosecco popsicles, sangria stalls, and edible flowers decorated with Cosmos — can help guests beat the heat.

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Quench your thirst. You can also swap the traditional wedding cake for ice cream to give your guests a sweet and delicious treat at the reception. If you’re the whimsical type, consider hiring an ice cream truck to surprise your wedding.

Once you’ve covered the food and drinks, it’s time to move on to the summer wedding decor. Consider creating shaded areas for your guests with chic umbrellas over decorative outdoor patios, or hang colorful flowers and greens that will catch your guests’ attention. Don’t forget to consider using string lights to add a nice glow to your party.

Looking for more inspiration for your late June, July, August or early September wedding? Below, discover 58 summer wedding ideas that will make for a truly spectacular day.

It all starts with invitations. Take inspiration from a tropical wedding location and choose summer invitations that feature the same flora and fauna found in your area.

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If you’re hosting your summer wedding in a remote location, it’s important to think of all the things your guests might need but won’t have access to. Pack a welcome bag with essentials such as bottled water, sweet and savory snacks, Advil, Aids, safety pins, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Help your guests fight hot flashes by giving them chic hats. For fun, make a straw party part of your summer event decor.

Summer is synonymous with fun, so instead of a traditional dinner, organize a reception by the pool or on the beach. A barefoot sand holiday is the perfect way to start the weekend.

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

Feel free to get creative with the food you serve for a summer dinner party. For example, the couple hosted a clam roast to honor the groom’s Maine roots. The texts for this event contained fun phrases with themes about the couple and the wedding decor.

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One of the biggest advantages of getting married in the summer is the warm weather. If the temperature is warm enough, hold your reception outside. After all, there’s nothing like eating outdoors during the summer.

Hosting a party at a lake or by the sea? Book a time for you and your guests to get out of the water. You can keep it casual with a small cruise or host a pre-wedding party on a larger ship.

Leave personalized beach towels in your guests’ hotel rooms so they can use them by the pool or beach all weekend long. We love how this couple planned their wedding ceremony for them.

The last thing you want to do is ask your guests to sit in the sun for hours. While we recommend keeping the time between party and party short at any time of the year, it’s especially important when the temperature rises. You should also consider tents in the reception area to block harmful rays or possible rain.

Outdoor Summer Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Plan your wedding to take place during the cooler days of the day with a sunset ceremony and an evening ceremony.

Keep your guests hydrated with a coconut water station. A tropical drink will quench your thirst, while coconuts will make a beautiful picture.

There’s a time and a place for heavy, decadent five-course meals, and your summer wedding probably isn’t. Stick to lighter dishes like fish, chicken, fresh salads and seasonal vegetables.

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

Everyone loves watermelons during the summer. Ask your supplier to cut them into small pieces and attach them to toothpicks for easy consumption. Make sure you have plenty of regular napkins on hand so things don’t get messy.

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Add a popsicle to every glass of Prosecco for the perfect summer drink. Make it photo-worthy by filling each pop with edible flowers.

Sunglasses are the perfect choice for a summer wedding. You and your guests can wear them during the ceremony and even take them home with you after the wedding.

Embrace a summer wardrobe staple by creating a one-of-a-kind clutch for your big day. This plan includes the couple’s wedding venue and their favorite places.

This summer wedding idea is essential. When choosing a wedding dress, suit or ensemble, opt for light, flowing fabrics that will help everyone stay cool.

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When it comes to your cocktails, choose light spirits blended with refreshing flavors. We suggest focusing on cucumbers, mint or berries to create light, sweet flavors.

When it’s hot outside, many people want to be bitten by the cold light. Create a delicious hour-long buffet with delicious cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables and other foods for guests to enjoy.

Not only do guests look sophisticated with a parasol in hand, but the soft umbrellas also provide protection from harsh UV rays. Give them to guests to use during the party on a hot day.

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

It is difficult for many young women to tame their hair perfectly. Add heat and humidity, and long curls or waves can turn out to be dangerous. To combat frizz and excess moisture, those with long hair should try pulling part or all of their hair off their face and neck to keep it looking fresh and perfect.

Top 10 Budget Wedding Ideas For Summer

Want your guests to be comfortable during your party? Treat fans to your shows or reserve one at each dining venue. It can double as an escort card.

A sure way to make a visual impression? A wall of flowers. Use one as an altar or add to your reception area to give guests a photo-worthy spot.

For summer weddings, skip the dark hues in favor of light, bright shades. We love neutral weddings or bold colors like bright yellows, corals or blues. Find what works best for your space, but avoid heavy tones that make everything feel warmer than it already is.

If you’re having a summer wedding, you’re probably spending part of the day outside. Make sure you have shaded areas where guests can escape the heat. A dining tent or plenty of shaded seating can serve as an escape from the scorching sun.

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Nothing says ‘cool’ like an open-air bar where guests can enjoy their drinks in the sunshine. You can decorate the bar with flowers and green wreaths or place it against a spectacular background.

When the party’s over, hop in the getaway car for your new man and head to the reception in style. Make sure the top is low so you can take great pictures and enjoy the cool atmosphere.

One of our favorite summer wedding ideas is printed floral accents. Check out these acrylic plates, which served as a cocktail menu, as well as beautiful floral details.

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

Your guests will thank you with these summer-inspired appetizers. Think of all the things you love to eat in your backyard in June, July, and August: hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, and other grill favorites. Now, let your customer lift their nose to their meal.

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Who doesn’t like a refreshing margarita when summer arrives? Serve these adorable mini margaritas during your meal and guests will be transported to the beach in no time.

Of course we love acklek ideas for summer weddings. Ask your bartender or bartender to find everyone’s favorite summer wine – rosé – to make this fun, boozy drink. These push-pop style slushies are easy.

On hot summer days, it’s a good idea to give your wedding guests insect repellent to protect them from harmful mosquitoes. Fill a wooden box with a few bottles of repellent and place it on a table near the entrance to the wedding reception. Add a nice sign to ensure visitors don’t miss this important station.

Balloons aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties. They are also fun and summer items for wedding decorations. Stick to white balloons to keep the color palette clean and sophisticated, or use all the colors in the rainbow.

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Summer is all about seafood. If you’re hosting a summer beach wedding, try to find fresh local oysters for your guests to enjoy during mealtime.

If you’re planning a wedding at a resort or a private residence, see if you can host your wedding by the pool. Nothing says a summer wedding like a sparkling blue pool.

Did I convince you that you can shoot in the pool? Throw some pool water into the water to play with the decor.

Wedding Ideas For Summer On A Budget

Provide fun things for guests to do besides dancing. summer in the garden

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