Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

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Looking for a way to live large in your small bedroom? The secret is in your storage solutions! We’ve put together 20 small bedroom storage ideas that will make organizing your bedroom a breeze. Dual-purpose furniture is an unexpected way to make the most of any space, and our secret storage ideas will help you decorate your room with a purpose.

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

Make the most of limited closet space by investing in smart storage solutions like a hanging shelf, stackable shoe racks and accessory baskets.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Dual purpose furniture is the best way to save space in a small room. The desk easily doubles as a bedside table when topped with fresh flowers and a pretty lamp.

Place a sofa covered with pillows and cushions in the corner of the window for a dreamy reading spot.

Frame your bed with shelves to gain storage and display space for all your favorite books, photos and collections.

Add extra pillows and blankets – really anything! – on a storage bench at the foot of your bed to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Bedroom Shelf Ideas

No room for a traditional nightstand in your small bedroom? Install a shelf and you have enough space for a lamp and a good book.

Turn an unused bedroom corner into a mini dressing room by installing a painted drawer, vintage mirror and a few lamps on your wall.

If you’re determined to have a drawer next to your bed, fill a closed corner with a narrow nightstand like this one from Ikea.

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

When space is limited, some items must do double duty. Example: the wardrobe door becomes an organizational tool thanks to hangers and hooks for bags, shoes and accessories.

Cheap And Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Place a workstation in the closet and close it so that work is out of sight and out of mind in the evenings and on weekends.

Double the drawer space by using a dresser as a nightstand where you can store clothes, bedding and extra blankets.

Underbed storage can be beautiful and functional in a small bedroom. Woven plugs are a transparent design element and are perfect for storing winter sweaters, old textbooks or your collection of extension cords.

Unused bedroom wall space is the perfect place to get to work when you place a vintage desk chair under a drop-top table.

Apartment Decor Ideas For Small Spaces That Wow

At night, the Murphy bed comes down for sweet, sweet sleep. Flip it during the day and reclaim some space to practice your dance routine.

Out of the closet? Invest in a wardrobe with cabinets, drawers and shelves to create the perfect makeshift wardrobe.

When placed correctly, a bookcase can do double duty as a headboard and storage space for books, trinkets and more.

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

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Bedroom Storage Hacks

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Our Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Top 10 Kitchen Cabinetry Trends for 2023 Shop Miranda Lambert’s Walmart Home Collection The Old Money Decorating Guide Got a small room? If you’re looking for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, you’re in luck! I’ve collected some of my favorite small bedroom ideas here! From small bedroom furniture to storage ideas, you’ll love all of these great ideas for your small bedroom.

Bedrooms, especially master bedrooms, are often the last place we focus on when decorating or renovating our home. No?

Budget Friendly Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

I think it’s probably because we tend to prioritize other parts of the house that are more visible to guests.

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We are starting to think about some updates we can do to our master bedroom, which is a relatively small bedroom.

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

Naturally, I dream about DIY projects and look for ideas for small rooms. I definitely want to keep things economical, which requires planning.

Simple Storage Ideas For Small Spaces On A Budget

Do you also have a small bedroom? If you’re also looking for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, you’re in luck! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ideas I’ve found so far!

I love how she incorporated vintage decor into this guest room, which is always a great way to stay on a budget. I love vintage recipe cards that are framed for cheap art.

To make the artwork meaningful, use large masked gallery windows to match the art. You can use vintage prints, free printable graphics, or pages from a vintage magazine or newspaper to achieve this look in your room.

Adding vintage decor and elements is a great way to create a beautiful bedroom with a lived-in feel. Going to the flea market is your favorite way to find farmhouse decor!

Small Guest Room Ideas That Are Larger Than Life

If you find something interesting, think of ways to reuse it and reuse it in a new way, like the vintage chair used as a nightstand here.

This DIY recycling project is awesome! Take an old thrift room divider and repurpose it as a feature in this small bedroom behind the nightstands as a backdrop for the lights (also made from a thrift store find!). You have to see it coming!

Amanda does a great job of taking advantage of the vertical wall space by incorporating wall-mounted lights above the nightstands. This sure saves space in a small room! This is one of the best tips for smaller rooms!

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

In our small bedroom, we needed an elegant bedside table and were on a tight budget, so we recycled old bar stools and turned them into local bedside tables.

Kids Room Storage & Organization Ideas For Toys, Clothes, & More!

It was a simple project that consisted of painting the bar stools white and adding planks to the steps. I loved this project!

Speaking of DIY nightstands, you have to check out the super cute idea in this farmhouse master bedroom. She used a vintage wooden ladder and it turned out great!

All I had to do was cut some pieces of wood I could find on the steps of the stairs to make planks. It’s a really simple game, isn’t it?

If you’re REALLY short on space in your small bedroom, you can make this simple DIY nightstand with a few shelves and a lamp. It doesn’t take up much space. Pretty simple, right?

Small Bedroom Ideas That Make The Most Of Every Square Inch

Using reclaimed pallet wood for your bedroom furniture is a great way to save money when looking for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget.

We can get all that pallet lumber for free! Learn how we made this bed (headboard and bed frame)! By making your own furniture, you can let your personality shine through.

Do you like the boho look of cane and wicker in the furniture? Build this easy DIY stick headboard to get the look! We mounted it directly on the wall when we were done. We even created a matching wicker bedside table to give the room a cohesive look.

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

If you don’t have much space to open a door in a small room, you should include a sliding door. We added a fun geometric design to this one to really make it a focal point in our bedroom.

How To Create A Closet In A Small Space

If you’re looking for small bedroom furniture ideas that you can make on the cheap, you’ll love this DIY. She made this wooden headboard for only $70, can you believe it?

I love this easy and super cheap DIY phone charging station. One of my favorite parts is that it is wall mounted, allowing you to save space in your small bedroom.

Although the phone is a small object, it can take up valuable space on your bedside table. Small is important here to save space!

Painting furniture is ALWAYS a great way to save money! You’d be surprised how this one comes out with just a simple coat of paint and new furniture legs. Painting your furniture a bright color is one of the best ways to make a small area look bigger.

Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

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I love making DIY wall art to save money around the house. I made this with leftover shiplap we had lying around and a custom template from my Silhouette Cameo.

This room is full of inexpensive DIY and great storage ideas. I love the pendant lights, the sliding closet door, and the storage ottoman at the bottom of the bed that she uses to store extra clothes (which eliminates the need for a dresser to create more desk space).

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

She also created her own art to rise above the bed with a small fabric garland in a low frame.

Beautiful Small Bedroom Decor Ideas For Maximizing Space


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