Small Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget

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Jamie McKee was the True Wedding Editor from 2013-2015. She has worked as a luxury wedding planner and has produced over 100 luxury weddings and events in Colorado.

Small Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget

Small Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget

Worried about gathering 200 “close people” for your wedding? It may have crossed your mind, but it’s not the only way to get out of the mess. Instead, it includes everything you need for your wedding. 10 guests, maximum 20 (your

Beautiful Budget Wedding Ideas

By making your event more comfortable and intimate, you’ll love where your money went and you’ll have the opportunity to create great memories with all of your guests. But it’s not just about reducing the guest list. There are plans to change, details to consider, and a budget to match.

A small wedding is ideal as long as the guest list is as small as possible. “Go through short messages and phone calls, and only invite people you’ve spoken to in the last three months,” says Joe Meyer of Joe Meyer Events. “We talk to the most important people, and it’s nothing.” “Thinking about how close your venue is will help you feel comfortable with the people you’ll be with on your wedding day,” says Aria and Nick of Valley & Company Events. Barre pointed out.

If you don’t have a lot of guests on your list, it’s easier to send out handwritten invitations with nice handwriting than to print out hundreds of letters. Alternatively, you can skip formal invitations and choose to call each guest instead.

Of course, everyone wants to know that you’re married. Consider sending wedding invitations or handwritten notes to those not on your guest list. “Make a list of people you want to know about the big news, then send out the wedding announcement,” says Luke Wilson of Luke Wilson Events.

Affordable Wedding Venues In California

A small guest list means it’s a good place to choose a non-traditional venue, and the restaurant fits the bill. “It’s a one-stop shop, it has everything you need in one place,” says Meyer. Think of a place you and your partner like to hang out with. Restaurants often have decor restrictions, so make sure you like everything from the style and menu to the contemporary decor.

Consider using your parent’s backyard as a relaxing space. “Events with a lot of house guests can be difficult, but it works great for a small group,” says Wilson. “I love the feeling of intimacy in a place that is meaningful to a couple.”

A selection of Airbnb accommodations tailored to your needs. Tiffany Rivera of Simple Breezes suggests thinking about a beautiful private home. This way, you can move between venues and make your wedding day as efficient as possible.

Small Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget

Contact your chosen Airbnb host before booking. Some properties do not allow parties such as weddings.

Stunning Small Wedding Ideas On A Budget For 2023 Trends

Traditional venues have many unexpected spaces that are perfect for small celebrations. “Think about spaces that are often overlooked, like the library of a great historic home,” says Frances Dorman, 42, of North. Squares, theaters and small galleries are also good options.

If you are planning a small wedding at a large venue, seating arrangements may be available for your ceremony and reception. “It’s really fun to make a large space feel intimate, because there’s an opportunity to be very creative with seating and table arrangements, adding a lounge, creative bars, food stations, etc.,” says Meyer. “Consider an oversized round table for 20 people to fill more space, or host a dinner party, or vice versa, avoid the normal use of the space. “Considering a combination of methods.”

Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding, weekend celebration, or intimate evening party, welcome boxes are perfect for setting up a small guest list. Combine influences that you and your partner love or have at your wedding venue.

Don’t forget to keep your wedding agenda in mind, no matter the size. “Whether the wedding is big or small, every detail is handled with care, and the perfect timeline provides a framework that helps tell the story,” Nick and Aria Vallee explain.

Small Backyard Weddings That Prove Home Is Where The Heart Is

The days of wedding planners and coordinators aren’t just limited to big weddings. “It’s also a good idea to hire a wedding planner, even if it’s just coordinating the day,” says Rivera. “Instead of worrying about whether or not you’ve had too much to drink, you want someone to enjoy your day.”

When deciding on details and activities, decide what is important to you and your partner and skip what is not. “Many couples choose to leave out some of the traditional dancing at smaller weddings,” says Nick and Aria Vallee. “Know the crowd and make it an event that everyone enjoys, or if your loved one likes to dance, put it on your schedule.”

If you like to dance, you might want to run to a live band, but keep in mind the size of the band. “If you have as many players in your group as the number of final guests, it can be overwhelming,” says Wilson. Instead, a small group of musicians are invited to perform special dances for the crowd on stage.”

Small Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget

Great photography is a big investment no matter how many guests are in attendance, but a small guest list increases your chances of capturing emotional moments. “When there are several people at the table, guests can really relax and create an intimate atmosphere,” explains Dorman. “Hire a photographer you trust to capture the laughs, the tears and the glasses, because those are the moments you’ll cherish the most.”

Affordable Wedding Food Ideas

Creating an elaborate presentation display is a fun way to invite guests to your big day. “Let’s move on to the extraordinary,” Meyer said. You can choose an additional display that doubles as a handwritten notepad and souvenir.

Small weddings allow you to pay more attention to details. “Each item can be made to the smallest detail,” says Meyer. “Remember to design the space, not just the table, but lighting, plants, fabrics, anything that creates atmosphere.”

Think of ways to get guests to interact. “Guests tend to sit down instead of cutting the rug, so create a place where everyone can relax after dinner,” says Wilson. It’s also a great place for cocktail hour.

If you are not catering for a large group, there is room to add a detailed menu. Whether you’re looking for a 7-course meal with wine pairings, an elaborate buffet, or a fun food truck stop, the options for your small wedding are endless. “If you have a small team, you can really fine-tune every detail,” says Meyer.

Budget Friendly Outdoor Wedding Ideas

A long table is a great way to get everyone involved. For small groups, it’s easy to say goodbye to traditional round tables set up indoors. “It makes everyone feel like family,” Wilson said.

Depending on your space, a U-shaped table setting may be a great way to encourage conversation over dinner. This is a great way to make your guests feel connected to your space.

If you’re having a sit-down meal, set a truly elegant place setting for each guest. This is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your energy. However, you need to make sure that it also has basic features. Nick and Aria told Valley to “make sure guests have plenty of space and easy access to essentials (water, wine, dishes).”

Small Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget

Place cards have a lot of room for customization, and the fewer guests you have on your list, the less you have to create or purchase. Choose a personal touch for each guest with a personalized place card. Make it more special by writing something related to your wedding theme.

Easy Wedding Décor Ideas That Make Big Statements

You may find you have more room in your flower budget than you thought. How about going big with statement events? Nick and Aria Valley created a dazzling display by covering the table with low, rich flowers and drapes.

Don’t be afraid to go all out and show off your amazing tablescape. Adding accessories like thick tables and purpose-built glassware will give it a more relaxed and intimate feel.

Small weddings give guests a chance to talk and interact with each other.

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