Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget – The half bath has become one of my favorite little spaces in the house. At first, we were going to leave it as is, but at the last minute we decided it needed to be refined. We were able to do some inexpensive upgrades that really improved the space.

Nothing wrong with that, but nothing special either! I really like the original tiles and felt it would be a crime to remove them. It just lacked spice! !

Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

I searched for HOURS of pictures and nothing. Do you know how hard it is to find an 18 inch vanity that looks semi-decent?! Almost impossible!

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I ended up getting this vanity and the price was budget enough to replace the faucet with this beauty and change the knob. To be honest, the faucet was beyond useless :/ but I guess that’s what it took to take it to the next level.

Side note – I’m crushing polished nickel hard right now. I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I think I could design my next home’s kitchen with polished nickel. From a fan of solid gold/brass, this is a great statement ;).

And then the wallpaper… WALLPAPER! loveeeee. In March, I went through all the wall samples, trying to find the perfect one. I asked everyone on Instagram Stories to vote between these three…

I loved them all, but in the end I chose the best. The house is almost 100 years old, the walls have

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Too many designs for them. I thought the wood company would do an amazing job of hiding the texture!

I have wallpaper from a new company called Spoonflower. I am very pleased with the quality and would definitely recommend. They all have different designs, but I chose traditional pebbles.

These Amazon kitchen organizers will definitely make it easier to find what you need in the kitchen. If there’s one thing I love, it’s cleanliness. off. We fully agree and bet

Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

On the move after months of planning. Also, we have had problems with the drain pipe for years and when we opened the wall we quickly found out why! Let’s dive into our wardrobe and look at ideas for small bathrooms.

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This little bathroom makeover is one of my favorites! I love how this room is now connected to the rest of our home and I’m excited to partner with Benjamin Moore to share the details of how we transformed our bathroom to inspire beauty and create a peaceful space without feeling overwhelming. I will share what we did each day and share our 5 great ideas for small bathrooms with before and after photos! Hint: it has some painting tips and I can’t wait to talk about the color palette we picked from Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2021 Palette. Read on to find out!

This work has been on our minds since we came in and we planned it carefully before starting the work. Here is my design guide, style and guide if you missed it you can apply for many different small bathroom ideas.

You can also read more about the history of our old toilet 45″ x 77″ here.

This remodel was completely done by us, which we thought was good to have full control of the system after experiencing delays in our bathroom while working with subcontractors. Since Brian works full time, he would assign tasks every evening to ensure they were completed on time and without delay. Let me walk you through the days that can help you tackle the same small bathroom project!

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When he opened the wall, Brian saw that parts of the pipe had rotted away from the excess dirt, which explained the drainage problems and the foul smell. So he cut out the middle section to replace it with a new PVC pipe. Then he tore down the long wall a little, because it was not straight;

Tip: Brian used a long straight line and measured the distance from the wall to the horizontal to determine where to plaster the wall to make it straight.

We wanted to raise the foundations of a simple room, and finishing the walls is a good way to do that. *As you can see, we removed the toilet for a more convenient working area. We ran into an issue with the right side panel and found that one side of the long wall also needed feathers, making the panel that Brian had cut to make this area shorter.

Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Panel Tip: Overall, this process shouldn’t be difficult unless you have uneven walls like we do. Just remember to measure twice to check exactly where you need to cut the holes in the panels so that the pipes, electrical box and holes are flush with the wall.

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Brian had serious problems with the establishment of skirting boards. He accidentally broke a small piece of wood while removing it but thought there was plenty of this piece in our garage. He didn’t realize that the designs were different until he cut them all apart and went to put the last piece! It wouldn’t be too bad if we could find other pages with the same design, but we didn’t find any. So the work was just to paint the walls + ceiling.

If you’re thinking about painting the space, be sure to check out Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color palette. Complete with 12 warm, sun-baked shades to create a warm ambience in any space. I’m still happy with the color we chose for this place. While this rebuild was not easy, painting was the easiest part of the transformation.

We bought all new skirting boards because we couldn’t find the exact same design anywhere. It meant that Brian had to start cutting again, repairing the welds and putting in new ones.

It took us a day longer than expected to finish the renovation, but we did it in a week, even with all the curved edges! We love all the details for this little bathroom makeover! Before I share the before and after photos, here are FIVE BIG LITTLE TIPS FOR YOU TO THINK ABOUT:

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We hope that sharing our experience will inspire you to dare to renovate your small bathroom! Here are the before and after photos of our favorite dressing table, which shows that there is potential in every space, no matter the size!

We still need to find a towel rack, a toilet paper holder, an old carpet and something to do with a long, empty wall. Some of these steps may take time as many of our projects are never completed immediately. But the bones of peace are ready and I can’t help but smile every time I pass this beautiful house. I hope you enjoyed browsing and exploring these small bathroom ideas! I would love to know if you will try any of these design ideas in your bathroom. Thanks for always being there!

Looking for the latest version of our half bath? Discover our bathroom here. Many small bathroom design ideas are also listed. And if you just enjoy seeing before and after bathroom pictures, you can read more about our bathroom remodel here.

Small Half Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

I have a deep love for design and a constant drive to make a home a little more beautiful. From interior design to product design, my experience spans over 13 years in the industry. Here you will find design inspiration and space planning, DIY guides, behind the scenes of our projects as well as findings and product reviews. Doable and ambitious ideas to unleash your creativity while dreaming big. I look forward to meeting you!

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Friday Friday: A list of the most desirable states to live in based on my research + four other things that come to mind, plus the 100 room challenge to fix my basement bathroom.

Of course, a bedroom makeover is not the only way to start the year well, and I have considered several other options. For example, I briefly considered doing yoga, but after two seconds of deep thought, I decided not to.

There’s evil in my house and all that

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