Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs – Simplicity, functionality and a sense of nostalgia: a country house is a style that takes you away from the often impersonal chaos that surrounds us in modern homes. It’s not about more of the same. Inspired by a time when bathrooms were not part of the main house! And when they entered, it was an empty room that often became a bathroom. In this sense, the farmhouse-style bathrooms certainly have certain elements of their origin. However, combining them with modern activities gives the best results.

Modern farmhouse-style bathrooms have become very popular in the last decade, with a big trend towards more rustic design elements. The style has also seen changes that make it fit well with smaller homes around the world. A small farmhouse bathroom feels fresh, vibrant, and almost an escape from “more of the same.” That said, let’s take a look at what makes a farmhouse bathroom beautiful, along with 20 great ideas and inspiration.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

If you are still not sure about trying wood in the bathroom, we assure you that now is the time to act; At last! The wood and white look has been popular for some time and bathroom wood is more durable than you think. With the right finish, these wooden surfaces can give your small bathroom an authentic farmhouse feel. Whether you choose to go all out with hardwood floors, tone down a custom wood accent, or just want to add some wood elements to the mix, this is sure to add to the farmhouse appeal of your home.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For A Clean, Updated Look

The herringbone arrangement of white tiles on the back creates a unique appeal in this bathroom [by Jim Boles Custom Homes]

A small wood and white bathroom with a mosaic floor and a vanity that offers plenty of storage space [From: Home Styling Hamburg]

Beach and cottage styles come together in a small, chic corner bathroom [From: Morey Remodeling Group]

Yes, modern functionality still has a place in the farmhouse bathroom. But what you want to focus on is the feeling the style brings to the home. And few achieve this as well as renovated decor or worn-out pieces that have been given new life. Instead of an under-sink vanity, consider adding a pedestal sink and a salvaged vintage cabinet next to it for a much more authentic farmhouse appeal. Placing them in the corner will add freshness to the small bathroom, while painted fixtures in the bathroom and an old wooden panel in the background complete the look.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas (with Inspiring Photos)

Painted tile on the floor brings a dark gray and white pattern to the small bathroom [by Judith Balis Interiors]

The clawfoot tub is the centerpiece of every farmhouse style bathroom and finds a place in even the smallest of bathrooms as it can be easily placed almost anywhere. If you can find one in a bright color and match it with the color scheme of the bathroom, even better! Add a custom wood corner vanity and finish with the perfect vintage sconce light just above. Patterned tiles, textured walls and a bit of retro magic should complete the bathroom of your dream home. Keep in mind, however, that since we have a small space that is already too much, it is better to leave out unnecessary accessories and stick to what is really needed here.

Classic Freestanding Tub in Red is Perfect for a White Farmhouse Bathroom [from Hi Tech Projects]

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Sherry is a blogger who loves living her life to the fullest. She loves everything about design, decoration and stylish modern trends. Sherry was born in California, and raised on open farms and in the countryside; this defined his taste in design and developed his interest in exploring how buildings and houses interact with beauty […] One of our favorite areas. The house I might want to hide in to escape is our cozy bathroom at the Farm. It gives me that cozy, peaceful farm vibe. I share our details and resources with many questions about our bathroom.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Bathrooms You Will Love

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I love character bathrooms! When I came across these distressed farmhouse mirrors, it was love at first sight and immediately the whole bathroom was designed around them. I even told my husband I wanted to take them with me when we moved one day.. they love us so much. They are truly the statement pieces of the room.

I chose wall sconces instead of vanity lamps. I wanted something simple that wouldn’t distract from the mirror, but needed contrast to bring out the distraction of the mirrors. Unfortunately, my appliques are discontinued, but I found several similar options here , here , and here .

For a ceiling fixture. I wanted something simple and this necklace did the trick. It added some texture to the top without being overwhelming.

Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

I wanted something simple but timeless and classic. For our main shower tile, I choose to go with the taller subway tile so there are fewer join lines and also the shower looks bigger than the smaller squares. and accent marble in a larger hexagon for the floor

The grout is grout without sand. We used it without sand because I wanted a small grout line. Delorean gray color

We currently do not have a shower tray and we are asked if there is too much shower everywhere. Even when my husband is 183, the only place is at the door and we always throw down a towel before entering. I am thinking of adding glass to keep the temperature inside. So this could be an addition soon.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Something I already knew when I was planning our bathroom, I wanted a freestanding bathtub. I wanted one with baseboards because it breaks up the farmhouse design.

Our Best Farmhouse Bathrooms

These can be quite expensive, but I found this one to come with a nice faucet at a good price. It is very heavy as it is made of cast iron. I have had questions about rust and have NEVER had this problem and would definitely buy again.

I prefer chrome for our sink faucets. I love this Victorian design and the vintage looking handles

The floor in our bathroom is the same wood as in our whole house. It is a specially designed wood called BPI Countryside and its color is suede. I wanted a warm tone to add contrast so it wouldn’t look cold and stark in our bathroom.

Our cabinets are custom made and Sherwin Williams Stonington Gray is the same color as our kitchen island. I had a moment where they were delivered. I tried the color in the kitchen but not in the bathroom and had a baby blue moment when they brought them into the bathroom. So lighting is everything! Luckily I like the color blue and it was perfect because it broke up all the white in our bathroom.

Cozy And Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Our counters are Carrera Mable and I love them. We had no problem using marble in the bathroom and they definitely have a more minimalist and classic look.

This is the largest bathroom we have built and I love the size of it. Approximate dimensions of our bathroom are 11’9″ x 14’9″, not including closet space

You know when you go shopping and find the best items instead of searching for that special item and nowhere to find it? Well… Not looking for anything in particular, I went to a local antique shop and came across these. They came from an old house in the center of our village, and they had thick white paint. They were the first thing bought for the house and they didn’t know where to go until the rock slab went up and then it occurred to me that the bathroom was the perfect place. Since these doors are longer than our standard doors, the husband had to cut and rebuild the door to fit. Also.. We sanded them down to the raw wood, it was a ton of work, but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Of all the bathroom trends, farmhouse-inspired designs are easily the coziest and most intimate. It shows simpler times about sweet colors, vivid look and unique materials, etc

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

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