Small Country Bathroom Ideas

Small Country Bathroom Ideas – Simplicity, functionality and an undeniable sense of nostalgia – the country house is a style that separates us from the often latent crowd that surrounds us in modern homes. It’s not about the same. It takes its inspiration from when the bathroom wasn’t part of the main house! And once they entered the enclosed space, there was often an additional room that became a bathroom. In this sense, farmhouse-style bathrooms must have elements that are unique to their origin. However, their combination with modern functionality gives the best results.

Modern farmhouse style bathrooms have grown in popularity over the last decade with a distinct shift towards more rustic design elements. The style has also seen adaptations that have ensured it fits well into more common homes around the world. A small farmhouse bathroom feels fresh, revitalized, and almost like an escape from “the same.” With that, let’s see what makes a beautiful small farmhouse bathroom with 20 great ideas and inspirations –

Small Country Bathroom Ideas

Small Country Bathroom Ideas

If you are still not sure about the wooden box in the bathroom, we assure you that now is the time to get on board; Finally! The wood and white look has been popular for a while now, and wood in the bathroom is more durable than you might imagine. With the right finish, these wooden surfaces can give your small bathroom an authentic farmhouse feel. Whether you opt for an all-wood backsplash, go slow with a custom wood vanity, or add some wood elements to the mix, you’re sure to add charm to a farmhouse bathroom.

Country Style Primary Bathroom Ideas (photos)

A white tile backsplash creates a unique charm in this bathroom [via: Jim Balls Custom Homes]

A small wood and white bathroom with a terrazzo floor and toilet that offers plenty of storage space [via: Home Styling Hamburg]

Beach and farmhouse styles come together in a small bathroom with a corner vanity [via: Morey Remodeling Group]

Yes, modern functionality still has its place in the farmhouse bathroom. But what you want to focus on is the aesthetics that drive style. And some of them complete this task, as well as remodeling or finishing pieces that have been given new life. Instead of a simple under-sink vanity, consider adding a pedestal sink and old, refurbished cabinets next to it for a more authentic farmhouse appeal. Placed in a corner, it saves a special space in a small bathroom, while a touch of antique wood paneling in the painted bathroom and background completes the look.

English Country Bathroom Designs To Inspire You

Painted tile floors bring pattern to a small bathroom in dark gray and white [by: Judith Balis Interiors]

A clawfoot tub is the centerpiece of any large farmhouse-style bathroom and can find its place in even the smallest of bathrooms because it can be placed almost anywhere. If you can find a bright color that works with the bathroom’s color scheme, even better! Add a custom wood corner case and top it all off with the perfect vintage sconce lighting above. Patterned floor tiles, textured walls and a little reclaimed magic here and there will complete your dream farmhouse bathroom. Remember that since we already have a small space with a lot of things, it’s best to put the unnecessary things away and stick to the essentials.

A red vintage freestanding tub is perfect for a small farmhouse-style white bathroom [via: Hi-Tech Projects]

Small Country Bathroom Ideas

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Homely Rustic Bathroom Ideas To Warm You Up This Winter

As design enthusiasts, we know we shouldn’t play favorites – however, the bathroom is definitely our happy place. (A room entirely dedicated to relaxation and pampering? Yes, please.) Each bathroom is dressed up to the nines, and if you want to add a little

For you, you can think of French country style. Equal parts luxurious and rustic, the French country bathroom practically begs you to kick back and relax.

So how do you bring this unique style to your space? Read on for 17 beautiful French bathroom ideas. From small changes or major transformations, there is something for everyone.

This basic bathroom from My Chic Obsession proves that a little creativity can go a long way. Here, blogger Caroline Arentson transforms a chic table into a stylish sink. Ornate details and natural wood finishes create a happy balance between luxury and country.

Small Bathroom Remodels Done With Budget Friendly Ideas

There’s something about the small, hexagonal tiles that instantly transport you to an intimate bistro near the Champs Elysées. If you want to bring this great design trick into the country, add a sweet floor with tiled surfaces, a stylish clawfoot tub and a coffered ceiling. Nesting with grace blogger Brooke Kristen has mastered the look for this peaceful setup.

When it comes to bathroom hardware that exudes a luxurious, French attitude, you can’t go wrong with brass. But if you want to make this standout metal more farm-friendly, pair it with cozy details.

Here, blogger Alyssa Bovino adds a tinge of green, tempting mincemeat and sweet scones to the mix. Surrounded by monogrammed towels, this French country bathroom looks like a five-star hotel

Small Country Bathroom Ideas

Does it get more French than a beautiful clawfoot tub? Of course not, which is why this is the ultimate French country bathroom idea. Cathy Hong brings a mix of country with a wooden staircase and paneled walls.

Beautiful White Bathrooms

If you want to make your luxury soaking tub even more luxurious, consider pairing it with some strategically placed tiles. The print set used in this space by Lisa Gilmore brings the privacy screen to life, which

Another way to elevate your claw-foot tub is to pack in rich touches like a bronze finish or carved legs. Let this sophisticated setup by Austin-based interior designer Erin Williamson show you how.

A classy iteration knows no bounds and, as this blazer home option proves, it can really bring those French lands front and center. We especially love this floral wallpaper with the light green millwork and vintage vanity.

Just like an elegant chandelier. This European element is given a rustic edge by Victoria Bell with the beaded elements in this space.

Vintage Cottage Bathroom Renovation

If you want to keep the “country” in your French country bathroom ideas, use some natural wood tones. If you need inspiration, look no further than this area from Stephanie Hoey Interiors. Paired with sweet floral wallpaper, the light wood vanity will transport you to a beautiful Provence cottage.

What is all black, white and chic? This French country bathroom idea from Ashley Montgomery. The high-contrast color palette is unmistakably European – especially when paired with a clawfoot tub – while the varied textures don’t make the space feel sterile.

Speaking of creating contrast, you can always reimagine the energy mix by making black the main color. Interior designer Katie Leclerc spiced up the look with white vanities and marble countertops.

Small Country Bathroom Ideas

Anyone who says beauty is in the eye of the beholder must be talking about art. If you want to bring a little trellis to your bathroom, we give you full permission to add some of your best pieces here. Here, Katie Leclerc uses ornate frames to house simple sketches. The result? A perfect blend of rustic and royal.

French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration

One of the best parts about French country spaces is that they’re full of chic yet elegant touches. If your space is lacking in sweet treats, consider adding some built-ins to your bathroom. Let this JK interior living space serve as the perfect inspiration.

Of course, there’s more to a French country bathroom than a luxurious ambiance. Some of the best locations have conflicting content that somehow works together seamlessly. With wood paneling, marble sinks and brass accents, Kate Marker has done it in style.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with symmetry. Matching sinks, mirrors and shaded sconces create an understated elegance in this French country bathroom from Brit Design Studio. (Not to mention the symmetrical print that draws the eye directly to that gorgeous tub.)

Looking for an easy way to bring a French country feel to any bathroom? Just add a mirror. In this Braxton Cole space, the ultra-ornate mirror complements even the modern wallpaper

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

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