Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget – A deck is a great addition to the backyard. Not only will this increase the value of your home, but it will also encourage the outdoors and expand your living space exponentially.

A traditional deck is usually made of wood or a composite deck made of natural wood and plastic. Both materials have pros and cons, and your choice may come down to personal preference, budget, and level of maintenance required.

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

In this article, we will discuss some budget ideas for upgrading your deck, the most common deck types, and some decking options.

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First, let’s dive into some simple backyard deck ideas on a budget, many of which can be great DIY projects you can tackle in a weekend.

If you already have an existing deck, there are a few things you can do to upgrade your deck that will help you save money in the long run.

Wood decks can last a long time, especially if you take care of them. There are a few things you can look at to see if it’s time to repair a section of your deck, and if you see early rot or damage, you can replace the section itself.

The thing to check for are soft spots on the deck. This may mean that the wood is rotten.

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Pay close attention to your fences and posts. Fencing is an important feature in keeping your backyard deck safe.

Also, keep an eye out for insect damage and address preventable problems before they get out of control.

Power washing is a very satisfying way to clean your patio quickly. Check the best pressure for your deck type. For example, softwoods such as cedar or pine are generally recommended for power washing at 500-600 psi. For hardwoods, it can go as high as 1,200 to 1,500 psi.

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

Give your entire outdoor space a new look by updating the landscaping around your deck. Proper landscaping can transform an outdoor space. Good landscaping not only looks good, but also improves the value of your property and encourages you to use your outdoor space more often.

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A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to a deck. Whether you start fresh, paint or plaster, paint and color can really change the look and feel of a simple front porch.

Think of your deck as an outdoor space and decorate accordingly. Add cushions and hanging planters for a pop of color. Use ceiling lights to keep the game going when the sun goes down. Arrange your seats in perfect, conversational order.

Shade is important for any area you use frequently. It can be as simple as installing the perfect awning, or as creative as placing a shade sail over a small deck or grilling area, or adding an attached awning to your home. Install a pergola screen or overhead pergola that provides side curtains that you can pull to keep out prying eyes.

Outdoor rugs can make a statement and/or make a small patio area look very cozy. An outdoor rug can also define how you want to use the space by placing living rooms, paths and borders. They are perfect for small decks with limited space.

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A backyard kitchen is a fun feature that the whole family can enjoy. It can be as simple as a DIY portable fire pit from your local hardware store to a propane fire pit table.

Landscape lighting plays a big role in the feel of an outdoor space. Proper lighting emphasizes features (hard and soft terrain) and sets the mood. This is an important part of making your garden safe. Lighting should be on stairs, steps or entrances and exits.

Sometimes a privacy fence is an overlooked feature and blends into its surroundings. Other than that, it can enhance the look and feel of your design. A great horizontal fence can be the perfect modern touch. Or a decorative picket fence can be the perfect compliment to an English garden.

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

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Top Low Budget Floating Deck Ideas

First, if you are building a new deck, you need to carefully consider what dimensions will fit your space. Size and scale are just as important outside as inside your home.

You’ll also want to think about the features of your yard, including where you want the deck to be. Consider who is using the deck and what the optimal location is. It needs to be moved from the kitchen for easy access. Or you have a beautiful garden and a floating deck in the back corner is the perfect place for a new living space.

Carefully consider the specific materials you use. The materials that will work best for you will depend on your climate, budget and care. When it comes to budgeting we love DIY projects, they are a great way to cut costs and experience the benefits of building something yourself.

Finally, you’ll want to do some research and find out if you need a permit to build or renovate your deck before you begin.

The Best Budget Friendly Backyard Deck Ideas

There are several different options that you can consider. Each has pros and cons and depends on your property, needs and budget.

Multi-level decks are a great idea if you have a sloping yard or live in a duplex with a kitchen and/or living room on the second floor. It’s often not the cheapest option because it involves stairs, but it’s a great way to add fun areas.

A floating deck is a freestanding deck that sits somewhere on your property, such as an island, but is not attached to your home. A floating deck can be used to create a special additional living space, be it a fire pit, separate dining area or lounge to create a true backyard oasis.

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

With this option, you need to make sure you add landscaping so it has a purpose and blends seamlessly into your yard.

Small Deck Ideas: 31 Budget Decking Designs For Tiny Gardens

A wraparound deck covers at least two sides of your home. Depending on your property, this can be a very practical type of deck. Often access to the deck can be on the side of the house and then back to the backyard.

An all-time favorite, a roof deck can be on top of a house, garage or other structure and often offers great views. With this option, you need to invest in safety features because they are not on the ground. All handrails, stairs and access points should be inspected regularly.

If you’re not ready to commit to your backyard deck, you have other options. Some of our favorites include:

A simple brick patio is something you can do yourself. It’s easy, doesn’t have to be expensive, and is great for a small garden.

Small Backyard Deck Ideas You’ll Love

Poured concrete is one of the cheapest fencing options. A simple concrete patio is a good choice and you can dress it up with the right outdoor furniture, planters and decor.

It is inexpensive and low maintenance, eliminating the need to clear debris and sometimes reclaim gravel. Gravel walls are very popular in Southwestern and modern landscaping and have a beautifully polished appearance. For some uniqueness and personality, you can add concrete tiles.

Wood chips can be another budget option, but they can be messy and therefore not ideal for a large area of ​​use. However, if you have a quiet sitting area in the corner of your house or garden, they can be a good soft option for a limited outdoor area.

Small Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

Tilly’s easy online landscape design has been adopted by homeowners across the country and Canada. Tilly designs front yards, backyards, or your entire property. We will connect you with a professional landscaper who knows your area.

Floating Deck Ideas Perfect For Big Or Small Backyards

To begin our process, you will complete a property survey that will help our design team understand your goals, needs, and current landscape. You can add 3D images, lighting plans or side gardens to your design package. You can then contact the designer via video call to meet them, show them around the space and talk about your priorities.

Tilly’s design applications include decks, patios, driveways, pools and more. includes hard landscape structures as well as soft landscape features such as trees, shrubs and flowers.

Once you have your design, you can buy your plants at discounted prices through our team of plant experts and have them delivered straight to your door. Tilly can also provide recommendations of local installers to help complete your landscaping project. Want to upgrade your deck and patio without breaking the bank? Look no further. We’ve rounded up backyard deck ideas on a budget

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