Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget

Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget – We have lived in our home for 4 years and absolutely love our screened porch. As a family, we spend more time there than in the living room. When friends come over, we naturally go out on the back porch.

My husband works from home and has adapted the porch as a second office. When updating/updating his entryway design, he spoke volumes and asked for a masculine salon feel to the entryway. I think we did it! The space is cozy and welcoming with lots of wood tones. We spent less than $400 on a new patio rug, 2 barrel chairs, coffee table, speaker system, bamboo blinds, and updated ceiling fan for the porch.

Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget

Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget

We have had the department open for almost 4 years. It fits the space perfectly, gives us a large living room and is still in great shape, so I wanted to build around it. Last year at the end of the season I bought 9 new decorative outdoor pillows from World Market at 75% off the end of the season.

Small Back Porch Ideas You’ll Love

The screen porch was functional, but we wanted the space to be more our style. The coffee table looked dark and heavy. And the carpet (original from the store) is very worn and faded.

To be honest, I was disappointed in the spring that I didn’t fully renovate the porch. Luckily, we spotted a bamboo coffee table at Goodwill in June. This is the look I wanted for the space and it inspired me to update the screened in porch!

If you find bamboo in a store and it is in poor condition, it can be restored. Check out my friend Laura Craft Design’s article on repurposing bamboo and rattan furniture. It’s really helpful!

Unfortunately, you don’t have a large project budget. Visit the local shops for the day. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration!

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Meanwhile, my husband split 5 bamboo blinds on the porch. We live in a suburban community, the houses are close together and the shade gives us privacy when we work or go out. Added bonus: blinds keep your porch cool during the day!

Barrel chairs were another find at the store. My husband found them at our local for $8. At first I thought about restoring the checkerboard, but on second thought, they give the cabin a sense of spaciousness. I also added some cushions to the seats to soften the couch a bit.

We went shopping in early July and found that Target & Home Depot had clearance for outdoor rugs. I received a slatted area rug in neutral tan. It looks like natural jute but is made of polypropylene to resist warping. I was so happy to find a great rug for under $100!

Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget

We have also added outdoor technology. We installed a set of night lights and synced it with the Wemo smart plug. My husband upgraded the speaker system from the store and synced it with the Echo Dotwe he already had. So we can control the lights and music with smart technology, I’m so cool!

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We are very pleased with how the screened porch turned out. It feels like our second living room, sheltered from the elements but still cozy and open. If I had bought the chairs, coffee table, and speaker system, we would have spent close to $1 on this project.

By buying used furniture and buying a rug to clean, we saved a few hundred dollars and ended up spending less than $400. This project inspires you to shop for your next project with a purpose and a budget! It’s been a while for us. managed to make a great DIY project. Since the pandemic, my husband George and I have been putting off major home projects. Honestly, it didn’t seem financially responsible to take on such a large project. Seven months after the start of the pandemic, our business and financial situation looks very uncertain. Overall, it seemed safe to keep the money we normally spend on home improvement projects.

Even if you follow me on IG, you know we adopted chickens, which was a huge project that I forgot to blog about (oops!), but that’s for another time. It was a real catalyst for us when it came to adopting chickens.

When we installed new siding a few years ago (hmm! It’s been that long?!), we had to tear out the rotten back porch, so we lived with brick/concrete pavers for a long time. The only problem is that our chickens are now right next to our front door. Casey and I have been watching the mud in our yard for the past few months. I mowed every day and pumped several times a day. It drove me crazy.

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So, for the sake of my sanity, we decided to save the money to rebuild the back porch and do it as cheaply as possible.

The largest expense came from the pressure-treated lumber required to build the structure. As it sat on time, the boards needed to be loaded. It’s not cheap. But besides the yard and the lights, we could find old things scattered around the house or yard.

I created the factory bench by taking two broken cinder blocks, spray painting them and placing a spare board on top. I only have pots, but I needed to repot a few plants.

Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget

We bought the wardrobe a long time ago. I think it was supposed to go in the bathroom, but it didn’t really fit. I cleaned it up and sprayed it with matte clear spray paint to keep it from rusting again. (We use the cupboard to store chicken feed.)

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Finally, the plant stand was left here by the previous owners, so I painted it and added buckets and plants.

I love the transparency and am always amazed at how bloggers appreciate these amazing DIY projects. Here is all the information.

Is it more than you expected from a budget DIY project? It’s actually more than I expected. However, I managed to overcome almost every styling or storage decision, and I’m proud of that. And I think it’s beautiful, and most importantly, it cleans my house!

I hope you are all well and safe. Thanks for sharing a project I’m proud of.

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Small Back Porch Ideas On A Budget

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