Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

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If you are renovating your home, you are probably looking for the most inspiring modern country bathroom decorating ideas. Although we do not spend much time in the bathroom every day, it is a room in our house that deserves special attention and attention.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is where we do errands, shower, brush our teeth and maybe put on our makeup. Here we prepare for the day first thing in the morning and finish at night before going to bed. This is a very functional space that not only meets our needs but also makes us feel at home.

Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories For Your Rustic Design

The best country style bathroom designs not only treat the space as something functional, but give it a personal touch that makes us smile or just relax in a hot tub. For example, you can hang family photos on the wall, put up fun quotes, or add candles and bath salts to create a spa at home. Country style bathroom design goes in different directions.

We love modern farmhouse decor for its attractive design, family-friendly nature and country style. Here are the best country style bathroom decorating ideas we found online!

Antique wooden storage cabinets are perfect for storing linens, bath products and other bathroom accessories in your home. You can also use it as a medicine cabinet.

This bathroom has a vintage desk that has been converted into a bathroom vanity. Here’s a very rustic way to decorate a bathroom: take old furniture and give it new life. In addition to the brass faucet, a white sink was installed on the vanity.

Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration

Farmhouses often have knee walls – the long horizontal planks – that are painted white! Joanna Gaines is known for decorating her clients’ homes with staggered walls. This style would also look great in the bathroom!

A rustic wooden bench next to the tub is perfect for storing small items you may need during or after your bath. In addition to the shower gel, I also have a towel and sometimes a small mobile phone holder with me.

For a vintage farmhouse look, use vintage brass bathroom hardware in your bathroom. Items like sink faucets, shower rods, shower faucets, doorknobs and more can be finished in distressed brass, giving them a rusty, distressed look. This hardware is discreet enough to work well even in a modern farmhouse bathroom if your furniture and other decor is more contemporary.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Gooseneck wall lights are a popular lighting choice in many areas of a farmhouse. Here, two small geoseneck chandeliers are installed on the wall above the bathroom vanity to illuminate the sink below.

How To Decorate The Perfect Farmhouse Bathroom

Installing a vintage freestanding bathtub in your home is a great idea if you have the space. The exterior of this claw foot tub is painted pink to match the vintage floral wallpaper on the wall.

The unisex jute storage basket is a popular choice for rustic bathroom storage. You can hide towels, toilet paper, soap, bathroom accessories, hairdryers and other small bathroom products in these practical baskets.

This white ruffled shower curtain makes a great addition to a rustic farmhouse bathroom design. It gives the room a feminine cottage vibe. White hydrangeas in a jute basket are a sweet touch!

Another great lighting idea is to install these closet pendant lights that give this bathroom a real rustic country vibe! With only four bulbs, these small chandeliers are perfect for bathrooms that don’t need much light, especially if there’s a large window nearby that lets in lots of natural light!

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

What do you think of our country style bathroom decorating ideas? We hope these designs have inspired you. You can choose decorations that will please your family and make your home unique, even if they are a little out of place. The most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and welcome in the house.

If you love upscale style decor, be sure to check out our other modern farmhouse interior design guides!

Curated Interior uses affiliate links and we may earn a small commission, which is free to you if you purchase from the linked retailer. We only recommend products from retailers we know and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn income from qualifying purchases. Her bathroom is dark and dark for a long time! It’s time to brighten it up and give it a cozy touch with farmhouse design inspiration.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

The exterior of the farmhouse blends modern flair with American country style. It includes wood paneling, step boards, white porcelain, soft fabrics, and natural finishes – many things you probably already have in your bathroom.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

Our experts share tips and tricks on how to jazz up the perfect farmhouse bathroom without remodeling or headaches.

Remove the drapes and switch to textured glass to create privacy and maximize natural light penetration. If your windows are small, add mirrors to improve the light.

Make sure the bathroom lights are dimmed at night. This mimics the comfort of candlelight, making for a relaxing transition to your bedtime ritual.

Installing a countertop sink is a great way to change the look of your bathroom without investing a lot of time or money.

Rustic Luxe Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories Set

If you want deeper reds and browns, add copper tones. Or choose a classic ceramic sink with a sleek, modern design.

We have a penchant for white polystone vessel sinks. They have the same clear appearance as porcelain, but with a unique grain and matte exterior finish.

When you’re ready to renovate, the key is to combine the antique with the modern. One of our favorite methods is uplinking.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Upcycling is about turning old things into new things. Here are some great upcycling ideas that capture the farmhouse spirit:

Farmhouse Bathroom Cup Dispenser 3 Oz & 5oz

Tip: Don’t forget to update too much. The key is finding a balance between the old and the new. You don’t want your shed to look like the bathroom!

Adding a natural touch is an important part of the farmhouse look. The colors in this design style are inspired by natural elements such as wild flowers and greenery.

The easiest way to decorate is to add real flowers and plants to your bathroom. Remember to keep them fresh throughout the season. In winter, you can exchange the flowers for red berries and spruce branches.

If you don’t live close to nature, you can add elements of natural colors like corn yellow, sky blue and forest green. You can do this with artwork, towels, floor rugs, and more. Make sure the natural color does not cover the white/wooden base of the farmhouse.

Piece Farmhouse Bathroom Set

To transform your bathroom into country style, all you have to do is clean a window covering and add wild flowers! If you love a country style bathroom, consider pairing it with a farmhouse kitchen.

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Farmer fashion shows no signs of slowing down. So if you haven’t gotten into the design trend yet, now is the perfect time to do so. And where could country style be embodied better than the bathroom? The bathroom is a great place to try a trend – especially if you’re not ready to revamp the rest of your home – and it will encourage you to slow down and enjoy the time showering and cleaning.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Looking for inspiration? We are here for you. Check out 20 great country style bathroom ideas that will work in any room (yes, even mine).

Timeless Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Lighting can make or break a space, but the physical fixtures set the tone for the decor. In this bathroom by Bespoke Only, individual cage sconces remind us of charming country houses in the best possible way. Nickel fittings and a slightly worn medicine cabinet complete the look.

When it comes to country style bathroom ideas, it is these qualities that make the room brighter. transfer? It doesn’t all have to fit together perfectly. We love how designer Kate Lester added wood trim and a cool beaded mirror.

As this farmhouse bathroom by Massucco Warner shows, bigger is better. A cozy yet functional vibe is so often found in country farmhouses with three-bolt faucets and light fixtures. There is a spacious freestanding sink around the room.

Of course, unpainted wooden walls are a great way to bring the farmhouse vibe to life. However, too much grit can make your bathroom feel small and claustrophobic. For satisfactory results, pay attention to the stain. Sag Harbor designer Allison Babcock created a modern farmhouse look with light wood walls and matte black hardware.

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When it comes to lighting, the wall light is the most important

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