Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

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Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

When you think of your bathroom, you don’t immediately think “rustic”, but think of your last trip to the country. Imagine curling up after a long hike in the mountains and relaxing in your cabin’s deep soaking tub. It’s a vibe we want to channel every day, so we’ve rounded up some of the best rustic bathroom ideas to inspire your next remodel.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Bathrooms You Will Love

To relax and inspire your next renovation, we’ve found some of the best cabin-inspired bathrooms.

We love a beautiful ceiling in the living room or the kitchen, but if you adopt the same architectural features in the bathroom, you will get a dose of chic and castle style, perfect for a rustic bathroom. Add some wood paneling (yes, wood paneling is cool again) and you’ll create a warm space perfect for a bubble bath.

One of the things we love most about rustic bathrooms is that they can be, well, rustic. You don’t need to use accessories or decorations to get the look you want – focus on simplicity and keep it neutral. Exposed beams, natural wood and antique furniture are all you need to deliver this aesthetic.

If your style is more jungle than jungle, consider bringing some greenery into your bathroom. Choose some plants that will grow in the bathroom and around the tub or shower. Is there no natural light in your room? Don’t worry, the fake works fine.

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

While you may be tempted to hide your irons and beauty products in a linen closet or vanity, a rustic bathroom allows for a little more freedom when it comes to keeping the must-haves. Consider some woven baskets for an easy place to throw all the essentials.

We’ve been really digging the cement floor lately and think it would work well in a rustic bathroom. Consider replacing ceramic sinks with cement or choose cement floors over tile. This look offers the perfect blend of modern and rustic.

There is something welcoming and comfortable about the blue market, so why not bring that look to your bathroom? Consider mixing in some vintage pieces like mirrors, chandeliers or rugs. This is a great way to give your bathroom a rustic and rustic feel.

Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Natural wood pieces add an instant rustic feel without feeling too traditional. When changing your vanity, choose natural wood instead of painted to give your space some cabin warmth without losing its modern feel.

Cabin Bathrooms With Rustic Charm And Natural Style

Rustic comes in many flavors, but one of our favorites is the “modern farmhouse” look. A farmhouse can feel very cozy and comfortable, and it’s a great way to get a mix of modern and rustic in your bathroom. Shiplap is a key component of farmhouse style and can be a great alternative to tile.

The next time you update your bathroom, try wood tiles instead of standard tiles. This groutless floor gives a rustic hardwood look, but still retains moisture like traditional tile.

A rustic bathroom doesn’t have to be all cabin style. Instead, mix and match different makeup styles to complete the look and keep it fresh and unique. We love the mid-century modern details in the rustic bathroom. You can see this through a major renovation or by adding some MCM details like a new bath or appliances.

If you’ve never thought about exposing brick in your bathroom, it’s time to think again. Whether you paint it or keep it natural, exposed brick can add rustic warmth to your bathroom.

Wood Ceiling Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

A clawfoot tub already adds a rustic ambiance to a bathroom, but adding a coat of paint (and maybe a little distressing) can give your bathroom a little more vintage feel. Add a wooden bench or table for your bathroom needs and you’re good to go.

A good Edison bulb can add a lot of atmosphere and charm to any room, but they work especially well in a rustic bathroom. Replace your light bulbs with Edison bulbs to add a warm glow to your home spa.

Consider the overall style of the cabin by exposing natural walnut and woodwork in your bathroom. Natural wood is a must in a rustic bathroom and will instantly transport you to a Vermont Airbnb.

Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Now you probably already know that wood paneling can be very cool, but adding some lights to your bathroom is a great way to create a traditional rustic feel. Add a hunter green jacket for a vintage look and feel.

Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas To Create A Rustic Look

Replace your old bathroom with one with a little more character. Consider vintage Turkish rugs or brightly woven rugs to give your bathroom an eclectic feel.

Although a true rustic cabin can look a bit dark with dull colors and wood, you can keep your rustic bathroom light and airy by choosing light neutrals. Consider light wood, white or gray colors to ensure your bathroom doesn’t feel too heavy or dark.

A rustic chic bathroom is simple and understated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a quirky vintage painting to complete the look. We love bathrooms that have a little personality, and adding thrift store paintings to your space is a great way to give your bathroom a makeover.

A wood panel ceiling is a great way to achieve a rustic look in any bathroom. Whether you have a large room or a small room, covering your drywall with wood paneling can add a cozy factor to your bathroom.

Welcoming Modern Country Bathroom Decor Ideas

While a rustic bathroom can be understated and simple, you can still mix in some vintage-inspired accessories to make your space cozy and comfortable instead of dry. Try vases, baskets or reclaimed wooden ladders for towels. Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. But even if you don’t plan to put your family home on the market, you should give bathrooms the respect they deserve. So, with this dreamy farmhouse kitchen, consider adding a little country to every bathroom in your home. Reclaimed woods, claw-foot tubs, vintage patterns, and lightly patinated pieces—including fun finds like shaving mugs—give your bathroom a rustic charm.

And who knows? Maybe you’re inspired by the counting process that inspires you to tackle bathroom improvement projects, whether it’s increasing storage in a small bathroom, adding wallpaper, or finally taking the plunge.

There is nothing else that transforms an old item into a stunning modern mirror like this vintage stained glass piece.

Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Vintage wallpaper can be expensive. That’s why it’s perfect for a powder shower – a little goes a long way! Add some pastoral pictures and even the master bathroom becomes country chic for the peasants.

Best Shower Wall Materials & Tile Alternatives For Your Bathroom

Adding galvanized items is a super quick way to add some country flair to a room, and a versatile tiered stand like this one from Pottery Barn is beautiful and practical. While you’re at it, why not take this Lazy Susan for a spin!

All the way, popcorn ceiling! Cover up rough leaves and add tons of country character – with reclaimed and weathered metal. The bath, sink, and white medicine cabinet really sit on top of the hipped ceiling, stone walls, and wood floors.

Don’t skimp on the tub when displaying your beloved collection. Follow these super cute shelves and organize your artwork, plates, bath products, rubber ducks – whatever you collect!

What’s so great about vintage stairs? Just hang it on the wall and it’s ready to go. Plus, you really can

Best Clawfoot Tub Ideas For Your Bathroom

Vintage clothing accessories are at home on bathroom walls – especially when paired with today’s range of towels. Do you have more collections you want to show off? Check out these display ideas.

Faux antlers placed around a simple mirror add a simple, rustic note to a contemporary bathroom that’s lightened by white tile, marble countertops, and brass accents.

It is very easy to spend outside. Decorate your wooden wall with pine branches and viola, you can start choosing a song

Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

. Don’t have easy access to trees? Place dried flowers, fresh flowers, or even fiddle leaf figs on top of the stacked logs.

Keep It Cozy: Modern Rustic Home Décor Ideas

For a cohesive look, choose a soft color and use it on the walls and cabinets, like this Georgia sports cabin designed by James Farmer. The Z-back details and wood counters add more country appeal

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