Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas – It’s an often overlooked corner of the home, pushed down the to-do list in favor of bigger projects. But our bathrooms can be small sanctuaries in our homes – especially if we have space for a long soaking tub – to support our most important morning routines and evening routines. A country bathroom in particular has all the features of a self-care hub, designed to be comfortable and welcoming.

Looking for rustic bathroom decorating ideas? Browse our collection of the best styles to talk about when considering decorating or remodeling a bathroom. From bold wallpaper to clever painting techniques, there’s something here for everyone…

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

The most interesting features of this bathroom are all achieved through the creative use of paint. A playful frame around the door, bold mustard walls, and a chalk-painted bathtub are all DIY additions that are completely accessible to even novice decorators.

Country Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Decorating Choices

A stunning tiling can add brilliant character to a simple bathroom. Choose something colorful or play it safe with classic monochrome.

We love the idea of ​​using vintage furniture in unexpected ways. Here, a beautiful occasional chair decorates this country bathroom with a welcoming, lived-in feel. Also, it serves as a perfect place to store a towel or book close by while enjoying the dip.

Bright blue and white tiles create a feature frame for the freestanding tub. The unique wisteria motif, brings a unique exterior to this country bathroom, and is combined with a metal finish.

Why not play with different textures in your bathroom? We love the soft and subtle botanical wallpaper paired with wood planks in the sectional, and combined with polished silver accents.

Rusted Metal Interior Design Ideas: Diy

Not all bathrooms have a freestanding bathtub. But if you do, consider a sleek roll top bath, like this twin back version from Banyo Mountain. You won’t want to go out.

The most effective way to add unique style to your bathroom. These teal tiles from our Country Living Artisan collection at Homebase provide the perfect backdrop for warm woods and crisp white walls. Choose a soft, off-white dye to warm this shade of green.

Wallpaper isn’t always ideal when it comes to decorating a bathroom, but it’s incredibly effective when done right. We were looking at this dark and attractive forest.

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

A country bathroom inspired by simple Scandinavian homes. We love the minimal, cozy feel of this all-white design. In addition, the wooden frame of the bath adds interest.

Antique Farmhouse Décor & Design Ideas To Try

For a truly country-inspired bathroom, always bring the outdoors in. The bathroom is the perfect place for houseplants that thrive in humid conditions – choose aloe vera, XL snake plant, English ivy or classic Monstera.

For color lovers. We love this bright green tub, highlighted by a smart design, we’re tiling half of it in busy terrazzo.

This country bathroom offers plenty of interior design inspiration. Our favorite part? Hardwood floors, large floor to ceiling windows and marble sinks. When can we go?

We love the painted checkerboard pattern used by Annie Sloan in this pretty pink and lilac bathroom as a smart — and economical — alternative to tile. We recommend chalk paint, which can be used on wooden or concrete floors, whether they have been previously painted or varnished.

Primitive Country Faucet/spigot Bath Soap Dish Kitchen/bathroom Farmhouse Decor

It features a sophisticated, double-edged design in a blue-grey shade. Wooden wall panels – or an imitation effect made with paint or wallpaper – add character and can effectively soften a modern bathroom.

Here, a bold wallpaper (printed with horsemen in battle) makes a smart conversation print. Will you have the courage to try?

Perfect for a family of two. We love the visual symmetry in this double sink arrangement, which complements the unusual wooden bathroom vanity and patterned rug.

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

The bathroom is a great place to experiment with bold design elements that you might be hesitant to use in your main living space. Try colored tiles framing the sink, or as a backsplash for a built-in shower unit.

Spa Tacular Master Bath

Here, classic black and white tiles in a random geometric pattern make a splash in a simple bathroom. With such a versatile foundation palette, your accent colors can be anything from rose pink or mustard yellow to cool blue.

Annie Sloan’s collection of decoupage paper inspired by nature and the Royal Horticultural Society was created for a country bathroom. “There’s been a huge resurgence in decorative, aesthetic Bloomsbury style recently and decoupage fits in well with that. It’s a fun decorating technique with a lot of history,” says Annie.

Bring an element of warmth and comfort to your bathroom with warm colors, unique curtains and soft accessories. In addition, a good book is also worth keeping close to bath time.

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B Corp’s largest selection of home products to know about 12 dog toy boxes for cleaning your pet’s toys Bath trays for a cool home spa 8 fans for cool sleep Come visit our guest bathroom where we try. restoring there is no such nice addition to something that looks like it’s from the 1800s – but with modern plumbing. A clawfoot tub, antique vanities and marble and bronze appliances round out the space.

This bathroom is an addition, and lacks the lovely character that the rest of the house boasts. Laminate flooring and basic trim do not distinguish this room from the original. Not to mention, there is a sad lack of rosettes around the house.

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

We really wanted to bring all the original charm back to this farmhouse bathroom and make it feel like an older part of the house.

Low Cost Bathroom Updates That Won’t Drain Your Savings

Since we were aiming to restore that original character, I went to a local salvage shop in hopes of finding matching trim and rosettes. Fortunately, our work was largely completed!

Another reason for this great update is that Luke and I are planning to move our bedroom downstairs from the current living room. The living room transitions to an unused formal dining room. This will free up some bedrooms upstairs for our growing family. You’re probably thinking, “How do you turn a living room into a bedroom?” Let me explain quickly.

It already has doors, and since it’s an 1800s farmhouse, the bedrooms don’t have closets. Because of this, we often have large closets to organize clothes. If we convert the living room into a bedroom, this new bathroom will be ours.

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This bathroom project actually started last summer. We took the tub out of the garden cottage while the cottage was being renovated, and sandblasted it.

The plan was to renovate the cottage, but as we continued to investigate, we discovered that the cottage was beyond repair. It wasn’t the best use of space in the area, so we tore it down, but we kept that beautiful tub.

Someone went out to the farm to sand blast the tub and fix it so it wouldn’t rust, then it sat in the barn for the last 9 months.

Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

Adding a bathtub made a huge difference in this space. I can’t tell you how good it is at the end of the day to just get the little ones out of the tub for a quick scrub. We remove all the dirt from them and put their dirty clothes in the sink. It’s amazing and so beautiful.

Airstone Bathroom Accent Wall

When the tub was installed, we discovered that there was a closet where the tub was supposed to go. We removed it, and just added built-in shelves.

My favorite project for this renovation is all vanity. I found this antique marble mantel on Facebook Marketplace for about $250, and it had a marble top cut by a local marble company.

I plan to share more about the process of turning this hat into a vanity in a future post. We definitely had a few hiccups along the way, but it turned out the way I wanted.

We also cut out the drawers for more storage and covered the pipes in the back.

Reasons Why You *need* Gold Wallpaper In Your Life

The mirror was actually taken out of another antique dresser that I bought for a little blue alcove. Glass does not fit in that space.

The light is from a small Etsy shop. I love how it gives a historical feel while still allowing us in

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