Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies

Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies – The arrival of warm, sunny weather brought with it an increase in the number of mosquitoes – unwanted pests. Chemicals such as bug repellants and lights can repel these pests, but below are 12 plants that will add focus and beauty to your outdoor living areas while controlling mosquitoes. Add our recommended plants to beds and pots around your patio to keep mosquitoes at bay in the summer.

Citronella, one of the most common ingredients in mosquito repellents, is actually a strong-smelling perennial herb. The citronella plant, like its candle counterparts, outperforms other scents to repel mosquitoes and is actually more potent than products containing citronella. Citronella is very easy to grow and can grow up to 5-6 feet tall. Plants can be grown in pots around patios and verandas or planted directly in beds.

Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies

Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies

Actinidia pleases not only your friends, but also yourself. Actinidia is also 10 times more effective than Deet, the strongest active ingredient in insect repellents. They are very easy to grow, but if you have cats at home, be careful not to plant actinidia near other flowers, vegetables or grass. Cats love actinidia and can destroy other nearby plants.

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Lemon balm, also called peppermint or lemon balm, is an easy plant for beginners, even if you have brown thumbs. Extremely hardy, lemon balm is drought tolerant and can be grown in shade, making it an ideal plant for Texas. Melissa grows very quickly, can be aggressive and is easy to control in your garden, so be sure to plant it in a pot.

Marigolds, known as colorful, hardy annuals, also contain pyrethrum, an ingredient found in many mosquito repellents. Colorful flowers make wonderful bedding around the flower beds in the garden, especially near the entrance.

Not only does basil go great with your favorite foods, it’s also a quick and easy way to repel mosquitoes. Many experts recommend trying cinnamon basil or lemon basil to get rid of those pesky bugs.

Lavender is a beautiful flowering plant known for its soothing aroma. People like to put it in their bedrooms and houses because of its relaxing aroma, but mosquitoes can’t stand the smell. Lavender grows well indoors with a sunny window, but also does well in borders and potted plants.

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Rosemary adds a nice flavor to pork and fish dishes, but when grown in an herb garden, it acts as an excellent mosquito repellent, attracting butterflies instead.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that eating garlic does not work as a mosquito repellent, but growing garlic in flower beds and gardens can repel mosquitoes.

A beautiful flower and plant, geranium can be grown in gardens and hanging pots. When planted in a hanging pot, the plant will cascade down the sides and make a great focal point on your porch or patio while deterring pesky flying insects.

Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies

Not only is lemongrass a great addition to your kitchen cabinets, it’s also a great addition to your mosquito repellent system. Citronella lemongrass grows up to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide and does well in a pot or ground plant in a sunny location with good drainage.

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Mint grows best in pots. Known to be very aggressive, strategic placement in gardens and patios can help protect nearby areas from insects. You can also extract peppermint oil and combine it with apple cider vinegar and cheap vodka (or witch hazel) to make your own homemade mosquito repellent.

Pitchers are carnivorous plants that catch and eat insects. These beautiful plants attract insects to their “jugs” with a combination of nectar, color and scent. The most common victims are ants, flies, bees, wasps, beetles, snails and slugs, and mosquitoes. It needs a moist, sunny location or a potted plant in a saucer of water. These mosquito plants combine charm with practicality. We’ll show you how to plant them in a beautiful container garden that you can proudly display on your patio. Here are some plants that repel mosquitoes and how to make them bloom all summer.

Don’t let the mosquitoes ruin your party by making beautiful planters with grass that repels the pests. Mosquitoes and other biting insects do not like many plants, but mainly herbs and flowers with a strong smell. Creating a garden in a mosquito repellent container that can be placed in fun places like patios, patios, lawns, etc. allows you to move the planters around to decorate your party while preventing the premature extinction of mosquitoes.

This recipe was created for areas that receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. Plants grow large and wild in containers, blooming at different times and interesting with different leaf textures.

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‘BonBon Bright Yellow’ is a decorative pom-pom-style yellow flower head just 12 inches tall that is suitable for containers. Calendula contains compounds found in many insect repellents. The flowering state does not harm insects, it only scares away pests.

Lavender ‘Thumbelina Lee’ is a compact 6- to 12-inch tall plant that’s perfect for containers. This prolific flower will bloom up to three times a year if cut down after flowering. The heavenly smell of lavender definitely repels mosquitoes.

If you’re wondering how to grow this wonderful herb, read this post full of tips and tricks for growing lavender.

Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies

‘Valiegata’ is an ornamental mint with white fringes and a woolly texture. The highly ornamental leaves have a pleasant sweet minty scent, making them attractive when added to containers. All Labiatae plants act as mosquito repellent plants, but I chose this one specifically for its ornamental appearance.

Plants That Keep Mosquitos Away

Artist Blue Ageratum contains coumarin, which is widely used in over-the-counter mosquito repellents. It is debatable whether the release is sufficient to deter pests from the flowers. Blue-purple short flowers are a welcome addition to this beautiful arrangement.

Origanum vulgare ‘Hot & Spicy’ has slightly tart, fluffy leaves and rounded green tufts that spill out of the pot as it grows.

One of my favorite mosquito repellent plants! It is fragrant, lemony and large. If your container isn’t big enough to hold such a bounty of plants, you should find plants nearby to pet as you stroll through the garden. It’s so invasive that I grow small patches near my fences in a controlled manner (by “controlled” I mean regularly dropping everything before it grows back!).

It is characterized by pointed green leaves and purple shoots. It has a stronger flavor of anise and licorice than sweet basil. Not only is it an attractive herb, it is also very tasty when consumed with coconut milk or red curry. Like mint, basil is generally disliked by mosquitoes. I specifically chose Thai basil for its look and taste, but any basil will repel those pesky mosquitoes.

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As an added bonus, if you feel like you’ve had too much basil, try some of these great basil recipes.

Thyme is evergreen with yellow and green spots, smells and tastes like lemon. The shade of yellow color complements the marigolds and gives the pot a shine. Lemon thyme is said to repel mosquitoes more effectively than other thymes.

It’s true that mosquitoes don’t like citronella, but mosquitoes don’t like citronella grass. “Mosquito Plant” is a type of geranium that smells like citronella and is not a good mosquito repellent in my experience. It has a pleasant citrus scent and is very pretty in the garden, but despite how it is marketed, there is little evidence that it actually repels mosquitoes.

Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes And Flies

Simply creating a container and installing it in your facility is not enough to get the message out to mosquitoes. The best way to use a mosquito net in the garden is to place it near the collection point at the entrance to the garden or on the lawn. Place the container near a path or stairs leading to the patio so that people or pets can brush the scented leaves and release the scent into the air. If you rub the plant with your hands or rub the scent on your body while outside, the scent will seep out and stick to your skin.

Stuff You Should Know About Plants That Repel Flies

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