Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget – It’s no secret that England isn’t the cheapest country to travel to. That said, a week-long trip to England is easier when you know what your budget is.

The average person spends £511 per week (£73 per night) on accommodation and £623 on visiting the UK. A total of £1,134 per week.

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

Take into account the budget for transport, accommodation, food and leisure. While costs vary depending on the type of trip you’re on, having a good idea of ​​what it costs in your destination country can help you budget.

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England has a good public transport system with buses, coaches and trains connecting various cities across the country. You can also fly domestically from one city to another, for example from Southampton to Newcastle. Sometimes flying from one city to another is cheaper than taking the train.

Big cities like Manchester and Birmingham have very cheap trams. For example, a single Birmingham City Hop costs £1.50 for an adult and £0.70 for a child.

Although not all cities in England have trams, buses are available in all cities and cost between £1.50 and £2 for a single and between £2 and £4 for a return ticket. Buses are also available in rural areas, although you may find that they don’t go to busy cities.

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Megabus and National Express are the two main coach companies in England. They have good connections all over the country and the tickets are good value.

For example, a journey from Liverpool to London booked a week in advance costs around £8. A short journey, for example from Manchester to Leeds, costs around £4.

Although they take longer than trains, they are a good option if you want to save money.

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

You’ve often heard British people complain about trains. Although they are more expensive than other European countries, they have an extensive network that covers the whole country.

Week Trip To England Cost & Money Saving Tips!

This is a quick way to get around if you’re on a tight schedule. A train journey from Liverpool to London costs between £30 and £60, depending on the time, booked a week in advance.

Rush hour trains are more expensive, costing up to £120! So it’s a good idea to travel during off-peak times when you can get good deals.

Taxis are another option for getting around, although they can be expensive, especially in London. There are metered taxis that you can hail on the street and minicabs that are pre-booked only. It is between £3 and £5 per mile. You’ll find ride-sharing apps like Uber in most cities and towns.

Looking for inspiration to travel to England? Here are 15 places you can visit in England without a car.

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Local buses have the option of day trips and weekly tickets, which are usually much cheaper than buying a single ticket. Traveling off-peak is also a key way to save money.

Peak times for buses and trains are usually from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm and again from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Some days of the week are more expensive, especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you go during the holidays, for example Easter and Christmas, ticket prices are much higher.

Another tip is to book tickets in advance. You can save a lot of money this way, although it can be difficult when you are on vacation and have no plans! For example, the cheapest from Liverpool to London three weeks ago could cost as little as £12. A drive on the same route, booked for tomorrow, can cost up to £90.

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

If you are under 26, over 60, traveling as a family, traveling as a partner or have a registered disability, consider getting a travel card. Railcards offer anytime, off-peak and 1/3 off fares, which is perfect if you’re planning to travel. England by train!

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If you’re only in England for a week, you can get weekly passes which are good value if you plan to use public transport often.

Transport for London (TfL) has travel cards that are valid for a week and can be used on London Underground, Overground and National Rail, London Buses, South London Trams and Docklands Light Rail.

Renting a car is a great way to make the most of your time, especially if you’re only in England for a week. It also helps you reach remote areas such as the Lake District, which is full of hidden spots and charming little villages.

Car rental prices vary widely depending on what you want, but there are many price comparison sites such as Kayak and Car Rental. The average car hire in England costs £148 per week (£21 per day).

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It’s also the fastest way to explore the web at the cheapest price. The only downsides to renting a car are high parking and fuel costs if you’re on a budget, and getting stuck in traffic if you’re on a tight schedule.

If your trip includes villages and rural areas, renting a car is probably the most efficient way to get around.

Booking a used car can save you hundreds of pounds. As your search continues, you’ll find great deals on 5-day and 6-day rentals for 7 days. Even if you don’t plan on using it for 7 days, check for 5 and 6 day pricing.

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

For fuel, I recommend checking the conditions carefully. Generally, rental companies will provide you with a full deposit that you pay for upfront, but will return any unused fuel.

England Travel Cost

Even if the company pays you, the contract usually reduces the processing fee. The best way to avoid this is to issue a “found return” policy. On most comparison sites you can filter results by fuel policy.

Check how many miles/km are included in your contract in the T&Cs. I usually aim for unlimited lean so I don’t have to worry about how much I drive. However, when I did the Great British Road Trip I got some mileage as it reduced the cost of the car. If I had passed, I would have received an extra £0.10 per mile.

When you register a car, basic insurance policies will be included, but you’ll have to pay extra if you want to use them. Sometimes companies have top-up insurance to cover this excess and this can be very expensive.

I would not recommend using this recharge insurance. Instead, look for a premium policy from an independent provider that pays much less. How it works Once you’ve paid the extra fees from the rental company, you can get a refund from the independent supplier.

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A large portion of your vacation budget will be spent on accommodation. Prices vary widely depending on where you live in the country and the type of accommodation you choose, e.g. Hostels, apartments, boutique hotels, etc.

The table below shows the average daily accommodation in England. As in any country, living in big cities will be more expensive.

Staying in a hostel is a great way to save money on your trip. Depending on the location and the number of people you’re sharing with, you can find rooms from £10 a night.

Planning A Trip To England On A Budget

A typical double room in a high-end hotel can cost between £100 and £140 per night. For mid-range hotels, you can find rooms for between £40 and £80 a night.

England Travel Guide (updated 2023)

The number is much higher in tourist cities like London. One of the advantages of staying in a hotel is that most include breakfast in the room rate, so you’ll save on eating out.

Another option is Airbnb, and you can find very good deals there. It’s a great way to meet the locals and experience the culture. If you’re staying in one place all week, renting an apartment is a good idea, especially if you’re traveling with a large group.

These can be cheaper than hotels and you also have the option of eating from home, which saves on food. For a week’s stays in an apartment in England (not London), you’re looking at between £400 and £900 for a one or two bedroom apartment. Split between you and others, this will significantly reduce your costs compared to staying in a hotel.

If you want to travel around the UK on a budget, renting a motorhome or camper van is a good idea. Your accommodation and transport will be covered and you get paid a lot more

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