Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget – After more than 10 years of cheap travel in Europe, I want to share my tips with anyone who wants to travel cheaply in Europe as well. Here’s how to plan a Europe trip on a budget in 2023

A few years ago I saw a lot of Europe on a budget and wrote a blog post about how I found the best and cheapest travel options in Europe and traveled around Europe in a month.

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

Remember to check TripAdvisor when you want to eat at a restaurant, luxury hotel, or something else. Additionally, TripAdvisor is a resource for what to do and what to visit in a city/place/country.

Want To Discover The 20 Best Places To Visit In Europe On A Budget?

Also remember to check out the cheapest countries to visit in Europe and include them in your Euro tour for budget travel.

If you want to plan a trip to Europe, you need to look at all aspects of expensive and destructive travel So, if you want to travel cheaply in Europe, we need to talk about the basic expenses and how to budget for a trip to Europe.

Since there are many aspects of cheap travel in Europe (transportation, accommodation, food), there will not be a straight solution, but more guidelines on how to travel cheaply and cheaply in Europe, and you will be responsible. (and how high you can go with your budget) to find what works best for you

From experience, having traveled Europe on a budget for the last 10+ years, I can tell you that you can travel cheaply in Europe. But what really matters is where, when, and how long you are willing to step out of your comfort zone

Travel Expert Uses Chatgpt To Plan Entire European Backpacking Trip

I don’t want to get my hopes up (too low), because we all have different standards, but if you come from the US, you’ll think Europe is cheaper, with some obvious exceptions like Switzerland, England, and the Nordic countries.

I will try to explain your plan to travel cheaply in Europe and then travel cheaply in Europe

Reaching Europe is an important step And it will be a major expense if you want to go to Europe

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

Where is the cheapest place to fly to in Europe? It depends on the season, but consider checking out Copenhagen, Dublin, London or Milan as a gateway to Europe. The best time to buy flight tickets to Europe is 4 to 8 weeks in advance

Travelling Europe On A Budget — Everyday Tourist

It will help to get an idea of ​​the country and city you want to visit and try to find a flight directly to a country in Europe.

A few years ago, only the big airlines operated long-haul flights in Europe But now we’re seeing more low-cost airlines offering transcontinental flights in Europe, such as Norwegian Airlines and Level (long-time budget carrier Iberia). Keep an eye on this airline

On my last flight to the US (in 2019), I used Kiwi and got a unique mix of cheap flights with different airlines. I paid $350 for a round trip from Bucharest to JFK In December! December is one of the most expensive months to travel anywhere because of… Christmas (but there’s so much more to do in New York in December).

Cheap travel in Europe (check out these cheap European countries) if you keep your eyes and options open Those cheap tickets often have baggage restrictions and are on low-cost airlines, which means you have to travel light (just under 10kg) and not eat.

Travel To Europe Cheaply

Some of the main airports for transcontinental flights are Dublin, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. There are others, but I consider these to be some of the best

Some cities have more than one airport Remember that you are going to connect to Europe Consider the transfer fee, which is not cheap For example, it’s really cheap to fly into Charleroi airport in Brussels (the airport where airline service is cheap), but it costs about 20 euros to get a bus to take you to the city and it takes at least 1 hour.

Once you arrive in Europe you can go anywhere, because nothing is far, and all places are well connected by plane, train and bus.

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

If you want to travel cheaply in Europe, the bus is the way to go Europe has a very well-connected transport infrastructure, and buses will allow you to go anywhere

Weeks In Europe: The Perfect Europe Itinerary + Planning Advice & Tips!

I’ve tried and recommend Flexbus and Omio the most, but many companies offer great deals across Europe.

Although some companies are not listed, you will find most of them there If you’re looking for a connection that isn’t there, search for the source name of the destination “by bus” (for example, on the Paris to Amsterdam bus), and you’ll probably end up on the bus company’s bus. Home page

Watch out for hop-on hop-off buses There are many companies that offer these international bus routes In my opinion, it’s too expensive and you can do the same for less, but it depends on your experience with them. It depends on what you want my name to feel like

Traveling by train is one of the best travel experiences in Europe The scenery can change dramatically in a matter of hours and allow you to enjoy, appreciate and relax the moment

Affordable European Vacation Ideas

But traveling by train in Europe is also one of the most expensive forms of transportation in Europe Don’t get me wrong! It’s really functional, it’s amazing and getting somewhere can be the only option if you don’t have a car But it can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t book in advance

Let’s say you want to find the cheapest train tickets in Europe In that case, I recommend checking train ticket prices, especially if you want to plan your trip (several weeks to months in advance, or even earlier) because you can get lucky or it just fits your budget.

I am looking for the national train company in the country I am traveling to So you should google “trains in Austria” or the name of the country you are traveling to The page you are looking for must be in the first three results In Austria this is ÖBB

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

However, I recommend checking out Rail Europe to book all train tickets for all European countries and order all train companies in one place.

Europe Budget Travel Guide (updated 2023)

If you are traveling from one country to another, especially for longer distances (more than one country), flying is the most convenient option.

Europe is very small, and most flights are about 2-3 hours There are many low cost airlines in Europe Best time, and if you book tickets a month or two in advance, you can easily get a return ticket for 50 euros for at least some destinations.

I mainly use Ki to book flight tickets I really like that they make connections between different airlines and offer support if one of your flights gets delayed/cancelled or you miss a connection because of one of these companies. Save the life!

Colibra is an application that will claim compensation for any air delay You just need to scan your boarding pass Read my blog about Calibra and how to claim flight delays using the app

How To Travel Europe On A Backpacker’s Budget

Like anywhere else in the world, traveling by car offers the greatest flexibility when you want to see as much as possible and experience as much as possible.

Traveling by car in Europe will allow you to explore and reach places you never thought possible If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Baltic road trip from August 2019 This road trip blew my mind, and I can’t recommend it enough

But traveling by car in Europe can be expensive To get the value of it, I say you need to have a travel companion to share the cost

Planning A Europe Trip On A Budget

I recommend renting a car in Central and Eastern Europe There are so many beautiful sights, and public transportation doesn’t always take you anywhere If you’re traveling to Europe for the first time, consider this 3-week Europe itinerary

Weeks In Europe

Fortunately, most European cities have a variety of hostels, hotels, rental apartments and other types of accommodation.

The cheapest accommodation I know and have tried myself is couchsurfing (free accommodation by people who only have a bedroom or a sofa at home). Check out Coachsurfing for more free accommodation posts to understand how it works.)

Of course, there is no harm in asking your friends if they have friends living in Europe and if they would be willing to welcome you. This is what I did and made my way through during my month-long trip to Europe

Dormitory should be number one

How To Survive Europe On A Budget

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