Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget – Want to save money and go to Disneyland on a budget? Find tips and tricks to help you keep your dollar down, including transportation ideas, hotel savings, how to save on food, souvenirs and Disneyland ticket discounts!

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Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

I like to take my family to Disneyland as often as I can, I know Disney is expensive. really expensive.

What Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Disneyland 2023?

Growing up, my family would travel to Disneyland at least once a year and I continue that tradition with my children. Sometimes we even travel there more than once a year!

But having a budget-conscious husband with an intense love for all things Disney can be difficult. I had to be creative and come up with tricks and strategies to go to Disneyland, spending a little money.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to go to Disneyland on the cheap! Here are some tips on how to go to Disneyland on a budget and still have a great time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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A Realistic Budget For Your 2023 Disney World Trip

Before we get into all of the Disneyland money saving tips below, I want to tell you how you can save on Disneyland tickets, which can be a huge part of your Disneyland budget.

My travel partner, Get Away Today, almost always has a sale on Disneyland tickets that can save you a lot of money over buying tickets directly from Disney.

Get Away Today is an authorized Disney ticket seller, so you can be sure that you can trust them. In fact, I have been booking Disneyland vacations through them for over 20 years!

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

Now you can get an extra day at Disneyland for FREE. If you buy a 4-day ticket, you get the 5th day free! many.

How To Splurge Or Save At Walt Disney World

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Answer: The first thing you want to do is decide whether you want to go to Disneyland. Certain times of the year are more expensive than others, so you may want to visit in the winter.

Disneyland ticket prices vary, depending on the time of year and day of the week. Fares are usually lower if you travel in the winter. To save more money on tickets and hotel stays, here are the best times to go to Disneyland:

Another thing to consider is that hotel, plane ticket, and gas prices will generally be lower during this time.

Disney World Tips: How To Save Money At Disney World

You can generally save money by booking about six to nine months in advance. Most hotel prices are cheaper if you book closer to the vacation date.

And if you buy tickets or vacation packages through Get Away Today, any sales can be applied to your package adding up and saving you!

The same applies to theft. You can usually find the cheapest prices if you book your flight about four to six months in advance.

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

You can compare hotel and flight prices by visiting sites like Expedia, Travelocity or Kayak. Note that some of these websites do not allow you to book tickets more than a few weeks in advance.

How To Plan Your First Disney World Vacation

The next thing you want to consider is how to get to Disneyland. Drive or fly?

The cost effectiveness of each depends on how far you travel, the number of people in your party and the price of fuel.

For me, living in Utah with a family of five, it is generally cheaper to drive. But just because driving seems cheaper, there are other factors to consider.

If you decide to part ways, you will have to pay for additional meals, hotel stays, gas costs and hotel parking.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World

Most hotels near Disneyland charge for parking, which is another cost to consider if you plan to drive your own car.

If you choose to fly, there are also many things to think about when trying to stay on budget.

You might be able to get a super cheap flight, but most airlines charge a fee for checked bags, and some even charge you for transportation.

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

You will also need to arrange transportation once you arrive in California. Need a rental car, use Uber or take a shuttle to the hotel? How do you get to and from Disneyland if you are at your hotel? One advantage of flying is time. In general, you save time when you fly, so it is worth considering.

How To Do Disneyland Cheap In 2023

Well, one way to save money on flights is to apply for a credit card offered by the airline that allows you to earn points or miles that can be applied to the price of your flight and may even save you money.

I’ve had a Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card for a few years now and have been able to fly my family to Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida and many other destinations with just points! Check out my referral link here.

If you choose to fly, check out the transportation options available at Get Away Today, our favorite Disneyland vacation booking company.

They have discounted rates on shuttles to and from many Southern California airports, as well as shuttles to Universal Studios and more.

Planning A Disney World Vacation In 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Consider the airport you are planning to visit as well. Prices are often high for flights from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), but going from LAX to Disneyland can add up. Be sure to check flights to the nearest airports such as Long Beach (LGB) and Orange County (SNA).

The Disneyland Resort hotel is still an option, but for me it’s more of a splurge. There are also many Disneyland Good Neighbor hotels near the park that are highly rated and very affordable.

As mentioned above, Disney hotels can break your budget, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you choose one of the many Good Neighbor hotels, especially those down the road!

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

These non-Disney hotels often offer great deals and discounts, like kids staying free or discounted parking tickets when you book a room that can save you money. Most of them are also decorated with a Disney theme that brings the magic of the park to the desired hotel.

How To Do Disneyland On A Budget

You can also save money by ordering through Get Away Today, because they usually have the best prices! They even have discounted rates for Disneyland vacation packages that include hotel, tickets and extras!

You can book Disneyland Resort hotels as well as Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels through them, some with free 3. or 4 nights and reduced parking fees.

Get Away Today has given our readers an amazing coupon. Visit our website, Book a 2-night or other Southern California vacation package, use codeClubhouse10 at checkout, and save even more on 2-night or other packages that include hotel and parking tickets. Hope that helps with your Disneyland budget.

Food and dining costs can be a large part of the Disneyland budget. But there are some ways to save money.

Trip Planning 101: How To Budget For Your Disney World Vacation

There aren’t many Disneyland ticket savings available out there, but they can be found if you know where to look.

With tickets to Disneyland, the more days, the cheaper the ticket per day. These are things to consider when planning your vacation.

One way to save money is to buy a Park Hopper ticket or a 1-Pak daily ticket. I have a full post with tips for park jumping, but here’s a quick summary of how they work.

Planning A Disneyland Vacation On A Budget

With a Park Hopper ticket, you can move between the two theme parks, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, as you wish one day after 11:00 AM.

Disney On A Budget: How To Afford A Family Vacation

You can save money by choosing the 1-Pak daily ticket, but it depends on your priorities. For me, if I’m in Disneyland for 3 days or less, I usually get the Park Hopper.

It’s also good because Disney California Adventure usually closes first, so you can go to Disneyland for an hour or two to finish the day.

One thing to be aware of when buying Disneyland tickets is that if you buy a ticket for multiple days, the price per day will be lower the longer your ticket is.

The only exception I’ve seen is that the day you choose to visit all of them is the price day. In this case, the ticket for Day Value 1-Day may be cheaper than buying a 2-Day ticket. The only caveat to buying a 1-day ticket is that you need to know the exact date to visit the park.

Total Beginner’s Guide To Planning A Disneyland Vacation

No matter the type of ticket

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