Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget – I went to the beach this time last year. We have tried to go every year since Cadence was 1 year old. I go every year with my family because it is such a pleasant and relaxing experience. He took me to the sun and I have very fond memories of him.

I went to the east coast of North Carolina when I was young. A 12-hour drive from central Pennsylvania is quite a trip, and I usually do it all in one go. I usually leave early in the morning so I can be flexible.

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

It wasn’t financially feasible for us so we decided to go to NJ to go to the beach. But it turned out that there weren’t many affordable accommodation options in the area you were looking for. So we decided on Rehoboth Beach, DE. It’s cheap and only a 4-hour drive away. It was just a coincidence that our friends went at the same time.

U.s. Beach Vacations That Aren’t Budget Busters

The first day we went to the boardwalk and the beach and Cadence ate a lot of sand. I swear she ruined the rest of the trip. i’m afraid of big waves and the ocean; I am busy. The kids next to us took our sand toys. They spoke Italian and it was a bit difficult to explain that we wanted it back.

Then they were very close, Lewes, less crowded and less noisy; I recommend going to DE as the waves are small and kid friendly. So this place has been there for a long time.

Unfortunately, with a new baby, this year’s lack of budget to go to the beach probably bothers me more than anyone else. I’m going camping this year. I will write later. For now, I want to tell you how to budget for your vacation.

I do all my budgeting in Google Docs spreadsheets. It’s easier for me to share it with my husband and change it based on our salary, bills or yours. There are requests for money. I don’t like that you don’t exchange your money. This is essential for those who pay by the hour.

Vacation Packages & Deals

As you can see, we also ate out last year without leaving much room for extra expenses. We also brought our own slow cooker for dinner at the hotel and had a fridge and microwave so we could heat up leftovers and take things for a beach lunch. All this saves us quite a bit of money.

We also picked a hotel that was part of a points program we joined and got free breakfast so we didn’t have to worry about food that day. It also has a pool, which “C” really likes. We usually have a king size bed and we all sleep together because we do that at home. When my brother-in-law came, we had a bed.

To give you a break; Just to help you relax and have some free time. Maybe at the beach or at camp like we did this year.

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

If you’re looking for something to do at the beach with the family, check out our top 10 things to do at the beach.

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Hello! I am a wife, mother of two girls, blogger and sister. My daughter has special needs and is passionate about mental health. So for this mom, drama happens every day. Come for a walk with us! Are you a family sitting on the beach? Or do you need an adventure? We have a vacation that everyone can enjoy. Pixdeluxe / Getty Images Stock

Parents considering a family beach vacation struggle to decide where to go or when to travel.

As Laura Epstein, travel consultant at SmartFlyer, organizes families, regardless of the chosen destination, the interests of the parents; He said he would make sure to consider the children’s interests and their budget and accommodation preferences.

“A lot of families take long trips to the beach,” he said. So it’s important that everyone is comfortable living for a long time,” says Epstein. “If it’s your first time on a family beach vacation, your kids will quickly learn if the beach really belongs, so make sure you have plenty of other things to do with them.”

Cheapest Island Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable (and Gorgeous)

Epstein offers nine family beach vacation spots for parents looking for sun and sand in the U.S. and abroad.

Family favorites like Palm Beach; “Perfect for small-town charm, but for sophisticated restaurants and boutiques,” says Epstein, as well as the often-overlooked Miami family getaway.

“I love sending families here,” Epstein explained. “The beach and water are beautiful, there are lots of water activities, Key Biscayne is close enough to bike, go to the beach, visit the lighthouse, and I love exposing the kids to the diverse culture of Miami.”

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

Located off the coast of Georgia, Sea Island is a family destination with its variety of accommodation options.

Budget Friendly Beach Vacations In Florida!

“They have options ranging from hotel rooms, suites, multi-bedroom mansions (apartment-style) to larger living spaces and ‘cottages,'” says Epstein. “There are many activities here, as well as other Carolina and Georgia beaches off the beach, such as fishing, kayaking and outdoor activities such as golf.”

“Amelia is unique because you can bike the entire island, which is covered in live oak and Spanish moss,” says Epstein. “I also love all outdoor activities and a visit to historic Fernandina Beach is a must.”

“There are kilometers of empty beaches and bike paths to explore; You never know where you will find wild horses,” he said.

The Florida Keys are also a popular domestic beach destination for a tropical feel without customs and immigration.

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“Fishing, snorkeling, diving, the Keys are perfect for families to enjoy all the fun water sports like sailing and paddle boarding,” says Epstein.

While Maine is always a popular summer destination, this New England state has seen more and more requests in recent years, according to Epstein.

“The beaches on the Maine coast are so much fun to explore because of the natural marine life,” he said. “Exploring these coastal lagoons for marine life is fun for the kids (and the parents, too) who enjoy beer and lobster along the way.”

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

“It’s a special place because the sand is white and so fine, the water is so clear and calm, and you have a beautiful view of the sunset,” Epstein said.

How Much For A Trip To Hawaii In 2023? (hawaii Vacation Budget Calculator)

Hawaii offers plenty of fun activities for parents to enjoy with their kids, creating a fun bonding experience.

“To make Hawaii more accessible to families with young children and older adults, we recommend that Hawaii avoid longer flights and time changes with children,” Epstein said.

Epstein said it was difficult to narrow down the best international family beach resorts because there are so many variables to consider depending on a family’s wants and needs.

In his experience, families going outside the US to Mexico, Jamaica and Turks and Caicos are often booked.

Planning A Trip To Hawaii: Dos And Don’ts (2023)

From Riviera Maya on the west coast to Punta Mitan; From Cabo San Lucas to Riviera Nayarit, Mexico is a great choice for families because of its many beaches.

“Mexico has good air transportation from many U.S. airports, so most of the country northeast of California is easily accessible,” Epstein said. “It’s really attractive to customers because there are so many accommodation options at different price points and with different amenities.”

Epstein said Jamaica is a family-friendly beach destination because it’s accessible from many U.S. airports, the flight isn’t long and there are plenty of hotel options.

Planning A Beach Vacation On A Budget

“Jamaica is also known for its amazing island villa offerings,” Epstein says, adding that this type of accommodation helps when traveling with multiple generations or friends. “It’s a great option for families with multiple bedrooms, kitchens, individual pools and plenty of space for staff to help out during their stay.”

Easy Vacation Meals For Beach Rentals

“This is reflected in many holiday homes and villas where their kids’ clubs tend to admit younger children than elsewhere,” he said.

“The water here is very clear, the sand is very white, and there are hotels to offer,” Epstein said. Most hotels in Turkey are resort-style, so it’s easy to get extra room, Epstein said. Spread.. Outdoors “The water here is usually calm, so water activities and beach games are easy for kids.”

Epstein recommends planning ahead to get the most out of any family trip, but especially this one.

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