Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

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Celebrate nature with fun outdoor wedding decorations. There are many elegant and fun ways to decorate your outdoor wedding

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

If you’ve landed on this page, it probably means you’re about to tie the knot, and soon. Outdoor weddings are one of the most popular choices for many, and there are many elegant and fun ways to decorate your outdoor wedding and reception to ensure you get beautiful pictures and your guests have fun.

Stunning Rustic Wedding Ideas

If you are still undecided and are still looking for different ways to make your special day more meaningful and memorable, the outdoor wedding decoration ideas below should give you just the inspiration you need.

The key is to create a budget with your partner from the start and stick to it. The advantage of an outdoor wedding is that there is usually less cost to reserve the venue and rent decorations such as tablecloths and chairs.

One of the easiest ways to keep the cost of your backyard wedding down is to keep the guest list low and choose DIY style decorations. Since it will be in your backyard, also keep food costs to a minimum by cooking your own meals.

A private backyard wedding owned by you, family, or friends typically costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on what you decide on the venue, DJs, food, and more . If you go all out, an outdoor wedding can still cost more than $10,000.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas For Your Ceremony

You may need a permit for an outdoor wedding, especially if you plan to play music late into the night. If you live in a residential area, you can usually get by by letting your neighbors know that a wedding is taking place and that music will be played later that night on a certain date.

If you live closer to people, such as in an apartment or condo, you may need to discuss the plans with the HOA. Always be sure to check local regulations to ensure you have your legal ducks in a row in the event of an appeal.

Most public parks are truly public, which means that if you want to have your wedding there, you can. An important thing to remember is that because public gardens are public, other people or families may be holding events on the same day as your wedding. If it’s easy for you and you don’t mind potential strangers in the background for photos, a public park is a great choice for an affordable outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

The best way to relax is to have your wedding later in the day when the sun’s peak hours have passed. If you want to have your wedding early, try to set up shade structures like large canopies or even rent a tent if possible. If all else fails, invite your guests to small fans and gentlemen and be sure to tell them to dress more casually for your invitation.

Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas Guide For 2022

Prepare your boho-loving soul for these incredibly magical, beautiful and affordable outdoor wedding decorations to brighten up your outdoor space.

Water features are the perfect addition to your wedding entrance. If your outdoor wedding moves into the night and you plan to hang Christmas lights for atmosphere, a water feature will look even more spectacular as it will reflect every light as the water goes down.

You don’t need a large water feature to impress guests, either. You can find lots of small water features that look great on tables, or can even be used as a wedding cake stand to add an unexpected WOW factor. The refreshing sound of water will be calm and relaxing for guests to listen to while attending your wedding.

Who said Christmas lights are only for the Christmas season? If you are trying to save most of your budget for a honeymoon or down payment, Christmas lights are a great inexpensive outdoor wedding decoration that is often overlooked.

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Many people even use Christmas lights on their back porch all year round as an elegant and simple decoration, so if the lights are a success, there is no need to take them down.

One of the most interesting outdoor wedding decorations we’ve come across is building an outdoor family photo wall. This can also be an interesting conversation starter for your guests if you plan to have a lot of people attend your wedding.

Create a family wedding photo wall or display your new family tree with your spouse so it’s easier for guests to know who’s who.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

It will also be a wonderful opportunity to share your favorite memories not only with your future spouse, but also with the families who will be united as one on your special day.

Breathtaking Wedding Lighting Ideas

You can use the wedding drinks and food menu as outdoor wedding decorations if you are feeling creative. If your wedding is going to be modern and minimalist, hang a simple white sheet or piece of construction paper with menu items along with hand drawn art.

If your wedding is in a church or indoors, you can use large vases and antique tables to create unique drink stations that encourage conversation among guests.

Buy feathers in bulk to save money and make your own giant feather garland (or Boa if you’re feeling crafty) to hang on an outdoor wall. If your wedding is more conservative, try adding feathers to the center of your flower arrangements for a stylish and sophisticated look that fits perfectly with your natural wedding theme.

It wouldn’t be an outdoor wedding without a picnic. The reception “tables” will actually be soft and fluffy pillows and blankets on the floor, and each blanket will have its own picnic basket packed with wine and goodies.

Budget Friendly Country Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Of course, this option is best for weddings in many grassy areas. Even if you plan to put a tarp on your outdoor space, this is a great option for your guests and helps to cover up the ugly appearance of the tarp more than regular chairs.

Want to make your wine lover happy? Give your wedding a vineyard feel with old wine barrels used as cocktail tables. The great thing about this idea is that barrels work with almost any wedding theme and look great. If you’re really committed to the idea, buy a whole barrel of wine and let your guests drink straight from the source, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

One of the most colorful ideas of outdoor decoration that you can consider is to use bicycles, especially if you know that it will be windy outside. They will look great as centerpieces on your tables or can be added next to an island for a fun twist.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

This is also a great option if your wedding is family friendly and there are a lot of children, as they will definitely welcome the little ones.

Rustic Wedding Ideas On A Budget That Will Make Your Wedding Timeless

A self-serve candy booth is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests, even if they go home empty-handed. Fill some glass jars with small candies for a colorful display; it’s up to you if you want to let your guests have something to eat.

If you decide to go this route, we recommend avoiding chocolate candies like M&M’s as they tend to melt and can cause a mess. Candies like Skittles or Starburst should last a little longer if your wedding is in a warmer location.

For an elegant and romantic setting, the glow of hundreds of beautiful candles is sure to dazzle and delight your friends and family. Although it will be difficult to set up, you can arrange the candles in any shape or message you want.

It would be easier to use battery powered candles as regular candles are sure to blow out before the reception starts and luckily they are cheap to buy in bulk.

Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget For A Beautiful Event

We hope this list has helped you find inspiration for your outdoor wedding. Whether you’re getting married in your backyard, in a park, or on the beach, these ideas can be used to make your day special while saving money.

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Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

A rustic wedding theme gives you many ways to create a look that is completely unique to you without spending a fortune.

Ceiling Wedding Decor

If you are planning to organize a wedding, then you are basically winning in life. Here are some ideas for decorating a beach wedding to make sure the day is perfect.

We’re here to give your wallet a break with these wedding aisle runner ideas for couples on a budget.

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