Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Decorating your outdoor spaces for the holiday season is important because it’s the first place you greet your guests, so it needs to be decorated to impress. We’ve put together a collection of ideas to help you get started with your outdoor holiday decorating. We have a variety of ideas in a variety of styles with lots of DIYs for holiday fun. These amazing and magical outdoor decor ideas will help make your home cheerful and bright…

Readers, let us know which of these outdoor Christmas decorating ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments below!

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

1. Front porch dream. A fresh sprinkling now, a pre-lit mini tree, and a nice, fresh 25-foot garland (Costco) add Christmas cheer to this front porch. How cool are the shutters on both sides of the door? They are special walnut stained DIY 1×8 pine boards from Minwax. (via (@prvbthirtyonegirl)

Diy Outdoor Christmas Decorations

2. Rustic Christmas porch. A wreath is attached to the JOY sign on the door and hangs from a wreath hook. Holiday inspired rug found at Target. The galvanized buckets are from A Cottage In The City, filled with Christmas trees and birch trees. The old wagon is filled with vintage buckets, greens, and vintage skis. (via Liz Marie’s Blog)

3. Christmas on the porch. The Vintage Greyhound Wagon is filled with seasonal decorations including mini trees, logs, greenery and fruit. A galvanized milk carton is also filled with vegetables and berries. Behind the carriage is an old door decorated with a wreath. (via Sarah Joy’s blog)

4. Outdoor Christmas tree. The tree full of berries and pine cones is from Hobby Lobby. The galvanized bucket is filled with pine cones decorated with white paint and glitter, berries and logs. (via Clean Living Clean Eating)

5. Decorated porch of a farmhouse. The theme of this outdoor decor is neutral tones with pops of red and plaid. Adorning the porch is a black metal/wicker sleigh and an antique flea market sleigh. Galvanized screw bucket, doormat from Target and reclaimed wood from Walmart. Another galvanized bucket is filled with birch logs. (via Nesting Blissfully Interiors)

Unique Decorating Ideas For A Christmas Tree

6. Country house decoration. A simple exposed wood foyer adorned with twinkling lights adds an elegant touch to this open-air space. (via French Country Cottage)

7. Crown of Lightning. Warm incandescent bulbs flicker within the rich green leaves of the artificial lightning garland that frames the door. (via Pottery Barn)

8. Or Christmas tree. Place a fresh tree in a basket with a lantern to add some Christmas sparkle to your front door. (via Pinterest)

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

9. Natural elements. A beautiful home in England has a lovely front porch decorated with greenery, wreaths, and baskets of wreaths. (via Neptune from Global Village)

Creating A Cozy Outdoor Space For The Holidays

10. Black and green palette. Fresh greenery can add a simple outdoor holiday feel. (via Pinterest)

11. Front porch decoration. The wreath above the front door and Christmas tree used a beautifully arranged string ribbon. Vintage skis add the perfect touch, as do reds on the woven cushions on the white chairs. (via Home Stories A to Z)

12. Traditional Christmas decorations. Cover your front door in traditional reds and greens. Decorate with poinsettias, garlands, garlands, red ribbon and trees. (via Thistlewood Farms)

13. Holly Jolly Porch. This front porch is full of festive decorations, with lots of wreaths and little details like a basket full of old skis and firewood. A chalkboard sign greets the seasons. (via The Cottage in the Oaks)

Christmas Decorating Ideas In Copper + Burgundy

14. Festive and inexpensive porch decor. Add some simple seasonal touches to freshen up your front door. Instead of a traditional wreath, a bunch of fresh candles decorate the front door, along with a rectangular scarf and a set of bells. In front of the door is a holiday inspired rug from Hobby Lobby. On the door, buckets of olives filled with fresh pine nuts. (via On Sutton Place)

15. Holiday porch. A cozy seating area features holiday-inspired pillows, a galvanized bucket, and a yardstick decorated with greenery and outdoor décor. (via Fiking Home Farms)

16. Natural theme. If you have a pair of rain boots, winter boots, or ice skates, they’ll help you create this festive decoration. Fill them with some seasonal vegetables, maybe a few berries for color. The wooden box is filled with pine cones for a rustic feel. (via Home Stories A to Z)

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

17. Farmhouse Holiday Decor. This Christmas porch offers farmhouse charm with pops of color. The rustic sign is inspired by a Christmas carol and expresses the theme “Everything is fine”. Buffalo throw pillows add a festive touch, while fresh cedar wreaths add a natural touch. (via Pinterest / Yellow Prairie Interior Design)

Outdoor Merry Christmas Ornaments

18. Festive Red and Green Porch. Comfy buffalo seat cushions complement the snowflake pillow. The old pails on the farm are filled with Home Depot arborvitae shrubs. A grape rake was placed behind the black wooden holiday sign (@vineandbranchestx) to cover the garland and lights. Wreaths were added to the curtains and an old picnic basket full of greenery was placed under the pew. (via Yellow Prairie Interiors)

19. DIY Galvanized Steel Pipe. The galvanized barrel is filled with a real Christmas tree and decorated with lights. This is a great idea if you want to avoid putting lights on the ceiling. A nostalgic sleigh is the perfect accessory, while a Merry Christmas sign greets guests. (via 4 Men 1 Woman)

20. Rustic farmhouse style. Wooden planters are next to the front door filled with small trees (this can change with the seasons). Lanterns adorn the stairs for ambiance and a galvanized bucket is filled with fresh herbs and pine cones. (via Love Grows Wild)

21. Home Sweet Home. This front porch has lots of rustic touches, including Christmas wall art, a wooden barrel full of greenery and berries, and an old wooden sleigh. (via Pinterest/The Old Cedar Plan)

Christmas Living Room Ideas To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

22. Front Porch Christmas Farmhouse. Two entrance shafts flank the beautiful black painted door. A mix of modern and rustic, the sunroom has a pop of red and natural elements. The pre-lit wreath and garland along with the lanterns add to the inviting ambiance. (via The Frugal Housewife)

23. Decoration for classic cars. Seasonal decor fills the vintage wagon. A tree is placed in a 5-gallon Red Wing pot, lit up at night, and a vintage watering can filled with fake berry branches. A vintage enamel bowl features vine tools and snow globe ornaments. (Home Projects)

24. Lunch on the veranda. The rectangular scarves adorning the chairs are from Target, along with a mini chalkboard sign from Michaels and deer ribbon. Candy canes were used in the back of the chair to secure the chalkboard. This would also be a great idea for your dining room as a holiday nameplate! A burlap tablecloth adds a rustic touch. (Recording of daily life)

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

25. Elegant lightning garland. A pre-lit tinsel wreath frames the front door of this beautiful home, adding a touch of Christmas elegance. Oversized lanterns and ornaments add an eye-catching touch. (via Pottery Barn)

Christmas Door Decor For Your Holiday Home

26. DIY Vintage Sleigh. Vintage skis add the perfect touch to outdoor holiday decor, and this $10 DIY fits right into any budget. Add some greenery and a galvanized pail filled with wrapped gifts for an even more festive display! (via Fynes Designs)

27. Christmas porch. The black front door is decked out in Christmas greenery, from wreaths to wreaths. The garland is fake with real greenery added. The same goes for false crowns. (via Craftberry Bush)

28. JOY Outdoor Wreath Sign. This cute DIY will add the perfect touch to your front porch. An old piano mat was used to make this sign (a large piece of wood would also do). A hook in the center was used to secure the crown. The letters are DIY, but you can find them at craft stores. (via Fynes Designs) Winter is fast approaching, which means you’ll likely end up with large interior spaces. But just because you’ll be cooped up indoors for the foreseeable future doesn’t mean the outside of your space should take a back seat. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Host or throw a party

Your home facade is the first thing someone sees when they set foot on your property. So, if you’ve already decorated the halls of your interior with holly branches, you might want to consider turning your attention outdoors.

Design Ideas For Cozy, Neutral Christmas Decorating

It’s easy to fall into the trap of freezing Christmas decor: a garland accompanied by twinkling fairy lights. However, the combinations of textures and palettes to choose from are endless. In fact, you can often work with what you already own rather than craft a megawatt outdoor display worthy of the Griswold family. “You can always make the most of everything and work with what you have!” Huh Young, a designer who drapes his front entryway in elegant evergreens and simply stuffs his plantings with leaves in hand, insists. If you’re looking for some inspiration, scroll through these awesome outdoor Christmas decorations

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