Natural Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism In Cats

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Natural Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism In Cats

Natural Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism In Cats

Find out what a difference only thyroid health supplements for cats can make today!

Feline Hyperthyroidism Remedy

Warning: Safe use in pregnant or lactating animals has not been established. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian. A veterinary check is recommended before using this product.

NOTE: For animals only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, seek medical attention immediately.

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Sudden Weight Loss In Cats And Hyperthyroidism

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Natural Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism In Cats

Older and older cats are more prone to hyperthyroidism. This happens when the thyroid gland produces too much hormone, which speeds up the metabolism. It often causes overstimulation of the heart, digestive and nervous systems.

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Symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats: – rare or sudden weight loss – weak or unusual coat – hyperactivity and irritability – increased appetite and drinking – frequent urination – indigestion and – nausea, diarrhea or vomiting – old age – depression or fatigue .

Hyperthyroid supplements can help reduce circulating thyroid hormones in your cat’s body. This system is made with stimulating herbs that help support the nervous system, calm the body, and promote healthy heart function.

Keeping your thyroid functioning properly is important to your cat’s health and long-term health. The good news is that you can use this effective method forever to improve your cat’s comfort and your life.

Herbs used to support hyperthyroidism have no known side effects, so they are fine for daily use. This method should not be used together with drugs for hyperthyroidism. For cat use only.

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Untreated hyperthyroidism in cats can cause serious heart and kidney problems. Natural or traditional treatment is very important to manage this serious condition. If left untreated, hyperthyroidism can be fatal. Contact your veterinarian or animal supplement for more information. As a holistic pet therapist, cat parents come to me looking for the best solution for hyperthyroidism in their cats. If you do a quick Google search for methimazole (an oral drug used to treat hyperthyroidism), it’s easy to see why caregivers are concerned about long-term use of this drug. It is important to understand that methimazole is not the only treatment for this common condition. In this article, I will discuss the main causes of hyperthyroidism in cats, the possible causes, and how to treat cats in my own experience.

Hyperthyroidism is a hormonal imbalance in older cats. This happens when the thyroid gland becomes enlarged and produces more thyroid hormone. Excess thyroid hormone can cause weight loss, increased liver enzymes, vomiting, heart problems, and irritability/anxiety.

In most cases, it is easier to use a simple blood test for total T4. Occasionally, some cats may have limited T4 values ​​with chronic symptoms. These cats may require further testing.

Natural Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism In Cats

Hyperthyroidism in cats is a relatively new disease and has been common for the past 40 years. There is much speculation among veterinarians as to what may be causing the increase in this disease, and more research is needed. One of the most popular of them is fire extinguishers used in construction and furniture. In addition, there is some evidence that canned foods may also be linked to hormone disruption. It seems that genetics will also be needed.

Thyroid Supplement With L Carnitine For Cats

A thyroidectomy, which is the removal of the thyroid gland, is rarely performed. This article focuses on methimazole and iodine therapy.

Methimazole is the most commonly recommended treatment. This drug works by interfering with the thyroid gland’s ability to produce hormones. It is given orally or applied to the skin (inserted into the ear). Although this medication is generally well tolerated, it may cause vomiting and lethargy in some cats. Sometimes there are cats that do not tolerate methimazole at all. In my ten years of practice, I have seen this many times, including with my own cat.

Advantages: Methimazole is an inexpensive drug that can be effective. Most cats feel better once their thyroid is properly regulated and will notice symptoms within a few months. If your cat doesn’t like taking pills every day, a transdermal cream can be applied to the ear twice a day and is an easy option.

Cons: Your cat will need daily medication for life. Initially, your cat will need blood tests every 4-6 weeks until the right treatment regimen is found. Usually this will happen on the first or second try. Once the right treatment regimen is found, blood tests should be done every 6 months to ensure proper thyroid levels.

Natural Treatments For Hyperthyroidism In Cats

It should be noted that some cats do not tolerate the transdermal form of Methimazole well and require only oral medication.

This treatment involves the use of radioactive I-131. This may sound like the best of natural medicine, but read on! Iodine therapy has many advantages and is considered the gold standard of treatment. I usually recommend this option as the first line of treatment. It is performed in a specialized facility and involves only iodine treatment (I-131). I-131 targets the thyroid gland while sparing surrounding tissues (including the parathyroid glands). It only takes a few days of hospitalization for these harmless and radioactive particles to fall out. Follow-up blood work is required and many cats are treated for life!

Advantages: One treatment is almost always a cure and daily medication is not required. It’s so harmless that your cat won’t need to be treated twice a day for the rest of its life.

Natural Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism In Cats

Disadvantages: It is a more expensive treatment than before. Expect to spend $1,500 – $2,000 in Colorado. Methimazole treatment costs this (or more) over several years, in addition to the required blood tests. But these prices are general.

Five Signs Stating You Need To Get Your Cat’s Thyroid Checked

You must stay away from the cat for at least four nights during treatment. This is the hardest part for me!

Hills has prescription foods that are low in iodine. This nutritional therapy can work, but it has limitations. The taste is poor and many cats will not eat it. This can only work if food is provided and no food or other food is allowed. Even a few dozen other foods exceed the iodine limit. This diet is also low in protein and can cause muscle wasting.

It is important to know that hyperthyroidism can mask kidney disease. This high amount of thyroid hormone increases blood flow to the kidneys. When hyperthyroidism is treated and blood flow is restored, normal kidney function occurs. Because kidney disease is common in older cats, many hyperthyroid cats develop kidney disease.

Expect the cat’s kidney function to increase when treatment begins. It is important to understand that this treatment is not the cause of kidney disease, but it is always there.

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I have tried herbs and other remedies for thyroid problems in cats over the years with no success. I believe this is an example of traditional medicine being very acceptable.

Ideally, I would like to go back to the past – clean up all environmental pollution and get rid of combustibles.

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