Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard – Summer is officially here. It’s time to go hiking or hiking in your favorite places! This may involve walking through tall grass and woods. It depends on where you are going. Protect yourself from Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever by following tick prevention tips from forestry enthusiasts and agricultural experts.

If the tick has passed your security measures Take pictures to identify and know your risk of getting sick. Although it is important to keep yourself safe. But ticks don’t have to rob you of normal summer activities.

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard

One of the most common ticks is the black leg or deer tick. They can spread Lyme disease to humans. They are about 1/4 inch in diameter, so be sure to watch exposed clothing and skin after walking.

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Take precautions when visiting tall grass or wooded areas, grassy areas, wetlands, deer trails, outdoor walkways. and the location of the bush is as follows:

About the Author: Kelly Allsup is a horticulture teacher at the University of Illinois serving Livingston, McLean and Woodford counties. She serves the educational needs of her community. as well as local Master Gardener and Master Naturalist volunteer branches with their expertise in home gardening and entomology. His passion for green gardening and all kinds of plants has made him a powerful speaker on topics from beneficial insects to plants. planting vegetables and fruits on trees in the village in many parts of the country. Ticks are a big problem. That’s serious enough to convince some people to cover their lawns with pesticides and use chemicals on their outdoor clothing. But many people do not agree with the introduction of artificial chemicals into the environment. even to combat particularly harmful insects.

In the past two decades, this mystery has led researchers around the world to look for natural ways to prevent ticks from moving from property to people. And they succeeded.

Before going to war, you must “know your enemy,” according to Sun Tzu. Chinese military philosopher and strategist This is especially important when dealing with ticks, which have important characteristics and weaknesses that can be exploited.

Ways To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Yard

The two most common ticks in the United States are the American dog tick and the black-legged tick. Search or “find” a host by sitting in a tree and waiting for it to pass by. They would then grab animal (or human) hair, fur, or clothing with their front legs and climb into the boat.

“It’s what we call an ambush strategist,” said Kirby Stafford, Connecticut’s principal scientist and entomologist.

Ticks also use plants as protection from the sun’s rays. That can dry them out, Stafford said, and black-legged ticks, in particular, are at risk.

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard

For this reason, mowing the lawn can reduce the number of ticks you see in your area. Short grass does not provide enough habitat for some ticks to survive. collecting dead leaves from the bush And pruning can help reduce some types of ticks in your area.

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Chuck Lubelczyk, a biologist at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute’s Lyme and Vector-borne Disease Laboratory, said: “Removing leaf litter from the yard and letting it dry out will keep the black-legged tick away. easy.”

“The whole idea is to reduce the amount of habitat around the home for ticks,” Stafford said. “You can’t get rid of them all. But he will reduce their number.”

In a study conducted by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, approximately 67 percent of tick samples were found in densely forested areas, with 22 percent located in unstable areas of the border between forest and open areas. open, and 9 percent in ornamental plants, and 2% found in lawns. Then, within the lawn, most ticks (82%) were found within 3 m of the lawn edge. Especially in forests, stone walls and ornamental plants, the study also found that ticks were more common in the shaded areas of the lawn.

Because of these numbers, another common tick control practice is to install a 3-foot-wide barrier of gravel or mulch between lawns and wooded areas, and around swings and seating areas. . This barrier is exposed to sunlight. hinder the migration of mosquitoes

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Unfortunately, there are some types of ticks, such as the Lone Star tick, that can tolerate hot weather. therefore do not despair as easily as homelessness. according to resource center TickEncounter In addition, one-star ticks chase hosts. It moves because of carbon dioxide and movement.

“It’s a very aggressive tick and has a very versatile hunting strategy,” Stafford said, adding that more research is being done on how to deal with this tough tick. .

Although ticks like to stick to people. But it likes to eat the blood of many other animals, for example, the black-footed lizard, which is also known as the deer lizard. Because it usually eats deer as food.

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard

Therefore, one way to reduce the number of ticks on your property is to fence in the good areas that are used most. to prevent certain rodents, such as deer, from entering Another option is to plant deer-resistant plants such as daffodils, lavender, mint, asters and marigolds. These plants do not repel deer. But it doesn’t attract them either.

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Also, consider removing bird feeders when tick season approaches. This is because birds can carry ticks. The same is true of rodents such as rats and chipmunks. It is also important to attract these animals to your property.

In recent years, a lot of scientific research has been done to find plant compounds that repel and kill ticks.

For example, gooseberry (Lindera melissifolia) essential oil was found to repel both star and black-legged ticks in a 2011 study by researchers in the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And an extract from catnip oil was found to repel black-legged ticks in a 2009 study published in the Oxford Journal of Medical Entomology.

Citronella, clove and lily-of-the-valley oils can kill castor bugs. (European tick, also known as sheep tick) in a Swedish study conducted in 2003; Lavender oil and eucalyptus oil helped eliminate the same type of ticks in a 2016 study by researchers in the Czech Republic.

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In addition, lemon eucalyptus oil has been shown to be effective in repelling ticks. Black legs, in particular, says Lubelczyk. This natural combination has been tested in several studies. and is now commonly found in natural mosquito repellents.

Based on studies of different vegetable oils Several companies combine different vegetable oils to make natural tick repellants that can be used on skin, clothes and lawns. Common ingredients include garlic and rosemary essential oils, lemongrass, cedar wood, peppermint, thyme and geraniol. But unlike pesticides. These natural resources are not regulated or tested by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

“The problem with natural aerosol products is that, unfortunately, most of them don’t work,” Stafford said. So companies just remove these [products]. And the real problem is that you often don’t know what you have. What is your plant? What kind of plant produces oil, how is it extracted?”

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ticks In Yard

Currently, the only natural tick repellent listed by the EPA is 2-undecanone, a compound derived from wild tomato plants. other herbs and citrus fruits It is currently being evaluated by the EPA for registration as an effective anti-inflammatory.

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“There are two large projects in Connecticut and New Jersey under grants from the CDC that are testing cottonseed for tick control,” Stafford said. So that’s another problem with these [plant] compounds. You put it on, and it goes away in a day or two.”

He added: “It will take a lot of work and money to produce a product that will be sprayed.” “Key Words”

Beyond plant species, the EPA-listed fungus Metarhizium brunneum (formerly Metarhizium anisopliae) has been used in lawns and gardens to kill the black-legged tick. These fungi naturally grow in soil around the world. And it is available commercially as a pesticide called Met25.

“It’s not a pure technical fertilizer, as it’s treated as a carrier to allow the spores to settle,” said Stafford, “but in a natural way.”

How To Get Rid Of Ticks In Your Lawn

A variety of chickens and other domestic birds such as guinea fowl and turkeys will naturally eat ticks and other garden pests, but whether this will have a significant impact on the number of ticks on the site is unknown.

“Not much is known about birds as predators that eat ticks. And references are often based on small observations.

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