Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

If you watch HGTV, you’ll be familiar with this design style. The modern country house is found in all design exhibitions, and for good reason: this design style is comfortable, warm and attractive. “Farmhouse style brings a natural setting, uses handcrafted materials and crafts, and useful items,” says Lee Johnson of Creekwood Hill. Farmhouse works well with other decorating styles, so it’s easy to incorporate into any home.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Anyone Can Copy

Lee Johnson is the creator and stylist behind Creekwood Hill. It supports an orderly, organized and calm life. He grew up with fond memories of his grandmother’s farm in western Minnesota and brought that nostalgia into his home and design.

Applying the style of a country house is easy, but it is very important to pay attention to the perception of the place. “A farmhouse is more of a lifestyle, so I want to think about how a farmhouse would feel,” Johnson says. “Often feelings of comfort and longing.”

Country style is characterized by warm colors and natural materials. There is often a sense of nostalgia sprinkled throughout the space and recycled items. A relative of the “shabby chic” movement, farmhouse decor can be more modern or rustic depending on the designer.

Country house decoration is modest. His writing often conveys a sense of nostalgia through his low-key view of the basics. Similar to minimalism, farmhouse style relies on basic pieces to decorate a room and doesn’t go overboard in terms of incorporating a lot of extra flair. When bringing this look into your home, focus on the key pieces first and accessorize it strategically.

Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Farmhouse style relies on using natural materials, often in unexpected ways. Think leather or brass in the kitchen and silver in the living room. Do not be afraid of the unexpected – even if the farm is based on a traditional style, this does not mean that there is no room for experimentation.

Remember: Farmhouse style is cozy and comfortable. Consider open shelving in a country kitchen. Not only do open shelves look cool and casual, but they also give you a chance to display vintage glassware and plates in an unobtrusive way.

If you’re lucky enough to have open beams, you’re halfway there. Whether it’s a kitchen or basement, keeping your room a little “unfinished” is a great way to blend in with the farmhouse. If you don’t have exposed beams, incorporate reclaimed wood or other natural features to achieve a similar ambiance.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

If you do not have exposed beams, you can install false beams on the existing ceiling. Although this is not an easy DIY, it can transform a large living room and make it more comfortable and attractive.

Designer Examples Of Modern Farmhouse Decor

You’ve probably seen your fair share of shipped parts. Although shiplap is a great material to use on a feature wall or decorate a screened porch, you can also use it on a kitchen ceiling or mudroom to add visual interest.

When you want to replicate that farmhouse feel, it’s easy to hit the flea market, drop a few bucks on a few vintage farmhouse-inspired pieces, and be done with it. Instead, Johnson said, “There should be more emphasis on handmade items, especially lighting, hardware, textiles and textiles.” Consider a solid wood coffee table instead of glass, or a handmade rug instead of a mass-produced rug.

An authentic farmhouse space incorporates vintage furniture (or vintage-inspired pieces) in a soft, understated way. Consider a deep sink in the laundry room or kitchen, brass fixtures in the bathroom, or wrought iron accents on your balcony. One attractive element is enough to change the room and make a final impression.

Industrial lighting is a key feature in many farms. Think antique brass and faux candlesticks or Edison bulbs. A farmhouse often gives off an industrial look, especially in fixtures and finishes. Look for lamps with rustic materials and soft lighting.

Best Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

When decorating in a farmhouse, choose neutral shades such as white, brown or gray. This doesn’t mean you can’t add other bold colors, but consider a warm and soothing palette first.

Entering this farmhouse inspired space is key. A well-decorated entryway is essential to a warm and inviting home. If you have a separate mudroom or entryway, take the time to decorate a small but purposeful space. If you don’t have a separate entryway, a bench and console can go a long way to creating the illusion of one.

As we say, a country house is more of a lifestyle than a built-in book. “When I think of a country house, I think of a slow lifestyle,” says Johnson. “This home is an intentional lifestyle made from meaningful pieces and organic sources.”

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

How to add interest to a modest farmhouse style home? Contrast palette. Even neutral colors such as black and white can create a lot of depth in your home, but remain low and minimalistic. In the bathroom, consider black and white tiles or a dark gray or black painted island.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Go Beyond Rustic

While farmhouse design is often minimal and neutral, it feels free-flowing—meaning you don’t have to worry about a perfectly coordinated palette. Throws and pillows in contrasting patterns or coordinating prints can still work beautifully in a farmhouse setting if the rest of the space is laid out.

While you can incorporate modern pieces into your farmhouse, this is your chance to mix in antiques. “Farmhouse means the pieces were brought in or passed down from generation to generation,” Johnson says. “You can mix a traditional farmhouse with modern pieces or materials so they don’t feel too closed off.”

Consider this idea carefully, because if it is too much, it will make the house too beautiful or theme. That said, don’t be afraid to mix a few traditional farmhouse pieces into your home. Think rustic wicker baskets, farmhouse sinks, or flour signs. These elements combined with modern elements make your home attractive. There’s something about the new year that always makes us turn our attention back home and think about how we can improve or refresh our home and modern farmhouse decor. While some of us may have the lofty goal of a complete home renovation, many of us are looking for small details that instantly improve a room. Our issue this fall

They are happy with a simple, minimal and modern approach to decorating a country house. The exterior has a classic aesthetic while the interior features mid-century inspired accents, organic shapes and colors. While we can’t all live on a famous horse farm, we can try.

Fresh & Unexpected Farmhouse Design Ideas For 2023

Check out our favorite modern farmhouse decorating ideas from 2023 below. Looking to shop modern farmhouse decor? Click here to shop these top trends now.

The farmhouse inspired homes we see today have open, vaulted ceilings and lots and lots of natural light. Cozy fireplaces are now surrounded by luxurious farrow and ball shades, making them the real focal point of the room. A fun way to modernize the look of any farmhouse is with a splash of color. The bold and sophisticated colors seen here are a stark contrast to the “rustic” look of yesteryear and the clutter that looks completely modern and fresh.

Pots, glass vases and sculptural containers of dried flowers are the perfect touch to update your home with farmhouse style. In the kitchen, we are obsessed with luxurious black colored spoons or marble veneers and stunning cutting boards. Shop our favorite home accents here.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Walk with me here: It’s time to replace the traditional farmhouse style rustic charm with bohemian home decor details. Instead of shabby-chic, rattan furniture, Moroccan rugs or baskets make a soothing addition as planters. Warm tones and textures take center stage in this modern bohemian farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For 2023

Don’t be afraid to play and have fun. When we think about the rustic decoration of a country house, everything is painted. None – There is no seat or central in the room

– Characterized by explosive behavior. It’s time to add some color to an accent pillow (like the one below from Linen Fox), or better yet, try a fun wallpaper in a small space. Today there are many interesting mobile wallpapers, and trying and choosing a wallpaper is not the nightmare it was ten years ago.

We also love the idea of ​​eclectic tiles. One of our favorite tile-inspired Instagram followers is Clé Tile.

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