Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021 – Thinking of changing your master or guest bathroom? Maybe you’re thinking you need a complete makeover or just looking for inspiration to make some quick changes? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s no denying the allure of farmhouse decor. Modern country design has conquered the world and we sure love it. No matter what your bathroom plans are, we think you’ll love seeing these beautiful, unique farmhouse bathroom renovations that we have to admit, we’re totally obsessed with.

This aluminum ornament is so unique. This bathroom can certainly be described as sophistication meets the city. The French country feel adds such a sparkling elegance to it. A powder room like this can really help add a little more class to the home. See the step by step at Jenna Sue Design.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021

Check out this double sink! It’s so cool! We are definitely embracing the country vibe and totally digging it. It’s all in the details. Backyard lights and overlapping siding? Yes please! See how Kristi remodeled her bathroom at Making It in the Mountains.

Genius Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

This bathroom offers beautiful feminine vibes in its beautiful decor and fun colors, without compromising on charm. The contrast of the tiled floors with the wooden cabinet brings the city style to life. It’s fun and funky without being over the top. It highlights a good mix of country and chic. Follow the instructions for this vintage updo from Kelli and Kristi at Lolly Jane.

Wooden plank shelves, or “free floating shelves,” are a great way to add a little country flair to almost any room, including bathrooms. It just goes to show that even how you store things in a space can make a difference. We love these stacked shelves! See how Alicia decorated her bathrooms at Thrifty and Chic.

Check out this beautiful bathroom! Wouldn’t you like to take a bath in that tub? Yes please! This bathroom is very spacious. You almost feel like you are in your own personal spa. See how Josh and Amanda remodeled their master bathroom at Sincerely Marie Designs. Do you have bubbles and essential oils ready?

Can you see the wooden ladder on the wall decoration? And look at the sink knobs. This has “farza” written all over it. The simple interior of this one is so impressive and its minimalism will allow the guests to feel more at peace. Check out Jenna Sue’s design blog to find out how to get the look.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

The oldest bathtub found so far dates back to 1500 BC. The tub was designed for the queen’s bath in the Palace of Knossos in Crete and dates from the Minoan period.

The wonderful lightness of this vanity is so appealing. It has such a charming elegance. From the beautiful mirror to the baby blue wardrobes, the tiled walls and wooden planks. We love everything! You don’t necessarily need to do any work to get the look you’re after. Just use this dream bathroom from Jenna Kate at Home for inspiration.

If you want a more subtle city look, this is it! Chances are, if you like the style of the sentence, you’ll probably like mason jars too. Check out the adorable mason jar inspired light fixtures and soap dispenser. We love how Ashley at Joyfully Growing put together this beautiful vanity.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021

It’s a bathing theme park. South Korea is the first (and probably the last) country to open a “toilet culture park”.

Farmhouse Bathrooms We’re Obsessed With

This bathroom is perfect for children or as a guest room. We love this real city sink. The way Holly at Faux Farm House decorated this space is top notch. It takes a certain eye to put this together and we’re pretty obsessed with the design. The wallpaper is back these days and it totally works here. Did we mention we also love the light fixtures and wood plank walls?

Take cabs on New York, North Carolina and West Coast suburban lines. Throw in four adorable kids who are crazy enough to keep Danielle sane, and you’ve got yourself a juicy recipe for City Girl Gone Mom. We share the best home decor ideas, furniture tips, best products and interior design tips for America’s most stylish women.

When renovating your home, you might be looking for the most inspiring modern bathroom decorating ideas. Although we don’t spend much time in the bathroom every day, it is a room in our house that deserves special attention and consideration.

The bathroom is where we relieve ourselves, shower, brush our teeth and maybe even put on make-up. It’s where we get ready to start the day first thing in the morning and it’s where we end the night before we go to bed. It is a very functional room that should not only satisfy our needs but also make us feel at home.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Renovation With Delta: The Process & Reveal

Rather than seeing this room as purely functional, the best residential bathroom designs have a personal touch that makes us laugh or just relax in a warm bath. You can have family photos on the wall, for example, display a poster with a funny quote, or add candles and bath salts to create a spa at home. There are many different directions you can take your farmhouse bathroom design.

We love modern cottage decor for its approachable design, family-friendly nature and country style. Here are the best farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas we found online!

An antique wooden storage box is great for storing bed linen, toiletries and any other bathroom items you have around the house. You can also use it as a medicine cabinet.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021

This bathroom has been fitted with a vintage table that has been converted into a bathroom vanity. This is a very Farmhouse way to decorate the bathroom: take old furniture and give it new life. A white sink was placed above the sink, as well as brass faucets.

Best Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

Farmhouses often have shed walls, those long horizontal planks of wood, painted white! Joanna Gaines was famous for decorating her clients’ homes with shiplap walls. This style works well in the bathroom too!

Having a rustic wooden stool near the tub is great for storing small items you may need during or after a bath. I keep a towel in mine, plus body wash and sometimes a little holder for my phone.

For a vintage farmhouse look, go with antique brass bathroom fixtures in your bathroom. Items like the sink faucet, shower bar, shower mixer, door knobs and more can be finished in antique brass for a rustic, aged feel. This type of hardware is understated enough to work well in a modern farmhouse bathroom, if the rest of your furniture and decor is more modern.

Gooseneck wall lights are popular lighting options for many areas of a farm. Here, two small gooseneck sconces have been installed on the wall above the bathroom cabinet, providing light to the sink.

Modern Farmhouse Primary Bathroom

If you have the space, installing a freestanding vintage bathtub in your home is a great idea. This claw foot tub has been painted pink on the outside to match the vintage floral wallpaper on the wall.

Neutral jute storage baskets are a popular choice for city bathroom storage. You can use these handy baskets to hide towels, toilet paper, soap, bathroom accessories, your hair dryer and other small bathroom items.

This white ruffled shower curtain is a great addition to this rustic bathroom design. It gives the space a feminine cottage feel. The white hydrangea jute basket is a sweet touch!

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 2021

Another great lighting idea is to install these fine wooden sconces that really give this bathroom a rustic feel. These small sconces only have four bulbs, so they’re ideal for a bathroom where you don’t need a lot of light, especially with a large window nearby that lets in plenty of natural light.

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas Inspired By Nature’s Beauty

So what did you think of our farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas? We hope you have been inspired by this design. You can make your home unique by choosing decorations that you know your family will love, even if they are a little dated. The most important thing is that everyone is comfortable and at home.

If you love Fixer Upper style decor, don’t miss our other modern farmhouse interior design guide!

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