Modern Country Bathroom Design

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Modern Country Bathroom Design

Modern Country Bathroom Design

When you think of HGTV, you probably think of “modern farmhouse,” but the look and feel is so much more than what you’ll find on home improvement shows. Modern farmhouse style is all about creating a warm and welcoming space that feels updated and modern without looking too modern. Often derived from other design styles such as minimalist and Scandinavian, the modern farmhouse bathroom is, above all, calm and peaceful.

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While there are many ways to incorporate a modern look into your bathroom, there are a few key details that are often used with style. From rustic reclaimed wood to vintage accents, attention to detail is key to this universally loved aesthetic.

We’ve rounded up our favorite modern farmhouse bathrooms and asked some experts for their tips and tricks for working with this style.

While elements of a modern farmhouse can feel a little rustic, this decorating style is definitely a look all its own. According to Cheri Lingafelt, founder of Accent Prone, “A modern farmhouse feels a little more sophisticated and modern than rustic.”

It’s important to add some minimalist or modern touches to your space to keep any of the farmhouse elements from looking too chic.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas (with Inspiring Photos)

A fun way to add some modern farmhouse style to a very modern bathroom? “Add a sliding barn door,” says Lingafelt. Not only does this give you more room to work with—ideally in a smaller space—but it can also add the visual interest you need to take your bathroom to the next level.

Jade Joiner, co-founder of Metal + Petal, evokes a modern farmhouse look in her spaces by focusing on simple, clean touches. “Ranchback bathrooms are best known for having matte black hardware and white subway tile—very Chip and Joan,” says Joyner.

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of nostalgia, suggests Joyner. A country-inspired accent can look modern when paired with clean accents.

Modern Country Bathroom Design

While most modern farmhouse bathrooms stick to neutral colors and simple textures, Joyner says she likes to mix and match decor elements when working with a modern farmhouse.

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“I like to push a farmhouse bathroom, since it’s usually plain in color, to be a little bold with a modern wall color or bright wallpaper,” she says. “No one wants their house to look like the neighbor’s house. Embrace the style, but make it your own.” Add a fun piece of tile or a bold vanity to bring it home.

The furniture maker’s top tip for homeowners decorating with this look? “Don’t go for a farmhouse theme or just a look, as this can make the space feel flat,” she says. “Instead, add textures, layers and incorporate the things you’ve collected with a bold piece of modern art.”

For a while, it seemed like homeowners were moving away from brown wooden vanities to make room for a crisp, clean white look. But Candace Poltz, principal designer and founder of Candace Plotz Design, says it’s time to bring them back.

“In the design industry, we’re seeing a resurgence of wood,” says Poltz. “If you want to add great texture and warmth to a cold space, white oak is a beautiful vanity choice.”

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Textiles are a great way to add a warm, cozy feel to your bathroom. Here, a ladder is used to display Turkish towels that add a touch of texture and act as visual interest.

Choosing a farmhouse bathroom doesn’t mean giving up fun patterned tiles. Instead, consider keeping it subtle and adding some wallpaper to freshen up the space without taking away from the neutral elements of the room.

In the world of design, people either love or hate boats. But we think shiplap can get a bad rap. When mixed with other more modern elements, shiplap is a great way to add lots of texture to your bathroom without cluttering the space or looking too gaudy.

Modern Country Bathroom Design

Lindsey Borchardt of Lindsey Brook Design helped her clients remodel their downstairs bathroom into a gorgeous modern farmhouse style.

Best Rustic Bathroom Design And Decor Ideas For 2022

“We wanted to make sure this bathroom had modern farmhouse elements, but also stayed true to the classic and timeless,” she said. “We did this by using lots of white in different shades and patterns and adding warm wood tones to soften the space and give it a farmhouse feel.

One of the easiest ways to bring a modern farmhouse feel to your home is through objects. A beautiful vintage vase or pitcher is a great and easy way to give your bathroom a rustic feel without breaking the bank.

From wood to marble to concrete, modern hacienda bathrooms are made from natural materials. Skip the artificial stuff and fill your space with warm accents that are attractive and will last for years to come.

Finding storage space in any bathroom can be a challenge, but when you want to add a little extra space for essentials, consider some floating reclaimed wood shelves. This gives you more room for toiletries while giving your bathroom a modern farmhouse look.

Cool Rustic Bathroom Designs

In some settings, black and gold can look flashy and bold. But in a modern farmhouse bathroom, it offers a simple, classic look that blends traditional and modern style.

A modern farmhouse bathroom can, of course, have color, but if you want to keep it warm and simple, consider choosing more neutral tones. Here, various shades of white and gray come together to create enough interest that the bathroom doesn’t look flat or boring, but gives it a great modern farmhouse feel.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and debating between a shower and tub, consider a traditional pedestal. There is something undeniably elegant and attractive about a large clawfoot tub that makes such a statement in any bathroom.

Modern Country Bathroom Design

Thinking of wallpapering your bathroom? Don’t be afraid to install wallpaper in the space of a modern country house. Choose a simple one with neutral colors and a subtle pattern to add some visual interest that still looks classic.

Of The Most Exhilarating And Trendy Bathroom Design Ideas

Instead of a vanity with cabinets, consider a statement look. Here, rustic gold piping is exposed to give this space a classic feel and add great interest to the space. This is a great idea for bathrooms where you don’t have to hide so many things under the sink.

One way to take a simple bathroom and give it a touch of modern farmhouse flair is to replace your standard sink and vanity with a metal sink.

We can’t get enough of this rustic dresser turned vanity. The rich wood tones make this powder room very inviting and the vintage touches feel classic without looking old or stuffy. Decorating your home in a rustic style is a great way to show your appreciation for natural materials, vintage accessories and architectural details that exude character. This includes not being afraid to show off things like wooden beams, stone and clay accents, and old-school lights. If you are interested in this design trend, consider trying rustic bathroom ideas.

Transforming your bathroom into a rustic retreat for you and your guests doesn’t have to break the bank. Here we’ve rounded up a selection of bathroom photos, from bold makeovers to more modest layouts with rustic touches. You can choose roller blinds on the walls, install patterned wallpaper (checks and flowers are always a good idea) or even try sliding doors or showers to enhance your space. It’s your choice! So, if you don’t know how to incorporate rustic elements into your bathroom, these decorating ideas, which include some tips for modern design lovers, will inspire you. Mayavenue Funny Country Art Decor Box Signs, Wash Your Hands Ya Filthy Animal Rustic Bathroom Decor, Farmhouse Modern Style Wood Black Box Wall Decorations For Home, 7×7 Inch

Choose a pair of wooden mirrors and hang them above the sink using an iron pulley and jute rope.

Give your bathroom a rustic feel with a vaulted ceiling, brick walls and hardwood floors. But don’t stop there! Choose a white bathtub to highlight the space.

Add a variety of vintage touches to your bathroom design. Balance the design scheme with silver elements such as lighting and mirrors to give an all-white space a polished look.

Modern Country Bathroom Design

Instead of a traditional bathroom rug, cover the tiled floor with a vintage rug. Enhance the look by using a log house as an attractive linen closet.

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Incorporating antique art into your bathroom decor is an easy way to achieve a rustic look. Collect wall art compositions in different sizes to liven up the space.

You can’t go wrong with a combination of light and dark wood tones in the bathroom. Try a dark wood mirror such as walnut and a distressed oak cabinet for contrast. Using a stone sink only adds to the rusticity.

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