Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

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Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

When you think of HGTV, you probably think of “Modern Ranch,” but there’s more to it than you’ll find in home improvement shows. Modern farmhouse style is all about creating warm, welcoming spaces that feel up-to-date and modern without being too trendy. Commonly used in other design styles such as minimalism and Scandinavia, modern farmhouse bathrooms are above all relaxing and peaceful.

Cozy And Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

There are many ways to incorporate a modern farmhouse into your bathroom, but there are a few key details that define the style well. From rustic reclaimed wood to vintage accents, attention to detail is key to this world-renowned aesthetic.

We’ve rounded up our favorite modern farmhouse bathrooms and asked some experts for their tips and tricks when working with this style.

The modern farmhouse elements may seem a little rustic, but this decor certainly has its own style. According to Accent Prone founder Cheri Lingafelt, “Modern farmhouses are a little more elegant and modern than rustic cottages.”

It’s important to add a few minimalist or modern touches to your space to keep the farmhouse elements from becoming too shabby chic.

Gorgeous Master Bathroom Makeover Designs For 2023

Looking for a fun way to add a modern farmhouse feel to a fairly modern bathroom? “Add sliding barn doors,” said Ringafelt. Not only does this give you more room to work in smaller spaces, but it also gives you the extra visual appeal you need to take your bathroom to the next level.

Metal + Petal co-founder Jade Joyner evokes a modern farmhouse look and feel in her spaces by focusing on clean, simple touches. “Farmhouse bathrooms are best known for their matte black hardware and white subway tiles. They’re so chic and classy,” Joyner says.

Joyner suggests don’t be afraid to add a little nostalgia. Country-inspired details look modern when paired with clear accents.

Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

Most modern farmhouse bathrooms feature neutral colors and simple textures, but Joyner says she likes to mix and match decorative elements when working with modern farmhouses.

Cabin Bathrooms With Rustic Charm And Natural Style

“Farmhouse bathrooms are usually monochromatic, so I like to go a little bolder with modern pops of color on the walls or nice wallpaper,” she says. “No one wants their home to be the same as their neighbor’s. Embrace the style and make it your own.” Add a cute brick or a sassy dressing table to take home.

What’s Joyner’s top tip for homeowners decorating with this look? This is because it can make the space appear flat. “Instead, add textures and layers, and combine your collection with bold contemporary art.”

For a while, it seemed like the homeowners were ditching the brown wood vanity to make way for a clean white exterior. But Candice Portz, principal designer and founder of Candice Plotts Design, says it’s time to bring them back.

“We’re seeing a revival of wood in the design industry,” says Poltz. “If you want to add great texture and warmth to a cold space, white oak is perfect for your dressing table.”

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas (with Inspiring Photos)

Textiles are a great way to give your bathroom a warm and comfortable feel. Here, blanket ladders are used to showcase Turkish scarves, adding texture and visual appeal.

Choosing a farmhouse bathroom doesn’t mean giving up on fun patterned tiles. Instead, go understated and refresh the space with small bricks without sacrificing the neutral elements of the room.

In the design world, people either love to struggle or they don’t. However, we believe that shiplap may receive a bad reputation. Combining shiplap with other modern elements can add plenty of texture to your bathroom without overwhelming the space or being overly flashy.

Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

Lindsey Burchard of Lindsey Brook Design helped a client renovate a downstairs bathroom into a modern farmhouse that looks very fresh.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

“We wanted this bathroom to incorporate modern farmhouse elements while staying true to its classic, timeless feel,” she says. She “did this by making extensive use of white in different shades and patterns, and adding warm wood tones to soften the space and give it a farmhouse feel.”

One of her easiest ways to introduce a modern farmhouse to a home is through objects. A nice vintage vase or vase is a great and simple way to give your bathroom a rustic, no-frills look.

From wood and marble to concrete, modern farmhouse bathrooms feature natural materials. Ditch the artificial and fill your space with warm accents that will make you feel cozy and last for years.

Storage space can be hard to find in any bathroom, but if you want a little more space for your essentials, consider floating shelves with reclaimed wood. This gives your bathroom a modern farmhouse look while providing more space for your toiletries.

Kid’s Bathroom Design Ideas With Tile To Grow Into

Depending on the environment, black and gold can be flashy and dazzling. But a modern farmhouse bathroom gives you a simple, classic look that combines traditional and modern styles.

Of course, a modern farmhouse bathroom can be colorful, but if you want to keep your bathroom warm and simple, choose more neutral colors. Various shades of white and gray are combined here to create just enough charm while giving the bathroom the perfect modern farmhouse feel that is neither flat nor boring.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and you’re wondering whether to go for a shower or a tub, consider the traditional clawfoot. There is definitely something stylish and attractive about a tub with a large stand that makes such a statement in any bathroom.

Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

Thinking about wallpapering your bathroom? Don’t be afraid to wallpaper your modern farmhouse. Choose something simple with neutral colors and subtle patterns to leave a classic impression.

Master Bathroom Ideas To Give You A Spa Like Atmosphere At Home

Instead of a dressing table with cabinets, consider an exposed look. Here, rustic gold tubing is exposed, giving the space a vintage feel and adding charm to the space. This is a great idea for a restroom where you don’t have to hide a lot of stuff under the sink.

One way to give a simple bathroom a modern farmhouse character is to replace the standard vanity and sink with a metal basin.

You won’t get bored with this rustic wardrobe turned vanity. Rich wood tones make this dressing room cozy and vintage elements give it a vintage feel without feeling dated or claustrophobic. Farmhouse style is a popular design aesthetic due to its simple, warm charm and earthy color palette, which is especially great for bathrooms. . You can achieve this look by adding your own DIY tools when remodeling or by enlisting the help of professionals. All you need is some stylish accessories and wooden accents. Wooden floors add rustic charm to the ship’s walls and ceilings. Don’t forget the cool farmhouse lights!

Get creative when designing a farmhouse style bathroom, such as sliding barn doors that are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Add your salvaged finds to your bathroom or repurpose furniture as a vanity. Shop around at flea markets and Craigslist, repurpose some items and use them to decorate your bathroom, and you might find a unique faucet or sink. It is possible to find a galvanized bucket for your sink. Don’t forget storage options like wire baskets. Check out the gallery below for great inspiration.

Master Bathroom Ideas

Love the farmhouse look? Check out another inspiring article we’ve featured, 50 Amazing Farmhouse Kitchens for Cooking and Fun.

1. This luxurious bathroom has a freestanding bathtub and white subway tiles on the walls and floor. Vintage by his Settecento from Bianco. (via Walls and Floors Co., Ltd.)

2. A beautiful Madrid farmhouse-style bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower, furniture-like cabinets, dark wood floors, and soft green walls. (via Tecnica Construcciones)

Modern Cottage Master Bathroom Ideas

3. This farmhouse bathroom in Calistoga, California features a separate tub, walk-in shower, and built-in cabinets. The walls are Benjamin Moore Iron Clad and the decor is Benjamin Moore Cotton Ball OC-122. The finish is super satin. (via Total Concept)

Timeless Rustic Bathroom Ideas

4. A large counter with sink adds rustic charm to this Milwaukee farmhouse bathroom. Check out the full house tour featured here: Big Cedar Lake’s Beautiful Farmhouse Style Home. (via Wade Wiseman Architecture)

5. This lovely bathroom in Santa Monica, California has a cement tile floor with an endless drain.

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