Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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While our bedroom is everywhere now, I thought it was a good time to share some insight into its current state and past appearance. We still have a few items that need to be replaced with more suitable furniture (like my plastic sock drawer hidden behind a tilted mirror, 2 bedside tables and mismatched wardrobes), but I’m very pleased with the way things look now!

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

I’m sure you know how wonderful it feels to finally have your own “master bedroom”, right? I lived with my parents until 4 years ago and I moved into Jun’s parents house where we shared a small room with a large king bed for 2 years, so I really wanted to polish the great room. your own and let it “grow up”. Now!” vibes.

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Don’t forget – this is what this room looked like before we moved in. Some paint colors and thoughtful designs can open up and brighten up a space!

This room has a narrow window and a large sliding glass door to the backyard, both without the traditional vertical blinds. We decided to take them off and install 2 pairs of full length blinds, giving the impression that they are the same width. Given the way the light curtains come in, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that the window is much smaller than a sliding door.

Our windows are also old, the thin double pane windows with argon gas between the cells have been leaking for a long time, so this room has

Sunshine and warmth come in the morning. They face east, so we really needed blackout curtains to prevent the room from overheating in the morning – there’s nothing worse than waking up in an uncomfortably warm room with harsh sunlight. As you know, window decoration can be expensive and although curtains are often the cheapest option, it is still difficult to find great quality at low prices. But I gave these AmazonBasics removable blinds a chance and they didn’t disappoint! About $24 a pair, perfect

Decoration Ideas For A Small Bedroom On A Budget

If I had the curtains folded at the end of the room, I think we’d definitely see diffused light, but I’d like to cut costs and buy matching double curtains with blackout curtains and sheer curtains for $12. la. see. More Amazon details: double curtain rod $25! The ends are plastic, but these slats can’t bend and hold these heavy curtains, so the color drew me in.

Like the rest of the house, the walls and ceiling of this room are painted a pure white. Like the living room and most of our house, we use Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plain paint, but we colorize it with Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra paint to save a lot of money. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember how I felt about this color looking a bit purple in my room on cloudy days, but it turned out to be a real gray in this room due to a lot of light. from the window. I find it to be a really calming color that pairs well with my neutral colored furniture and decorations.

I originally wanted a total of 4 photo frames above the bed, but since I was shopping at HomeGoods I received 3 matching white photo frames. I’m thinking of getting bigger eventually, but for now I think these are still great. I don’t have a direct link for these Mikasa picture frames, but you can buy a set of 4 frames on Amazon for very cheap (I bought mine 3 for $8.99 each).

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

I was also looking for large bedside mirrors, but I found these $23 on door mirrors while browsing Walmart and couldn’t resist. The frame is made of gray wood, with the same grain as the real wood!

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In fact, our bedside tables are living room tables that I inherited from my mother, and I haven’t made it a priority to replace them with another. I like to put bedside tables with drawers instead of displaying all my books, magazines, pills, etc., so I’m waiting for the perfect duo to show up. However, I get a lot of questions about me, so here are links to the exact questions I currently have in my closet.

As for the night light, I like the simple design (and the price). I really don’t want the “noisy” bedside lamps and since they can cost a lot I can’t afford to pay that much myself. These $15 lights are simple but make good use of my black accent color, and they have an outlet so you can plug in your phone charger.

Questions about my bed frame, and I have to say it’s probably my favorite thing in my bedroom. It only costs $277 for a king, and that’s for the entire bed frame and slats, not just the headboard. I think my only complaint with the mattress is that the headboard looked a bit low for me, but that’s because our mattress was too thick! On thinner mattresses, they are even taller. This is definitely not a cheap bed frame, so if you’re looking for a quilted headboard, I highly recommend it!

Our mattress is from Zinus and I got it in exchange for this sponsored review, but we’ve been using it for about 10 months and it’s probably the best mattress I’ve ever had – no kidding. . Perfect fit gel foam mattress

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If you live in a place that is hot or very warm when you sleep. Feels like sleeping on ice and not as hot as other foam mattresses! I bought a 14-inch king for $467, but thinking back, maybe I should have bought a 12-inch. Regardless of size or thickness, this is probably one of the best mattresses you can buy. Don’t worry – you can return it in 100 days if you don’t like it.

I got our couch from HomeGoods, so unfortunately I don’t have a direct link – however, there are some great couches online that are similar in style and price! Check out my picks 1, 2 and 3.

If you’re a dog owner, you probably know what those stairs are for! We have a small dog and no matter what we do, it always jumps on the bed while we are sleeping. These stairs certainly stopped that practice. I bought it brown at HomeGoods years ago, but I bought the blue fabric and sewed the cover to match. I would do anything for my baby

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Mattresses are expensive, so I tried to cut costs with them. Since we live in the desert, I can find a thin duvet for cheap, but I know I have to get cotton sheets because it’s very hot here. You’ve probably heard that the higher the yarn count, the better – but honestly, anything higher than 300-400 TC in the heat doesn’t really work and doesn’t rotate the ventilation in the weave. . I did a lot of research on cheap cotton pads and found this 300 TC note located at JC Penney for $55.99 and after the coupon the price was reduced to $51.71 with tax. Trust me, if you want to change your pages over the summer, here they are! It is not only 100% cotton, but also cotton percale, like the linens you see in hotels. They wrinkle more than satin cotton, but this is only due to the weave – this weave actually allows more air to flow through the weave than satin. So while satin feels smoother and less wrinkled, linen is what you need if you really want to stay cool at night. And it’s hard to find cheap 100% cotton sheets, so buy these!

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As for the white duvet cover and pillowcase, I found this set. It’s not 100% cotton or percale, but since we don’t really use white pillows or duvets in the summer, I find that it’s not really necessary. Also, I have this gray duvet and duvet set to add gray to the bedding.

When this bedroom is complete, I will publish another blog post with updates! I hope our bedroom developments inspire you to renovate your bedroom on a budget. If you liked this post, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter

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