Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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25 Wall Decor Ideas for Every Style and Budget Are you overdue for a home refresh? These unique wall decor and design ideas can help you transform your space without spending a fortune.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

A blank wall is like a blank canvas and how it is decorated tells a story. Wall hangings can create a space, open it up, add vibrancy, create a clean look and invite guests to admire and discuss. These inspiring ideas suit every style, space and budget and help put your own personal stamp on your living space.

Best Budget Friendly Living Room Makeover Ideas For 2021

A gallery wall is a coordinated arrangement of several works of art that make a big impact. For a luxe-meets-comfortable look, curate a curated selection of prints in neutral tones. Choose prints of different sizes and mount them in similar frames for a matching display. Choose a quality wooden frame with simple, clean lines.

Turn walls into living art. This idea includes stylish wooden planks that create a neutral backdrop on which vibrant, green plants can thrive and stand out. Play with a uniform look by using matching pots or a dynamic mix of pottery, baskets and ceramics. You can go with wooden bins to get the ultimate clay experience.

Wall decor ideas can be as simple as large, wavy wall decorations. Fabric wall hangings bring texture, color and bohemian flair to a room and are perfect for spaces that could use some ground energy, such as bedrooms.

Paint one wall in the room in contrasting colors to the other three. Choose a bold color to make the room pop. You can increase the contrast by displaying abstract art on an accent wall for a layered look.

Wall Decor Ideas For An Insta Worthy Home

Another way to create an accent wall is with peel-and-stick wallpaper or decals. This option for wall decoration ideas is especially useful for renters. Create a mid-century atmosphere with Mercury Row Reliford peel-and-stick wallpaper with half circles in black, white, orange and green, or go for a more classic motif.

Combine traditional and contemporary design by placing moldings. This is a very doable DIY project for beginners, especially if you use Orac Decor’s flexible panel molding. Made from a polyurethane compound and cast in a steel mold, these sharp moldings look like plaster but are easy to install with standard woodworking tools.

Skip the usual framed artwork and decorate the walls with an assortment of baskets instead. Add visual interest and energy by choosing baskets in a variety of shapes, patterns and materials, including rattan, bamboo, sage fiber and jute. Basket bouquets add color and texture to any space.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

There’s no easier way to add luxury to a home than with mirrors. Just one or more brackets visually open up the room and make a sophisticated statement at the same time. Mirrors come in a variety of styles, from traditional rectangular mirrors to elegant gold frames with sharp modern geometric designs. Hang a mirror in front of a window to maximize natural light.

Genius Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget You Can Easily Recreate

Whether you choose to hang an antique bicycle as a statement piece or need to hang a regularly used bicycle, bicycles offer a fun way to decorate a wall. To display bikes on the wall, use a sturdy yet attractive hanger like this wooden bike shelf from Etsy seller BOTLAMsterdamShop. Not only does it keep the bicycle safe, it also provides space for vases or other decorative items, as well as keys, books or other household items.

Floating shelves offer a minimalist design that looks neat on the wall. The calm, strict lines of the floating shelf allow the decorative pieces placed on it to take center stage.

Take an artistic approach to wall decor and use those creative skills with wall murals. For an engaging, unique display, choose a theme for your artwork that sparks lively discussion every time guests enter the room.

Why not leave the most stylish hat in your closet hanging on the bedroom wall? Hang the hat on the nail in an attractive mix of shapes, colors and textures. As another option, choose some large, decorative hats and arrange them in a row on the wall.

Best Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas (with Inspiring Photos)

Clocks are a great and practical way to decorate a wall. Whatever your interior, wall clocks come in shapes and styles, from early American to cheerful retro to sleek modern.

If you’re a music fan with a great LP collection, pull out your favorite album art to show off. Grab some album lists, stick a selection of covers next to the turntable, and swap out the covers when you’re ready to refresh the gallery. Your good taste in music (or lack thereof) makes for a great conversation starter when guests come over.

Like framed records, live concert posters give you the chance to express your style and passion and brighten up your walls. If you are a movie buff, keep posters of your favorite movies.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Maps are a great way to surprise blank walls. Remember the city streets where you and your friend first met, or pay homage to your hometown. You can also keep a world map and mark all the places you have traveled or dream of visiting in the future.

Stylish Living Room Ideas To Copy Now

Let your kids help decorate the walls by putting together a gallery of their artwork. Whether they are aspiring painters, illustrators or photographers, give them a chance to show off their creativity and create their own exhibition when they come home from school with new works of art.

If you’re trying to stay organized, hang an oversized dry-wipe calendar to keep track of school events, parties, practice schedules, and upcoming meetings and appointments. It’s easy to add and remove your plans, and you can even leave messages for family members. This is a particularly useful solution for empty walls in kitchens and home offices.

Who says cold carpets have to sit on the floor? Whether it’s abstract designs, stripes or whatever fun pattern you like, rugs are a great way to add design and texture to a blank wall. Try a small rug over a mantelpiece or shelf, or hang a large rug if you have enough wall space to play with.

Looking for ideas for a gallery wall that go beyond hanging your kids’ school photos? Antique family photos are a wonderful way to use up empty walls. Whether it’s a large photo of a grandparent or a collection of small photos of distant relatives, raiding old family albums for vintage photos is a complimentary decoration and a fun conversation starter. Also add some photos of current relatives to the mix to see if there are any similarities.

How To Choose Large Wall Art For Living Room

Wall sconces and lamps are effective ways to add some extra light without taking up floor or table space, and the fixtures themselves can be a source of pleasing design. Whether you want to cast a warm glow in a room, are looking for extra light for reading or just want to brighten up a dark room, you’re sure to find a wall lamp in a style that suits your needs and decor.

Your favorite foods don’t have to be in cupboards and cupboards. Get them out of that dark closet and arrange them on your bare walls. A few wire plate hangers of various sizes should be sufficient to display signs and plates. Serious teacup collectors may want to consider investing in a wall-mounted display shelf.

There’s no need to harm animals in your quest to show your love for wildlife – or your favorite breed of dog. Decorate your empty walls with fake taxidermy animal heads, which can be made from wood, wicker, resin or fabric. Choose a beautiful “trophy” for your child’s bedroom wall or a realistic-looking display for the library or living room.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

A chalkboard is perfect for a child’s playroom or home office, or for a blank wall in the kitchen. Whether you buy an oversized chalkboard or paint a wall with chalkboard paint, chalkboards can have both artistic and organizational benefits. It gives kids a chance to be creative and is also great for helping adults post schedules, make lists, and keep track of posts.

How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

Unique wall decor is not limited to canvas paintings, drawings and photographs. Add character to a blank wall by hanging an old store window sign that reminds you of your childhood, or display an old sack of grain or potatoes. Instead, add a little visual interest to the room by mounting an antique ceiling medallion on the wall. If you have a favorite poem, have it beautifully written or printed and framed for display. Tell your wall your passion, your dreams and your personal characteristics

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