How To Treat Your Yard For Ticks

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You know what to look for: a bug (technically a spider) like an apple seed that sticks to the skin or blisters like a bull. As a homeowner, you want to address your tick problem before these pests affect you, your children, or your pets. Fortunately, ticks are rare in a well-maintained yard, but they do happen, so there are a few steps you can take to help kill ticks in your yard.

How To Treat Your Yard For Ticks

How To Treat Your Yard For Ticks

In some cases, killing ticks may require a pest control company like Orkin. To receive a discount on indoor and outdoor tick control services, call 877-868-1416 or fill out this simple form to get started.

Why The Ticks In Your Yard Are Bad News

Ticks feed on the blood of humans and animals, and during feeding transmit bacteria and other pathogens to the host, causing disease. The most common of these tick-borne diseases is Lyme disease, which is associated with deer ticks or blacklegged ticks in the eastern and northern Midwest. Rickets, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia can also be spread by ticks. There has also been evidence that star tick bites can cause a person to be allergic to red meat.

Of course, these are worst case scenarios and most tick bites do not cause illness. However, you want to protect your family and pets from ticks that can cling to and feed on their hosts for up to 10 days at a time. At this stage, the mouthparts of the tick stick to the skin with thorns, which makes it difficult to completely remove them.

If you find a tick on the skin, it should be removed immediately, preferably within the first 36 hours after the bite. Better yet, wear long pants, long socks, and insect repellent when in tick-infested areas.

The CDC has found ticks living in all 48 states of the United States. The good news for homeowners is that mites prefer to live on more leaves than in well-maintained yards, so some simple precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood of infestation.

Natural Tick Repellents

In general, ticks prefer to feed on animals, so they can live where they attach to the largest animal. This often applies to border areas between forests and open spaces. If your yard borders a wooded area, proactive measures should be taken to prevent ticks from entering. Fortunately, the steps to get rid of ticks and prevent them from coming back are very simple.

Appropriate control involves a combination of preventive methods and pesticides. There are several ways to get rid of ticks in your yard.

If you think you have ticks in your yard, you can do a simple test called a tick test. Cut the fabric approximately 5 by 5 and attach it to the long post. When wearing long pants and long socks to protect your legs, pull the fabric over tall grass and plants in your yard, especially at the border of woodlands. If ticks are infested, several ticks may cling to clothing in search of food.

How To Treat Your Yard For Ticks

If you have pets in these areas, check for ticks. Ticks often visit moist areas of the body before dressing, so check your pet’s armpits, knees, and thighs in addition to the neck, ears, and feet.

Organic Mosquito And Tick Control

The most important step in ridding your yard of ticks is eliminating their favorite spots. This can be as simple as mowing the lawn regularly and cutting grass or brush. Shale leaves create shady, cool places for ticks to hide. Depending on the type of grass in your lawn, you may want to let it grow to about 4 to 4.5 inches before cutting it back to about three inches, but don’t let it. Grow to six inches.

If you come back from mowing and find you’ve been mowing a lot, use a mowing bag, as leaving the grass behind can be a breeding ground for ticks. Also, bag any leaf litter or other lawn debris for disposal.

If your lawn is next to an uncut wooded area, consider adding mulch or gravel. If you use mulch, make sure it’s made from dry wood chips, not wet, shredded material. Your goal is to create a three-foot-wide, warm, dry barrier that ticks don’t want to pass through.

A stream or gravel serves as a visual warning to you and your family to be extra careful when crossing an obstacle.

Flea And Tick Control In North Haven Ct

These products are only useful in areas where mice and ticks are present, as they are designed to kill the ticks that live on mice. Cardboard tubes contain cotton treated with the active ingredient permethrin, which mice take to their burrows to use as bedding. When they do, the permethrin in the pillow kills the mites that live on the mice. A quarter-acre yard requires six hoses twice a year.

While many DIY websites explain how to do proper plumbing using toilet paper tubes and cotton balls, experts at the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program advise against doing it yourself. Homemade tick sprays may not work because they use the wrong type of permethrin and may inadvertently poison other wildlife in the process.

Contact a professional pest control service if you have a severe infestation or if the above measures do not help. A professional pest control company will not only have the pesticides you need to kill ticks, but the company’s experts will have specific recommendations for your yard and home. Read our full Orkin review to find out why we recommend this company for pest control services nationwide.

How To Treat Your Yard For Ticks

In addition to taking steps to keep ticks out of your yard, take common sense steps to keep ticks away from your body and your home.

How To Tick Proof Your Yard In 3 Steps

For ultimate tick prevention, contact a professional pest control company like Orkin to implement a customized pest control plan for your home. Orkin offers free quotes on plate inspection kits, so fill out this simple form or call 877-868-1416 to speak with a qualified professional today.

This Home Front Review team backs up these pest control recommendations with a detailed evaluation process they use to intelligently rate each provider. We review pest control plans, review the provider’s website, speak with customer service representatives via phone and online chat (if available), request quotes, and provide customer feedback for each provider. We analyze the comments. We then score the provider out of 100 based on a review of plan options, additional benefits and convenience factors, affordability, reliability and customer service.

For feedback or questions about this article, please send a note to the review team at [email protected]. To help reduce the chance of tick bites, follow these simple tips to eliminate ticks in your yard:

If you have more tips for getting rid of ticks in yards naturally, share them with us on Facebook today!

Tick Control & Spraying Services In Central Nj

When choosing plants for your yard or garden, you’re often torn between choosing your favorite plants and choosing varieties that don’t like pests. But compromise is not always necessary.

Herbs such as fennel and peppermint are common to repel bugs. They are very effective against ticks and mosquitoes. In addition, their strong smell also makes us attractive to humans. The scent and aroma of lemon (we) repels a variety of harmful insects, making it ideal for shady areas of your garden.

Citrus and honeysuckle also thrive in shady areas; they emit a citrus odor that is unpleasant to insects. Finally, with the amazing power of alliums like onions and garlic, you can enjoy your yard and get rid of ticks naturally.

How To Treat Your Yard For Ticks

While many lawn care businesses continue to use pesticides indiscriminately, we have developed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – a first in our industry. This system has significantly reduced the need for chemicals in lawn care, resulting in a more than 85% reduction in registrations and withdrawals for lawn weed and pest control.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Property And Pets

Of all the pests that can hide in your lawn, mites are the most worrisome. A small bug bite can change your life like a tick. The only idea is that the parasite attaches itself to your body and secretly feeds

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