How To Treat My Cat For Fleas

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When it comes to the little bugs that ride on the backs of our tiny roommates, it makes no difference as you know in our homes. Fleas can become a very annoying problem.

How To Treat My Cat For Fleas

How To Treat My Cat For Fleas

Caroline Reay, head of medical services at Blue Cross, says your cat can get fleas easily, especially if they live indoors as wingless animals can fly up to 100 times their own length. Easily enter the house. On shoes, clothes or other pets.”

Smart Cat Flea Treatments

In an ideal world, we want to prevent these bugs from living rent-free with our pets before they even have a chance. But if you’re worried that your cat has fleas, Some important signs to look out for.. My Family Vets veterinarian Dave Tweedle says it’s possible for cats to have fleas. “Without seeing himself”, but the symptoms They may include scratching, hair loss, restless behavior, overeating, and drying out. and fungal contamination on hair or skin

If your cat has fleas It’s important that you catch them as quickly as possible. Although they look small and harmless, But they can become a problem for cats if they are not taken care of. When fleas bite your cat and its saliva enters the bite wound Some can cause allergic reactions, Tweedle said, explaining that in some cases they can develop skin sores that can become infected. Additionally, “kittens, old or sick cats can become weak and anemic from blood loss.” It can also spread serious diseases and is a common cause of tapeworms.

Fortunately, there are many veterinary treatments to choose from, but Nina Downing, a veterinary nurse at the People’s Hospital for Sick Animals (PDSA), recommends purchasing them from a reputable retailer. “Because it’s safer and more reliable” for your flocks.

He adds that looking for a solution marked “NFA-VPS” is also a good idea. Because that means it can only be sold by individuals. You should consult a professional (usually a professional, pharmacist or other qualified person) who is familiar with the product and you can confirm it. your pet’s health Be healthy and get the right amount. “They tend to be stronger than products you can take off the shelf,” Downing explains. “If you buy an NFA-VPS product, chances are you’ll have to ask about your pet’s weight additionally.”

Please Don’t Give This Garbage To Your Cat! My Cat Almost Died Today And Has A Fever Of 105.5

It’s important to determine which method works best for your cat’s temperature. “Choose whatever is least stressful for both of you,” Reay says. carry it with you Otherwise, use food or treats as a distraction while you use them. the more calm you are The more you can help your pet gain confidence.

So what are the main types of flea treatments that are worth investing in? To find out, we spoke to top veterinarians. From single-use solutions to oral treatments and techniques to keep your home clean. These are the best ways to keep your space clutter-free.

One of the most popular flea treatments is a topical patch or solution, which is “applied to the skin on the back of the cat’s neck and works in conjunction with the active ingredient absorbed through the cat’s skin into its body,” Downing said. These treatments will kill the fleas living on the cat and also prevent future infestations some time after they are applied.

How To Treat My Cat For Fleas

If this kind of treatment seems to work for your cat, Downing recommends opting for Frontline Flea and Tick Control for Cats ($13.99,, which he says will kill fleas on your pet within 24 hours. and will continue to protect up to one month

Sergeant’s Guardian® Flea & Tick Collar For Cats, Fresh Scent

We recommend investing in the Flea Screen Combo Solution ($12.99,, a UK Vet-approved flea and tick control product for cats and kittens from birth to eight weeks. In one size for cats weighing 1 to 8 kg.

Another option is to give your cat treats. It comes in capsule or tablet form, Tweedle says. which will kill fleas when they bite your pet.”

Before Buying Oral Treatment It’s important to know that different drugs use different chemicals. Some are fast-acting but last for a few days. and some can be used for several months

VetIQ Flea Tablets (£10.20, are a good solution for owners who have trouble using topical treatments. or for cats with sensitive skin that responds to topical products. It contains B vitamins, yeast, zinc and garlic. The brand says it helps your pet’s blood to be more susceptible to fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Fleas, Worms, And Other Cat Parasites

To take care of your cat, Reay says, “housekeeping is very important.” He recommends vacuuming first to remove the eggs. (many chemicals) out, then use a spray

PDSA has its own flea spray (£10.99, which kills existing fleas and their eggs. To ensure a healthy lifestyle The spray stops the growth and development of insect eggs and larvae in the soil for six months. It can also be used to target other insect pests such as cockroaches and moths.

You can also buy Virbac indorex home flea spray (£14.95, which will kill adult fleas and dust mites for two months after use. Hold the can by the forearm and spray. Spray to the area you want to spray.

How To Treat My Cat For Fleas

No matter which product you choose, Reay adds that it’s important to always and carefully follow the directions on the can. “Assess the environment before adopting your pet. This is because indoor flea medication can be toxic even to cats. So make sure they don’t return to the flea treatment area before removing them.

Capstar® (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Treatment For Cats

Does your kitten always drink from the tap? Read our guide to the best cat water fountains to keep your furry friend hydrated.

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An overly active dog or cat can leave pet owners shivering. The last thing you want is to have fleas or ticks in your home. Not to mention the possibility that parasites carry disease in your family. to protect pets and people from these fears We’ve compiled some of the most effective flea and tick treatments your veterinarian recommends.

Of Fleas In Your House Aren’t On Your Pet

All recommended products are used to kill fleas. But fleas might not be the only parasites you need to deal with. It depends on where you are in the country. There are several different specific signs that you may need to avoid. The same applies to internal parasites such as tapeworms or roundworms. And some treatments may take different approaches or differ in accuracy, so consult your veterinarian: they are the best source to advise you on the appropriate treatment based on your pet’s medical history and the needs of your pet. Pest prevalence in your area

Bravecto is three months old. Therefore, it can be used less than other recommended topical treatments (and also comes in chewable form for dogs with sensitive skin), but you need a prescription. For advice on treating small or large dogs. please see below

Bravecto is also available for cats for three months and is one of the brands found to have heart-protective properties, but Bravecto requires a prescription. See the link below for good dosages for overweight cats.

How To Treat My Cat For Fleas

Who should use it: Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs and Bravecto Topical Solution for Cats are ideal if you like the idea of ​​three months between treatments and your main concern is fleas, American ticks, black paws and brown patches (on dogs) or fleas (in cats). If you have a dog who prefers a drink instead of a treat on their neck, Bravecto is also available in oral form. Bravecto protects against these pests for 12 weeks and also fights generic (dogs) and American brands (cats). ), but only eight weeks at a time. That gives you four weeks for your dog or cat to be exposed.

Cat Drooling After Flea Treatment

What it does: Our veterinary experts agree that Bravecto is one of their favorite flea and tick treatments for cats and dogs.

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