How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

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If you live in an area where snakes are at risk, it can be difficult to ensure that your family and home are protected at all times. And if you don’t want to encounter these slimy critters, you’ll be relieved to know that there are certain plants that repel snakes.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

Snakes live in a variety of habitats, often in wetlands, swamps, thick foliage, dry rock gardens, and deserts. And while most yard garter snakes are not poisonous or dangerous to humans (unless disturbed), having them around can still cause concern. After all, you want to be able to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather without fear of snakes lurking in your yard!

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If you grow or plant some snake repelling plants in your yard and home, their strong odor will keep them away from anywhere near your home. Remember to never touch or handle snakes and contact your local snake control department immediately.

In the meantime, check out these 9 plants that will keep snakes out of your yard. Also, here are 9 plants that repel spiders and keep them away. If you have a problem with cats in your yard, there are also 7 plants that repel cats.

These warm orange and yellow flowers can beautify your yard, but are also effective at repelling snakes and other pests. These beautiful flowers emit a strong, pungent smell, alpha-terthienil – a phototoxin that repels snakes.

In addition, the root system of marigolds grows deeply and abundantly. So this pungent smell penetrates deep into the ground where the snake can burrow and hide. This will only prevent your snakes from returning to your yard.

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Marigolds prefer to be planted in the sun, they need dry conditions with well-drained soil. They are also the best plants to repel mosquitoes and keep them out of your home.

Holly is often associated with the holiday season, but snakes don’t like stunted varieties. The reason for this is that it is inconvenient for snakes to slide through its sharp leaves, because of the rays. In addition, holly has a strong scent that repels snakes, making it an ideal repellant.

You can plant holly in a container at any time of the year, and after pruning adult bushes, you can also spread spike-like leaves in places where snakes are likely to penetrate. Just keep pets away from the red berries because they are toxic.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

Sansevieria, also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” and a common houseplant, is an excellent snake repellant. In addition to the unpleasant smell, the sharp leaves repel snakes. Due to their tall and twisted shape, the sharp edges of the leaves often pose a threat to snakes.

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These hardy plants do well in warmer climates, growing well in temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Although they require a lot of water and care, do not place them in direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.

Lemongrass is a grass-like tropical plant known for its fresh citrus scent that fills the air. However, this scent is too strong for snakes and keeps them at a distance. Ideally, grow or plant lemongrass plants outside to prevent pests. Being a tropical plant, it thrives in a warm environment with full sun and temperatures that never drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it is very low-maintenance and requires regular watering only in the summer.

Also, if you mix lemongrass extract oil with other essential oils and spray it in the yard, it will be even stronger. You can also buy citronella oil on its own, like this Homemade Citronella Essential Oil ($9, Amazon). In fact, lemongrass and citronella are the most effective forms of repellants against rats, mosquitoes and other common pests. So, the investment is worth it!

We all have garlic and onions in our kitchen, and these smells repel snakes. This is due to the large amount of sulfonic acid, which gives a strong smell that snakes hate.

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Learning how to grow garlic cloves in your yard or in pots is easy. Or if you don’t have time to grow your own, you can easily make garlic sprouts. Simply take four or five cloves to make a puree and add it to a pint of water in a spray bottle. Then spray your solution around the yard to repel snakes and other pests like rats and mice.

As an option, you can grind both garlic and onion, mix them with rock salt, before sending them to the yard. These mixes may make your house smell like garlic, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Despite the beautiful pink flowers, Agapanthus actually belongs to the onion family. This explains why the smell of flowers and leaves is strong enough to scare away snakes and keep them at bay.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

With its colorful clusters, this beautiful plant grows quickly, reaching 3 feet in height. Avoid planting in wet, semi-soaked soil, as this will cause the bulbs to rot quickly. The repulsive smell will not only repel snakes, but will also be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Common Plants That Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard, Experts Say

Also known as wormwood, wormwood is a tall weed with woody roots. Its silver-green leaves have a strong odor that repels snakes.

Wormwood is easy to grow and can reach up to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Provided it’s in a bright, well-drained location, it’s ideal for planting around your yard or driveway to keep snakes at bay. Keep in mind that wormwood can be invasive, so they will need frequent care to prevent it from getting out of control.

Like holly, snakes avoid liturgical plants, so they will avoid prickly cacti! You can grow cacti in your yard to protect your property, and they also make impressive houseplants.

The best variety is the round barrel-shaped cactus (Echinocactus grusonii), which looks like a pin cushion. Since snakes come down to the ground, these types grow at the perfect height to keep them at bay.

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Like the snake plant, cacti thrive in full sunlight in well-drained compost. Although they don’t need a lot of water, it’s best to water them once a week during the warmer months.

These aromatic herbs may be useful in our delicious recipes, but they are also great snake repellants. In particular, garlic basil, which has a distinct garlic smell that snakes don’t like.

Additionally, this basil plant can grow up to 6 feet tall, releasing a stronger fragrance into the air. Just sprinkle the herbs on the soil and around the plants. Their smell should be strong enough to keep snakes from wandering around your yard.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

You can grow fresh sage and basil in your yard, in pots, or even buy them at your local grocery store to plant outside. Either way, you’ll have a constant supply of your delicious food!

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If you don’t want snakes in your yard, the easiest way to scare them away is to move to Ireland. Legend has it that St. Patrick somehow chased them all away. Since most of us don’t live in Ireland, we need better solutions for those snakes that call our yards home.

Why Are Snakes On My Property?

While it’s nice to have lots of snakes around, most people still want to keep them all out of their yard. The best way to deter snakes in your yard is to make them unwanted.

Here are some tips and steps to keep these crawling reptiles out of your yard, as well as some reasons why you don’t want that. I’ll cover what is considered the best snake deterrent and discuss what tactics are effective in keeping them at bay, as well as some common examples of things that don’t really work.

There are many snake scare tactics. The truth is… the only way to know which conventional snake repellents will work is to try them. If you can hire diversity

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard In Florida

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