How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

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When in doubt about how to properly deal with unwanted snakes, this experienced home inspection team recommends talking to a pest control company like Orkin. Snakes should always be approached and handled after seeking professional help, especially if you are unsure of the species you are dealing with.

How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

Solving any pest problem, especially a serious one like snakes, should always start with species identification. If you suspect a poisonous snake in your yard, you should not attempt to handle the snake yourself. But depending on your area, you may find a long list of venomous snakes hiding in bushes, leaf piles, or barns.

Ridding Your Garden Of Snakes: Tips On How To Get Rid Of Garden Snakes

They often move so fast that they are hard to spot if you don’t know what to look for. There are some general factors to consider when making an educated guess. None of these snakes are venomous and pose no serious threat to humans.

Garter snakes are found throughout most of North America except in the arid regions of the Southwest. They have three stripes running the length of their bodies, heads are larger than their necks, and can grow up to 54 inches. Colors and patterns vary between species.

Like garter snakes, these animals vary in color and pattern, but generally have a black body with a lower abdomen and chin. Their heads are bigger than their necks. Rattlesnakes can swim and climb, so you may see them on trees or in bodies of water.

There are many species of common garden snake and king snake. Snakes of this species are often confused with venomous species such as coral snakes due to the color stripes on their backs. Depending on the species, kingsnakes may have red, yellow, or black markings. Most will have spoon-shaped heads and round pupils.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of My Garden

They are very different in appearance and we do not usually visit them or advise them to choose their unique features. However, there are some quick ways to determine if you are dealing with a venomous snake in your yard.

Mosquitoes are just like any other annoying visitor to your yard or home – they’re usually looking for food or shelter. Some snakes can hang themselves when they get food:

Weevils can take shelter in thick brush, dense compost or leaves, or bodies of water. Digging pits, fire pits or holes can also give snakes a place to hide from the heat. There may also be some natural snake predators in your area, such as coyotes and foxes.

How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

If it’s a reptile, you may be worried that you have a bigger problem. Here are some signs that your yard may have more snakes than you think:

Snake Season Is Here. Tips On How To Be Safe And Coexist

If you currently have a snake in your lawn, start by making sure the snake is non-venomous before removing it yourself. For long-term management, call animal control or a local pest control professional.

If you are sure the snake is not dangerous, spray the hose from a distance to help move the snake.

At the same time, if you want to remove a snake with a professional, you can destroy it quickly, if you are sure that it is safe to approach it.

Common products like Ortho Snake Be Gone deter snakes from nesting in your garden by removing their sense of smell. Many of these products in the store or in your pantry are safer for pets, but always double-check the label and avoid harming snakes. For example, spray white vinegar in your pool, yard, or garden to prevent snakes from getting this potent liquid on their skin.

The Harmless Garter Snake Is Your Garden’s Best Friend

Check your lawn and home for canines, especially under your hose, under a shed, or in the garden. Removing these ponds would provide another nesting site for many snake species.

However, if you believe the snake is harmless, there are ways to capture and release the snake. For example, plastic traps attract snakes to common areas, trap them, and allow the snake to relax with regular feedings.

Crows like to hide from predators in warm, sheltered areas. Remove pipe debris, firewood, tall grass, dense brush, open yard spaces, and sheds where rodents can live.

How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

The poor may choose the skins of other animals for themselves. Fill pits and holes with gravel or dirt to prevent insects from building nests.

How To Get A Snake Out Of Your House

Cutting the grass This prevents snakes from hiding in the yard and eliminates the fear of seeing a snake outdoors.

Snakes inside your home are a bigger problem than outside. If you have a snake in your home that you can’t get away from right away, especially if it’s out of sight, call an animal control or pest control professional. If you have a rat problem, snakes can find ways into your home. We recommend contacting a pest control professional as soon as you see a snake in your home to safely remove it and address the root problem.

It is safest to remove the snake from the pond with a long pole or hook used to jump out of the pond. Again, this is only safe if you are sure the snake is harmless. Otherwise, call for professional help immediately.

Over time, prevent snakes from entering your pond with a natural perimeter or a tightly woven wall that can trap snakes.

Where Do Snakes Go In The Winter? — Porter County Parks And Recreation

While some snakes are useful for pest control in your yard, there are many reasons why you might want them on your property. There are many long-term ways to prevent rodents from making a comfortable home in your space.

Snake-prone areas may not be suitable for water features in your landscape where snakes enjoy congregating.

Build a thin wall to prevent small animals such as rats and snakes from entering above or below the ground.

How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

In addition to controlling rodent or pest problems, close off easy entrances for snakes. This may include:

Snakes: Understand Them, Avoid Them

Venomous snakes can also bite in self-defense, and all bites should be treated with the same promptness. Even if the rash doesn’t hurt or doesn’t seem serious, call 911 right away.

Having snakes in your yard is a great sign of a healthy environment. Ants are key members of the food chain, fighting unwanted pests and providing food for large predators such as birds. Harmless snakes can even eat yard snakes, making the yard safer. Consult your local experts before proceeding with complete pest removal.

Natural sprays, treatments and barriers can prevent snakes from entering your property or home. It is best to eliminate any attempts by snakes over time:

It is a common belief that bees are a safe way to keep snakes. However, later honey pills did not show much effect. Chemicals in algae can be toxic to aquatic systems, cause adverse symptoms in humans, and can be harmful to pets.

How To Avoid Snakes Slithering Up Your Toilet

Ortho Snake Be Gone is one of the most popular natural snake repellents, but simple changes to your home and landscape are the best defenses for long-term protection against harmful insects.

No insects found in salt snakes. Unlike hooks, they are not affected by the chemical composition of the salt.

This old home inspection team backs up our pest control recommendations with our detailed evaluation methodology that we use to objectively evaluate each supplier. We review their pest control plans, look at the provider’s website, speak with customer service representatives via phone and online chat (if applicable), request a quote, and analyze customer reviews for each provider. We then compare providers to our review standards to arrive at a final score out of 100 for plan options, additional benefits and convenience factors, affordability, reliability and customer service.

How To Keep Garden Snakes Out Of Your House

Email [email protected] to comment on this article or ask questions. Seeing a snake in or around the house is a dream for many. Unfortunately, many companies try to take advantage of people’s fear of snakes to sell ineffective products or services, and in some cases even recommend using products that increase the risk.

Garter Snakes Like Frogs, And Their Freedom

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