How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

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There’s nothing worse than inviting guests to a backyard party and buzzing flies and other winged insects while you try to relax and eat. So after months of being attacked by flies at barbecues and picnics, I’ve been scouring the net for tips on how to keep flies off food at an outdoor party.

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

To keep flies out of your food, you can repel them with certain scents and fans, set traps, use carnivorous plants, and more. Flies only come out when they think you have food, so convincing them there’s nothing good to eat is the best way to prevent them from crashing your outdoor party.

How To Stop House Flies Invading Your Home Using Common Herb

Here’s a list of ways you can chase those flies away and leave your party in peace.

Flies are just a part of being outdoors, but keeping them at bay while entertaining and dining out can be a real pain. Also, there is something moving about flies that live on your food. It’s not perfect.

But there are a few very effective ways to keep flies from stealing food from your plate, even when you decide to leave the dip on the table.

Do you want to take advantage of that inconvenience? So let us share with you our flight control tips.

Honeyou Fly Repellent Fan Keep Flies And Bugs Away From Your Food Fly Free Entertaining Enjoy Outdoor Meal, Let Mosquitoes Away From You And Your Baby Family (2 Black)

Flies don’t fly well in windy conditions, so a high-powered ceiling fan or portable fan is a great way to keep them off you (and your face) at your outdoor parties.

Although the small size of the fly makes it almost impossible to hit, it also means that it cannot fly well in the air. Just a breeze can blow those little animals off their tracks. Use that to your advantage.

If you have a covered porch, consider installing a ceiling fan. Otherwise, portable electric fans can easily keep those pesky bugs at bay. Plus, it will keep you cool in the summer months.

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

I love this powerful USB rechargeable fan. Very useful for many things! But mostly, this fan will be attached to a patio table, grill rack, or even a chair to avoid flies. And, since it’s cordless and rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about creating a lot of waste with batteries or lugging around an extension cord.

How To Keep Flies Away

Flies do not like citrus scents and you can use them at your next outdoor party. Cut some lemons and use them as a table decoration. Many herbs, including basil, lavender, and mint, have the same effect—they also repel flies.

Flies hate the smell of lemons, so if you can spare a couple after serving your gin and tonics, cut them in half and use them to create beautifully manicured nails.

If you really want to increase the scent you will love but the flies will hate, put cloves in the flesh of lemon slices.

Other herbs contain essential oils that have a similar effect on flies, including basil, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home

Combine a bunch of these plants in a vase to create a beautiful and insect-repelling backdrop. If not, use an oil warmer and other lemon oils like this:

Mosquito repellents can be effective in keeping flies at bay. If you can’t stand the smell of chemical repellants, look for natural fly sprays made with essential oils.

You’ve probably used mosquito repellent at some point in your life to keep those rodents away on vacation.

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

But you don’t just repel mosquitoes; There are also insect repellents to create a fly-friendly environment around your body.

How To Keep Flies Away From Your Dustbin And Out Of Your Kitchen

If you can’t stand the smell of regular insect repellants, look for natural repellants made with the same essential oils we mentioned above. They may also be better for your skin.

This Deet-free scented repellent works wonders to keep all kinds of bugs at bay. Plus, it’s safe for the environment and really moisturizes your skin.

Mosquito coils can be very effective in keeping flies out of your food. They are usually used to repel mosquitoes, but they also help us repel flies.

Of course, another method involves the use of those odors that flies cannot stop. If you prefer a sweet scent, a reed diffuser can keep flies away.

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Or, if you’re a smart home enthusiast, you can pick up electric scent separators that connect to your Wi-Fi like a remote-controlled anti-aircraft system.

And I thought about it. The best thing to fill these diffusers with is one of those essential oils that these bugs hate so much.

This incense box contains natural oils of citronella and lemongrass. Perfect for checking mosquitoes in your lawn, campground, yard or garden. The incense box contains 50 incense sticks and is DEET free.

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

Citronella candles are a great scent to keep mosquitoes away, but did you know they will also repel flies?

Plants To Keep Flies, Mosquitoes And Other Bugs Away From Your Home

If you and your group are dining on a patio with plenty of wind protection, light a candle in the corner and you’ll see less unwanted intrusion.

Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon Classic Jar Candle 22 Ounce 110+ Hours Burn Time

I never need an excuse to get another Yankee Candle, but a strong lemon really does the trick when you’re dining out. You’ll be able to enjoy the refreshing, lemony summer scent while passively protecting your plate from flies. It won!

Two young students discovered that papaya leaves can repel mosquitoes. Papaya leaves make a great backdrop, so why not try them at your next outdoor party! Add coins to the glass for extra repellent power.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes And Deal With Those Nasty Bites

An informal study conducted by two students of the Modern English School in Mumbai found that papaya leaves can act as a mosquito repellent.

They mixed papaya leaf in a candle, and when they burned it, it worked well as a repellant.

Neha and Divya said, “We realized that the chemicals used to repel mosquitoes are not environmentally friendly. While working on various botanical solutions, we found that papaya leaves can act as mosquito repellents.” Business Standard 6. Cultivation of carnivorous plants

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

Carnivorous plants will not only help you keep flies off your food – they look good too. Consider one of these Nepenthes plants in a hanging basket near your outdoor party area.

Plants That Repel Unwanted Bugs

Carnivorous plants, Venus Fly Trap believes, can be an excellent natural solution to the fly problem. Although not a preventative solution, it is good to have a house or patio and will soon begin to reduce the number of flies that live there.

As an unusual houseplant, it looks good and should generate some comments from your guests.

Flies have about 8,000 lenses in each eye, giving them incredible vision. However, stray light rays damage these lenses, which you can use to your advantage by hanging water bags at your outdoor party. Bright lighting can keep the flies at bay at your next outdoor party.

I’ve seen reports of hanging a plastic bag half full of water to distract and repel flies in well-lit yards. It is said to have something to do with the way light reflects off water, blurring your vision.

Facts About Mosquitoes

With nearly 8,000 lenses inside each eye, flies can see amazingly in all directions, but scattered light rays can easily interfere with this ability.

Other bloggers have reported similar success using cups full of water and a few cents less.

Coins in a water cup can make an attractive centerpiece for an outdoor dining table and can help repel flies. All those rays of light change the way the fly sees, making it easier to stay away.

How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

Just remind your guests not to drink the water or you will have a bigger problem than how to keep flies off the food at your party.

Insect Repelling Plants That Are Known To Keep The Bugs Away

Treating doors and window frames with a pyrethrin-based insecticide or a natural essential oil spray can help keep flies at bay.

If you’re hosting a party on the front porch near the front door, you can treat the doors and window frames with pyrethrin-based insecticides or other natural repellents to keep food flies away from the party.

Pyrethrin is a product made from the daisy flower that also works against flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. As a silent killer, it will leave no traces, at least not on doors or windows.

The product shown below, “Mosquito Charmer,” is made with a blend of essential oils including citronella, garlic oil, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, and geraniol.

When Do Mosquitoes Go Away And How To Prevent Them

It can be used outside at home, in the garden, on the balcony, and in the pool and lasts for 2 weeks.

Simply mix 4 ounces in 1 gallon of water and spray with a pump sprayer, sprayer, or commercially available knapsack sprayer.

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How To Keep Flies And Mosquitoes Away From Patio

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