How To Keep Birds Away From Car

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Depending on where you live and where your car lives, you may have the unusual experience of birds dropping feces on your side mirrors and even pecking at them. I never thought this was a problem until I experienced it myself last summer.

How To Keep Birds Away From Car

How To Keep Birds Away From Car

I have never had this experience when my truck was parked in Northern California; maybe the bird sometimes gets stuck in the car. However, I spent some time in Southern California and every day wherever I parked the truck, the birds would always relieve themselves over the side mirrors. I would clean up the mess and come back to the truck the next day to find the same mess again.

Foolproof Ways To Clean Bird Poop On Your Car

I didn’t understand why it always went over the side mirrors and not much on the rest of the car. Not content to sit outside and wait for the birds to do their thing, I did some research on the internet and what happened was that these birds could see their reflections in mirrors and I believe it was a bird. else.

This Youtube video is an example of such a bird in action. The bird sees its reflection in the mirror (and other reflective surfaces of the car) and is thrown all over the car. The side mirrors seem to have been designed on purpose as it acts as a nice perch for the bird to stand on.

To prevent birds from pooping on your car, you should clean the birds immediately before you start using any of the methods I recommend in this article. When left in a car for too long, especially when sitting in the sun, uric acid gets into the clear coat. This will leave a semi-permanent clear coat defect that can only be removed by polishing. See this link for more detailed instructions on how to safely remove bird droppings from your car.

What you want to do to clean bird droppings is basically using a safe cleaning solution like car wash soap or quick detailing to remove bird droppings with a microfiber towel.

Bird Stopper Mirror Cover

Use a microfiber towel (with cleaning solution) to sweep the bird droppings off the surface of the car. This effectively removes bird droppings from the paint surface instead of dragging it along the surface. That’s why a microfiber towel works so well here; can trap contaminants in its fibers while cleaning to minimize paint scratching. Also, use a new side of the microfiber towel each time you clean.

I tested several methods to find the most effective way to keep birds from scratching the car’s side mirrors. These techniques also prevent birds from picking at your side mirrors and attacking them. These are all simple methods to use, but you should consider your options in light of the steps you will take when you park your car anywhere. Here are the methods I tested and the results I got from each.

It is quite easy to do and effectively protects the birds from the side mirrors. Birds are attracted to side mirrors because they can no longer see their reflection. The bag also acts as a physical barrier, so bird droppings can’t even get into the side mirror.

How To Keep Birds Away From Car

As an alternative to using a plastic bag, you can also use a sock to hold the side mirror firmly. It’s much easier than closing and opening the bag every time you park or leave your car.

Why Is A Bird Pecking At My Window And Car Mirror?

This was a fun experiment to try. I’ve seen people print out a rape photo and put it on their window to see if it will deter birds flying around their wing mirrors. Birds that hunt other animals are birds of prey; in this case, I’m using a high-resolution photo of American Eagle.

I printed a photo for each side and placed it behind the front windows. As for the side mirror, you can easily see the eagle image on the opposite side mirror.

This method really worked most of the time. I would say this is an easier alternative to putting a bag over the side mirrors as I sometimes end up with bird droppings on the side mirror when using this method. It certainly doesn’t look as weird as having plastic bags over the side mirrors. However, it’s a pain to put it in the window every time you get out of the car and take it out when you go back to driving.

If your car has folding side mirrors, this should be the easiest, fastest and most affordable option. My concern was that it still wouldn’t work, but after testing this method I found it to be very effective at getting birds.

How To Keep Robins Away From Car

Sometimes the easiest and simplest fix is ​​always right in front of you. I was surprised to learn how effective it was. This is what I do to keep the birds from kissing my side mirrors.

In my experience, folding the side mirrors is the easiest and fastest way to prevent birds from pecking at the side mirrors and probably prevents them from hitting them.

If your car does not have folding side mirrors, I would recommend using a pair of socks to slide over the side mirrors while your car is parked. Other options of placing a bird of prey picture on the inside of the windows or a plastic bag over the side mirrors are too complicated to pass up, even if they are the most effective at preventing birds from pecking at your side mirrors.

How To Keep Birds Away From Car

Hello! I’m Scott and I run The Track Ahead. My goal is to provide useful articles and tutorials based on my experience and research on car maintenance and car detailing. When I’m not writing and working my day job, you can find me spending time with my family and working on home and car projects. Tired of feeling like a walking bird every time you get into your car? Say goodbye to unwanted feathered visitors with our harmless guide on how to keep birds away from your precious tires.

Owl To Keep Birds Away, 3 Pack Bird Scare Owl Fake Owl, Reflective Hanging Bird

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of having your car windshield transformed into a work of abstract art by a flock of furry creatures, you know the struggle is real. Birds have a lot of fun when they take direct aim at your unsuspecting vehicle.

But fear not, fellows, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you protect your car from winged criminals.

In this article, we’ll explore a number of creative and effective techniques that will turn your four-wheeled companion into a bird-free zone. So let’s jump in and get your car back from furry danger!

Birds are afraid of sudden flashes and movements. You can use this to your advantage by adding reflective items like CDs or strips of aluminum foil to the outside of your car.

What Car Colors Attract The Most Bird Droppings?

Birds are wary of their predators. Placing decoys like a fake owl or rubber hoses near your car can create the illusion of danger.

Birds do not like unexpected noise. Hang wind chimes near your car to make soft sounds that will deter perching or nesting.

A narrow ring of stones will keep them at bay, while providing a melodic backdrop to your travels.

How To Keep Birds Away From Car

Where you park your car can make a significant difference in preventing bird targeting. Consider the following parking strategies:

How Airports Keep Birds Away

The safest place for your car when it comes to bird droppings is undoubtedly inside the garage. Covered parking offers a safe haven, protecting your vehicle from unwanted attention from our feathered friends.

If you have a garage, use it to protect your car from birds and other environmental elements.

In addition to providing shade and aesthetic appeal, trees serve as prime real estate for birds to perch and nest.

Avoid parking your car directly under trees, as they are natural launching points for unwanted bird bombs. Choose an open area or a parking lot away from overhanging branches.

When Birds Hit Windows

Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way in keeping birds. Here are some unique tactics you can try:

Birds are naturally wary of their prey. You can buy a plastic owl or hawk decoy and place it next to your car.

The appearance of a potential predator will deter birds from getting too close, an effective and visually appealing solution.

How To Keep Birds Away From Car

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