How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds

How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds – Among the many plants that can be seen invading the garden, we find wild lettuce. Not to mention lettuce, this plant is a real weed and managing prickly lettuce in the landscape is often a gardener’s priority. So what is wild lettuce and how to get rid of spiky lettuce leaves?

The wild plant is native to the Mediterranean and is also known as thorn lettuce, Chinese lettuce, horse or milk thistle, wild opium and compass plant in relation to the north-south direction Work of the leaf – perpendicular to the sun directly.

How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds

How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds

, is a biennial, sometimes annual plant that prefers dry places, but can also be found in wet places. The plant has a deep root that produces juice or juice that is known to make agricultural products into the agricultural industry and can make the cow sick.

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The plant is sometimes confused with a dandelion in its rosette stage or a plant at any stage of growth. All of these are members of the sunflower family, contain latex milk and produce many seeds that can dissolve in the air.

Prickly lettuce is from 1-5 feet tall with deciduous leaves that form stems. The leaves are deeply marked with a spiny margin in the midvein of the lower surface. The flowers are yellow and about 1/3 inch across, blooming in late spring to summer. A single plant can produce anywhere from 35 to 2,300 flowers, each with 20 seeds around, giving a total of between 700 and 46,000 seeds per plant!

Like dandelions, wild lettuce seeds travel on air now using downy, white plumes and can be instant or can survive 1 to 3 years indoors. These plants can be found in nurseries, gardens, along roadsides, and on plantations throughout the United States.

Like most beautiful plants, wild lettuce can not only grow but be invasive. In the commercial plant, spiky lettuce flowers are difficult to remove from the rice and the juice is not only agricultural products, but also reduce the moisture content of the rice. Therefore, many gardeners think about managing prickly lettuce.

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Manage the wild lettuce for the home gardener with small invasions is good old hand pump. Pull the greens when the soil is moist and dig to get all the roots.

As with dandelions, cutting back on wild lettuce is not long-term management; the plant will produce new stems and flowers. In large and out-of-farm conditions, sheep and goats can reduce wild crops as well.

Control herbicides should be used in the fall or spring, herbicides should include glyphosate, glufosinate or paraquat. Among organic herbicide options, those containing clove oil (eugenol) provide the best results for wild lettuce control. has caused serious problems not only for farmers but for homeowners with gardens in their gardens. If left unchecked, Prickly Lettuce can quickly take over the lawn, making it difficult to control.

How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds

Nothing detracts from the beauty of the lawn like unwanted weeds growing out of order on it. Unfortunately, lettuce can become infected and spread if not stopped immediately. But how do you manage thorn lettuce if you don’t know what it looks like, how it grows and how it spreads?

Weed Of The Month Series: Prickly Lettuce

This article explains everything you need to know about lettuce and how to stop it before it spreads.

Prickly lettuce is a biennial plant that comes from the Mediterranean region. It is also known as wild lettuce, Chinese lettuce, milk thistle and compass plant. The name “milky linden” is used because the plant oozes milky blood as a white substance when its thorns burst. Likewise, it is called a compass plant because its leaves form a place for the north-south side of the tree, perpendicular to the sun.

This herb looks like a dandelion, and you can easily get confused. But thorn lettuce has leaves that are found in the flower and there are thorns in the lower part of the root of the rest. It grows a deep tap root to get enough water and minerals when its tree grows up to a foot.

Its flowers are yellow with seeds in the middle of the flower, just like in the sunflower. These seeds are light and spread quickly and spread because they are carried by the wind. If the plants find a good place like your lawn, they will grow immediately and spread more.

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Prickly salad is a delicious recipe and will prove hard to resist. For example, the sap of trees and leaves can affect your equipment and ruin your efforts. Also, if you wait until the flower appears, you will have more work in the future because the seeds spread and grow quickly.

When dealing with the situation of prickly pear, you must use strategies that will prevent it from spreading, especially during the cold months. Here are some tips.

Although a fungal infection can be difficult to control at any stage, a mildly infected lawn can be managed with traditional pull-out techniques. Make sure you get them right after they grow and have their first two leaves or before the flowers appear.

How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds

Thorn lettuce gets a deep root, and if you don’t pull it all out, it will quickly go back to another plant. So make sure the soil is wet for easy removal. However, you can dig a little to make sure you pull out all the roots.

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After you take them out, be sure to dry them in the sun for a day before throwing them in the compost. If the plants have already flowered and have mature seeds, compost them separately or throw them into a warm compost pile so they will be destroyed before applying compost to your soil.

When the grass roots in your lawn are strong and dense, it makes it difficult for lettuce plants to grow and grow well. Lawn aeration can help you achieve this and stop prickly lettuce before it even becomes a problem.

By definition, grass aeration makes small holes in the soil to allow air, water and other nutrients to enter the grass. It is usually done in the spring and fall when the soil is at its wettest. This is how you do grass aeration.

The roots will spread more and gather together, creating a grassy connection in your lawn. Mulched grass will not only keep your lawn looking alive, but also prevent weeds like prickly lettuce from growing.

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Prickly lettuce is very resistant to herbicides, but there are those that work well. You can choose to use non-chemical disinfectants or go for organic disinfectants that are suitable for your home environment.

Ineffective herbicides should include glufosinate, glyphosate or paraquat. But blackthorn can be difficult to control once it reaches the flowering stage, so you can use a pre-emergence herbicide containing isoxaben, atrazine, oxadiazone, chlorsulfuron, oxyfluorfen, metribuzin or terbacin to control even the seeds grow.

On the other hand, if you choose to use organic pesticides, go for those that contain clove oil (eugenol), because it works well on broad leaves such as prickly lettuce.

How To Get Rid Of Prickly Weeds

When dealing with plants as invasive as lettuce, the best way is to stop them before they cause problems for you. Soil aeration works well because it mixes the soil and creates a strong grass base that lettuce can’t find its way into.

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