How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally – Sun damage is something that bothers us as we age. Our skin is damaged as a result of not using sun protection like hats and sunscreen. We need sunlight in our lives, vitamin D levels are good for us, but too much can cause serious damage to the skin. The sun can burn our skin, make it irritated and itchy, and can cause unwanted darkening called melasma.

If you notice patchy upper lip discoloration, it could be a tan (or melasma). This is a common complaint from many who enjoy the outdoors, and many questions surround why so many of us suffer from this discoloration. It turns out that there’s a very good reason why the mustache appears in the sun, and there are many options to prevent melasma from manifesting on the skin.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally

If you notice a dark patch of skin above your upper lip, you may be experiencing what is called a sun mustache. These dark spots are irregular and sometimes pop up and occur where the skin is most sensitive. Sunburn affects thousands of people every year. Between 1.5% and 33% of people suffer from them, and it usually appears in women in their reproductive years, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the body produces more pigment when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. Sometimes it appears in the form of spots like pigment spots or freckles. This is melasma. Melasma can happen to anyone, but it’s more common for someone in your family to have it. Some studies have found that women struggle with melasma more than men, so hormones definitely play a role in the appearance of daytime whiskers.

Melasma is usually caused by sun exposure, but it can be caused by pregnancy, stress, medications, or certain illnesses. Since melasma is affected by hormones, when women are in their reproductive years, they often see dark spots on their upper lips. Among medications that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, blood thinners, certain antibiotics, and antiseizure medications can allow sunlight to affect your skin more than someone not taking these medications (via the American Academy of Dermatology). If you suffer from certain illnesses, such as thyroid disease or high blood pressure, you are more susceptible to the effects of the sun. People who are treated for thyroid disease are usually able to clean their mustache during the day.

In addition to hormones, medications, and illness, melasma often occurs in people with darker skin. Fair-skinned people rarely see this collection of pigmentation on their upper lip. This is because people with medium to dark skin have more melanocytes than people with fair skin, making melasma more likely to develop (via Medical News Today).

The good news is that, like temporary sunburn, melasma usually disappears in the winter. If you live in a warmer climate, there’s still fun to be had outside, just make sure you’re protecting your skin from the sun year-round (and today’s fashion). Skiers and snowboarders still need to wear sunscreen and clothing with built-in SPF to ensure they are protected from the sun’s elements. If you come from a warmer climate, your sun mustache will last year round.

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair Naturally

MD Acne explains treating the sun mustache with a medicinal BHA skin cleanser as it provides a sort of acidic scrub to remove dark spots. The mixture of arbutin, retinol and beta hydroxy acid is useful for all skin types and colors. With treatments like these, you can prevent a sun mustache and reduce its appearance.

The best way to treat a tan is to avoid it in the first place. Using products like retinol and arbutin are great ways to take care of your skin. Also, sunscreen is important for all of our skin, but the face must come first. The reason we have this problem with melasma above the lip is because the area where it appears is close to our mouth. When we drink, eat, clean our face or blow our nose, we are removing the protection we apply. Don’t be afraid to reapply sunscreen to irritated areas when you’re out in the sun.

In addition to skincare products, try to limit the amount of time your skin is exposed to sunlight. Also, stay away from tanning beds, wear a hat, and look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide for protection. Reapply every two hours for maximum protection.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally

In addition to trying treatments and preventative measures, there are also treatments to avoid when trying to get rid of your mustache during the day. Be wary of laser therapy options that claim to cure your melasma. While it’s a beneficial treatment for some skin conditions, Medical News Today warns that it can lead to inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can trigger melasma flare-ups.

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There is no cure for melasma, and it’s something many people live with. While letting your mustache grow out during the day can make us self-conscious, at least it’s harmless and doesn’t cause physical discomfort, says the Cleveland Clinic. Preventive options like using sunscreen and avoiding hormonal medications are the best ways to avoid a noticeable mustache during the day. Whichever path you choose, it’s best to talk to your dermatologist about recommendations for treating melasma. Dark upper lip is a common cosmetic problem that bothers many people, especially women. A dark color may appear on the skin above the upper lip or on the upper lip.

Whatever happens, it can cause discomfort and worry. This can be due to medical or non-medical reasons.

Some common medical causes include hirsutism, where upper lip darkening can actually darken the hair above the upper lip; Melasma, also known as the “mask of pregnancy”, usually occurs when a woman is pregnant or taking birth control pills; and hormonal changes that cause overproduction of melanin.

Some non-medical causes include improper shaving, improper skin care routine, excessive smoking and sun damage.

Lifting The Upper Lip

Regardless of the underlying cause, you can easily soothe your upper lip with simple home remedies. However, keep in mind that you won’t get results overnight. If applied regularly, home remedies will give good results.

Lemon juice can be used to lighten dark upper lips naturally. The citric acid in lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent.

If your upper lip has turned black due to reasons not related to health or age, honey is the best remedy to try. As a natural moisturizing ingredient, honey helps smooth lips and restore their natural pink color.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally

Exfoliation is the best way to lighten a dark upper lip. Helps lighten the top layer of dark pigmented skin. Reveals fresh, clear skin.

Try Out These Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

When it comes to exfoliation, once or twice a week is fine. Also, your lips may get worse and become red, itchy, or sore.

Massaging dark skin will go a long way in bringing back the natural color of your lips. It helps remove dirt below the surface and increases blood circulation.

A natural skin lightening agent, orange peel powder is very effective in brightening dark upper lips. It’s also a good source of vitamin C, which boosts collagen production and protects your lips from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

To keep your lips pink and smooth, you need to keep them hydrated inside and out.

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair At Home

As the external environment has a dehydrating effect on the lips, you must take care to keep them hydrated.

Use a lip balm with cocoa butter or shea butter to keep your lips soft and hydrated. You can gently massage your lips with some coconut oil for a while.

Since the lips lose moisture faster than the rest of the body, use a moisturizing lip balm several times a day.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Upper Lip Skin Naturally

To keep your lips hydrated from the inside, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. However, everyone’s water needs are different, so consult your doctor to find out how much you should drink based on your health and physical condition.

Sun Mustache: Why Upper Lips Are Susceptible To Darkening (& What To Do About It)

In addition to drinking water, eat hydrating vegetables and fruits such as oranges, kiwis, watermelons, apples, melons, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots.

Also, eat foods rich in vitamins A and C. Vitamin A helps maintain and repair skin cells, and vitamin C boosts collagen production. Vitamin C protects the lips from the sun’s UV rays.

Packed with skin-moisturizing ingredients, Glycerin A can effectively improve the skin’s appearance and texture.

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