How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

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Chipmunks can be found almost everywhere in North America. As pests, they are mostly plant-eating and garden-digging nuisances, but they can sometimes cause disease or cause structural damage. We show you how to attract squirrels, get rid of them safely and humanely, and protect your home and lawn from squirrel returns.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

Ground squirrels are relatively large pests and can be difficult to combat humanly, so it’s often best to consult a professional pest control company. To obtain a free quote for rodent control services, call Terminix at 866-569-4035 or Orkin at 877-868-1416.

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Garden

Chipmunks find their way from forests to human habitats for every reason imaginable: food, water and shelter. If you have an orchard or vegetable garden, the produce you’re growing may be of interest. Chipmunks eat flower bulbs, fruit, and young plants, but can damage plants and seeds they don’t eat. You’re also likely to find these mice eating bird food that has fallen to the ground under bird feeders.

Chipmunks are also natural tunnel diggers. Some people report that squirrel burrows damage sidewalks, but the Humane Society claims this isn’t true. Tunnel entrances are usually close to structures such as wood piles, rocks, or house foundations.

Ground squirrels actually invade homes very rarely, but they can squeeze into surprisingly tight spaces. An infestation usually goes into a basement or crawl space, but can also go through walls. When this happens, you may hear a scratching or chirping sound. To check for squirrel problems, check places outside your home for chewing marks on trees, piles of food, or water droplets.

The good news is that squirrels don’t tend to congregate in large numbers. More than 20 dogs can be accommodated in one yard. Here’s how to get it out.

How To Deal With Problem Chipmunk In Massachusetts

Unlike other pest infestations, getting rid of squirrels is a safe and non-lethal action. Denial falls into one of several categories.

Natural repellents are non-synthetic substances that squirrels find unpleasant. It is said that human hair, which you can get by asking the barber for a nice bag, is strewn around the park. The urine of foxes and other predators can act even if it smells disgusting to a person’s nose.

Some natural squirrel repellents are designed to be sprayed directly onto edible plants. A mixture of water and curry powder or chili powder is one of these. Remember to reapply your natural repellent often.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

Synthetic repellents are chemicals specially formulated to repel squirrels by smell or taste without harming other wildlife. Many squirrel repellents also repel squirrels, including rodent sprays, granular repellents placed on the ground, and flavored repellents with Bittrex and Thiram. It lasts a bit longer than natural repellents, but needs to be reapplied regularly.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks—and Keep Them Away For Good

The latter type of repellent uses ultrasonic frequencies or pulses of water to scare away squirrels. Unfortunately this is expensive and is only used above ground, not in squirrel burrows or tunnels. You can also try out predator statues such as owls. Some home and garden stores also sell lures that can light up or fly.

If no effective repellent can be found, non-lethal or live traps can be used to capture and release the squirrel from the house. You can purchase these traps from your local hardware store and place them near tunnel entrances or other infested areas and lure them with peanut butter or sunflower seeds. Always double check your local regulations regarding locking up or releasing animals.

The problem with chasing or touching squirrels, of course, is that they will come back to your yard or house. To prevent this from happening, try the following methods as a repellent.

It’s usually a good idea to explore human solutions first. However, if you have a squirrel infestation that cannot be removed, there are non-lethal methods of removal. However, you will need to call in a professional pest control service for this. Not only do you want squirrels to die and rot in your home, but poisoning or trying to kill squirrels can have devastating consequences for other animals, including pets.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks

We recommend both Terminix and Orkin to provide rodent control. Both companies offer free inspections and will work with you to find a pest control solution. Call Terminix at 866-569-4035 or enter your zip code here for a free estimate. To get a free quote from Orkin, fill out this simple form or call 877-868-1416.

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How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

Despite their cute appearance, squirrels can be a nuisance to many homeowners. These tiny rodents have been known to destroy gardens, take up residence in walls or attics, and claim hula hoops at Christmas.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Garden

Although not as common as their squirrel cousins, the situation can be frustrating. It’s a good idea to try to understand squirrels before getting rid of them.

Chipmunks can be brave, cunning, or good pets, but we suggest you’re not dealing with a Rescue Ranger. Knowing your enemies (no matter how small) is the first step to defeating them, so let’s take a moment to look at what afflicts these rodents and what afflicts humans.

Chipmunks are small rodents with an average body size of 2 to 6 inches. Its body is similar in appearance to its squirrel cousin, but its tail is three inches shorter (it can reach a meter in length) and its fur is brown, yellow, or gray.

They can also be distinguished by alternating light and dark stripes running from the cheeks down the back.

How To Get Squirrels Out Of Your House

These creatures love fruits, grasses, nuts and seeds. You can also eat other plants, such as those in your garden. As such, nuts are their favorite food, and they have no problem turning their yard into a salad during the warmer months, allowing them to build a grocery store.

Sunflower seeds are a particular favorite, but they have also been known to pet or sell flower bulbs.

If you don’t have an appetite for roots, you’re likely to eat corn just as much as your target insects, although the occasional habit of eating insects such as crunchy June bugs can be beneficial. Also, some squirrels can eat worms, slugs, grasshoppers, spiders, bird eggs and even small frogs.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

A freestanding woodland creature, squirrels can be found throughout North America. They cling to wooded areas when possible, but will build their homes anywhere that provides sufficient shelter. This may include urban areas such as parks and gardens.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks Using Traps Or Repellants

) This species comes from North Asian countries from Central Russia to Japan. They still prefer a wooded location, but have decided to build a better garden to prepare for the cold Siberian winters.

Like most rodents, ground squirrels usually burrow underground. The entrance is usually screened by a woodpile, brush, or other high ground cover. Not as destructive as gophers or gophers.

However, it is still known to cause structural damage to patios, staircases and similar structures. Whether squirrels can damage sidewalks is a controversial topic.

The chipmunk’s Anishinaabemowin (Chippewa) name is “agongos”. However, it is not uncommon for non-native speakers to refer to themselves as “Ajidamun.” This is actually the word for American red squirrel (American red squirrel).

Chipmunks, Chipmunk Trapping & Removal

) The reason for this mixture may have something to do with “chip squirrel”, a popular nickname for squirrels in the 1800s.

If that’s not enough, the scientific name of the squirrel is also being debated. Originally, squirrels are divided into three types.

Later it was decided to form all three subspecies of the genus Tamias. However, there are now moves to reverse this decision based on growing genetic data.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

Although they are closely related (both descend from the Sciuridae family), the similarities do not go beyond that. squirrel is small

Ways To Get Rid Of Chipmunks

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