How To Fix Stairs After Removing Carpet

How To Fix Stairs After Removing Carpet – I don’t know about you But we found a lot of interesting things when we were looking for our first home. Keep in mind that all the houses we looked at were over 5 years old, none of them new. However, we walked into one. And they have no floor… The open stairs were full of dust. We asked what plans they had for the floor. (Because wait! if they fix the problem I arrange them all) when we walked in. They tell us we can put whatever we want, yes no thank you I mean. It’s a good idea if you can increase your first home budget that much. But we need a large down payment. And we’re only 20 and 24 (I’m still in college!) The other houses and everything is outdated. Not finished building, rooms, really poor maintenance, home if we live in the present life. These homes would be ideal for DIYers, but we are inexperienced and need a move-in ready home.

Then we saw this guy! My real estate agent noticed it was just on the market and thought we might give it a try and give it a try, but lo and behold, they had an open house the following day. So my agent knocked on the door and asked if we were in the neighborhood right now and looked around. The owner is willing to oblige! We passed a tall bungalow and fell in love. I mean it was just repainted. All floors are finished. And it’s basically just moving things and moving on with life! Of course, not everything is perfect. Years ago I realized how old some of the rooms are. (I see your oak core!) Now that we have the time, the money, and the experience (ha, more or less, we’re ready to build on our experience), we can start. Tackle some of these bigger projects!

How To Fix Stairs After Removing Carpet

How To Fix Stairs After Removing Carpet

When you walk through our front door This is the first thing you see. A year or two after we moved in, I painted the walls Florence Brown by Behr. After living in a house for a few years and collecting several animals, (Hello Rex and Kitty Rex) You may see that the carpet is worn.

Update Your Staircase: How To Remove And Install Carpet On The Stairs

Plus it’s difficult to clean with my large vacuum cleaner. After many hours on Pinterest I found a great tutorial and improvement on the ladder. I gave them to Mr. TCW to show up, but his main concern was that we were ripping the carpet and not getting the hardwood underneath. We raised the edge of the carpet to the bottom ridge and we made sure we didn’t have any hardwood, sad 🙁

And then the worst thing happened. I looked online for step ladders and lift kits, and lo and behold, Lowe’s has their sets on sale! Surprisingly, Mr. TCW arrived at the place! He was as tired of carpet as I was, and without real hardwood underneath, we knew we’d have to compensate by buying new material. Two sizes were assigned: 36″ x 10-½” unfinished oak treads and 42″ x 10-½” unfinished oak step treads. We measured both sets and Ordered six sets of 36″ and 42 stairs and an insane size difference is being decided right now. While this project is still entirely DIY themed, it would cost a lot more if we had real hardwood. that comes with it people tore their carpets And even the search for pressboards and plywood showed how to get a brand new ladder.

1) Get ready It will be a lot of work, maybe 2-3 weekends. and if you have children to add more time

2) Choose dyes, paints, polishing tools. (paper and blocks) and gather the appropriate tools.

Stair Project Begins: Removing The Carpet And Prepping The Wood

3) Garbage, not stressful enough! Replacing the stair tread starts with tearing the carpet. Continue with staples. Then cut off the old bull’s nose. All of this happens in your home. So imagine where the dust has gone. on your picture frame across the floor Heck, you’ll find them everywhere in the coming weeks.

4) Buy your materials and use a fine toothed comb. while I was polishing the tread I noticed a broken part. Luckily, Lowes had no problem replacing it, but our nearest Lowes is 20 minutes each way. So it was a special trip that we didn’t want to do.

5) If you have children/pets It’s time to hire a good babysitter. We dropped her off that day and picked her up after dinner.

How To Fix Stairs After Removing Carpet

6) Get extra help if you feel uncomfortable. We do it ourselves, but some projects require heavy lifting or electricity. which I have no help!

How To Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

Risers – These are the back sections of your stairs that are attached to your tread. (and beyond your next step)

Bullnose- The edge of your stairs is slightly rounded and about half an inch higher than the rest of the stairs.

*NOTE: This is how we do about it. Everyone has their own way and there is no need to follow my advice. There are things I do differently and try to record them whenever I can.

Take some pictures first. I didn’t catch much. But you can see what’s up and what’s down. The set leading to the top will wear more. But I wouldn’t change one set and throw the other away.

Plywood Stairs Makeover

Start laying the carpet! now tips Our axles are directly attached to the tread. The carpet thus wrapped around these shafts. for safety reasons (also known as our child) We cannot remove the hub at this time. So it’s an extra job for you, TCW side, to pull up the carpet. If possible, remove the obstruction from the carpet if necessary. You will need to pull and cut several times to remove the carpet. work in parts two steps You won’t be left with a huge pile of rugs!

After removing the carpet, you might think, “Oh, what have I done!” You start to wonder, however, press it! Removed all the staples with pliers (there are millions of them, trust me), carpet and glue. But you need a smooth and clean surface to use it.

Get out of that vacuum and get rid of the mess you’ve created. We have covered a lot of staples. But you never know what you’re missing. Our shop-vac came in handy during this update.

How To Fix Stairs After Removing Carpet

Step One = Done! We can just leave it there and go our way of having fun. Or we can take our power-saving machine and cut off the nose of the bull on the stairs! This is where the dirty factor comes into play. What am I doing here again? I recommend trimming this part of your house. Unfortunately, designing my house is difficult. But even if I try to control the dust a bit But I didn’t end up with sawdust everywhere. Everywhere.

How To Convert Carpeted Stairs To Wood Treads Diy

See the picture below? My entire floor is covered in fine dust! You can see where Kitty Rex went! I was surprised! and if on the floor You know my walls, pictures, countertops, etc. are all included! Oops, that’s definitely the worst part! We cut off the bull’s nose with a circular saw. and customize the details with our dremel. You want the tread to be level with the risers. It was very easy after Mr. TCW designed a straight line for cutting the bull nose. But our fire alarm definitely doesn’t like dust. We leave it there until we finish cutting it and don’t forget to clean up the dust there. Easy to cut but takes time! Fortunately, we only have 13 steps in total.

This is a summary of the first part. It’s safe to walk up the stairs. Please be careful. We left them overnight because it was just in the evening when we removed the carpet, pulled the staples and trimmed the cow’s nose. It’s a long project, but it’s worth it.

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