How Do You Get Rid Of Dandelions

How Do You Get Rid Of Dandelions – They appear every year around this time and are a sure sign that spring has arrived. With a natural approach like Good Natures, you can expect to have some dandelions, but you should have a lot less than if you didn’t do your lawn care. Read on for some tips on how to minimize dandelions without using traditional chemicals. Tip 1: Use corn gluten meal Use an organic fertilizer that nourishes the soil and can help minimize the germination of new weeds, such as corn gluten. Corn gluten is an excellent natural slow-release fertilizer that contains about 9% nitrogen as protein. Additionally, corn gluten meal has been shown to suppress the germination of new seeds to some extent. This means it will help minimize the transformation of new seeds into plants. Your soil contains thousands of weed seeds waiting for a chance to germinate, and corn gluten meal can help reduce their chances of germinating. Note: If you have a lot of dandelions one year and you use corn gluten meal next spring, this will NOT stop the dandelions from coming back because dandelions are mostly perennial and grow from parts underground, not from seeds. If you already have a lot of dandelions and you’re trying to slim down, you’ll need to do more than apply corn gluten meal, but it’s a good start. Good Nature’s Earth Turf Organic Fertilizer contains corn gluten meal. Tip 2: Cut high Cutting high can help clear existing weeds, as long as you have grass species that will resist and fight back. If your grass is drooping and not getting up, cutting high won’t help. You still don’t want to scalp your lawn, but with the right kind of grass it’s much easier to cut tall. For the Midwest, we recommend Turf Type Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. Mowing too high can make your lawn greener. See in the photo below where the grass is very short. They apparently ran out of gas before they ran out and provided a good photo opportunity. Your lawn should never look any worse after it’s cut. If so, you’re probably cutting it too short. Watch this lawn mowing video to learn more about how to properly mow your lawn. Tip 3: Cover the leaves You may have to wait a while for this, but research in the state of Michigan has shown a significant reduction in dandelions on lawns that have been covered with leaves in the fall. So this year, instead of raking the leaves to the curb, run the lawn mower over them until they’re all cut and leave them on the lawn. See this leaf mulching video for step-by-step instructions. Tip 4: Use Captain Jack’s Lawnweed Brew Captain Jack’s Lawnweed Brew is made from natural iron (FeHEDTA) and is safe for humans and pets. It will weaken and kill many broadleaf weeds such as dandelions without killing the grass. As it occurs naturally, it’s okay to sow the same day you apply it. It’s perfect for walking around and treating weeds as soon as you see them. I like to mix a small portion each time I cut them and place them as I see them. It’s not great for spraying the entire lawn, but it works well if you’re treating the weeds individually. It works best in spring and autumn when the grass is not stressed. If the grass is under too much pressure, Captain Jack’s Lawnweed Brew will also turn brown. If this happens, just water the lawn and the lawn will recover. Tip 5: Try the Weed Out Lawn Tool Weed Out makes pulling dandelions fun and easy. I promise! Have a Dandelion Harvest Party – Pay the neighborhood kids a quarter for a dandelion and let them earn a little money while you aerate your lawn and remove the dandelions. Spring is the best time to harvest dandelions because they put all their energy into the leaves and leave little energy to the roots. That way, any dandelion roots you don’t pull up are less likely to grow back. Watch our video on how to use Weed Out, formerly known as Speedy Weedy, in your garden. Tip 6: Enjoy Dandelions America has been battling dandelions for the last 50 years, but are they really that bad? Yellow flowers can be beautiful in spring. The roots disturb the compacted soil. The leaves are very nutritious and sold in grocery stores as an expensive addition to salads! You can even enjoy dandelion tea, which is an alternative to coffee. So if fighting dandelions seems like too much work, sit back and enjoy the flowers. But if you don’t like dandelions, it’s important to know that you can minimize them without resorting to chemicals. Watch our overview video on how to manage dandelions naturally.

About Good Nature Good Nature is an eco-care company dedicated to providing the best service and information to help you achieve a healthy, chemical-free lawn and landscape.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dandelions

How Do You Get Rid Of Dandelions

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Why Many Gardeners Welcome Dandelions, Or At Least Learn To Live With Them

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It may be tempting to add chemicals to your garden at this point. But do not worry! With a few tips from Organic Lawns by Lunseth, you can learn how to deal with dandelions naturally.

On average, dandelion plants appear in spring. First you will see green; then yellow flowers; then puffy white “helicopters” that scatter the seed.

Each plant can produce up to 12 flowers per season, and each flower can produce approximately 175 seeds. There are more than 2,000 seeds a year, and many can travel up to eight kilometers.

How To Treat Dandelions In Your Yard

And guess what? They are also evergreen! So they’ll be back next year – unless you use these natural ways to kill dandelions.

To get rid of dandelion plants, you need to remove all the roots, which can reach a depth of 6 to 18 inches. If the root is left in place, it will grow back. That’s why most gardeners use strong chemicals as standard equipment.

But the materials have their problems. It does not impede germination, so you will need to re-spray when new dandelions grow. And every time you do that, you’re adding chemicals to the soil and potentially to nearby water supplies, as well as putting pets, other animals and children at risk. That’s why we recommend eliminating dandelion naturally.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dandelions

There are several natural ways to get rid of dandelions, including dousing them with vinegar, but the best way to kill dandelions naturally is to dig up the roots with a shovel or a dandelion digger. Then pour white vinegar into the hole so that the acid kills the remaining roots.

Winning The War Against Dandelions And Other Weeds

After completing this task, do not throw the weeds in the trash. Better for you than spinach, dandelion contains several minerals and high levels of vitamins A and C. This makes it great in salads or to feed chickens, rabbits or other pets. They are also great for composting to help build soil health.

To prevent new plants from forming, prevent flowers from forming seeds. Remove the flowers (you can do this with your kids too) or simply cut them off. This will not kill the plant, but it will prevent other plants from growing.

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